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Wolves impact on your hunting future!

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Unread 03-21-2008, 12:50 PM
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Great info Drake4 !!!!!!!!!

As i said earlier -the anti-hunters love that the wolves are killing so many game animals there are none left for the hunters to hunt/eat.

They would love to lobby the feds into making laws for harming/harrassing a wolf =life in prison.
I don't want to see wolves wiped off the face of the earth nor does any other hunter/outdoorsman -just keep them in check -and that -i'll do !!!!!
AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unread 03-21-2008, 03:06 PM
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The reintroduction on the wolf in the United States is an outrage and we as sportsman deserve a better explanation than anyone at USFWS has given thus far.
This is pure special interest politics. While sportsmans dollars have been providing and protecting the great outdoors for generations, liberal animal rights advocates and environmentalists have been lining the pockets of crooks (politicians).
It's time we send them, the wolves and washington's finest, straight back to hell where they belong.
Heaven help the flea bitten beast that accidently steps in front of my bumper, I follow a strict "no swerve" policy when I drive.
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Unread 03-23-2008, 04:02 PM
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Volumes can easily be written on the horrific kill sights of wolf murders that were just thrill killings and the animals left to rot. I visited a rancher out toward Cody last week who owns and leases thousands of acres that in the past was a wildlife paradise. His family has ranched that land since the turn of the century. Hunting was an important part of that family tradition up there. He was extremely grim about hunting's future in the area. He carried me up through the ranch that in the recent past before the wolves moved in wintered over a thousand elk, 300 bighorn sheep, 150 moose, along with numerous deer and antelope. Hunting access fees were an important part of the ranch income. This year there are less than a hundred elk, they have found only 11 bighorns remaining, The moose were eradicated by the wolves a couple of years ago, the deer and antelope are sparse instead of numerous. This is only in a few short years. That is an entire drainage that went from super hunting opportunities to zero in a short period. Numerous moose and sheep tags to zero. Elk, deer and antelope from over the counter tags to maybe 5-10% in the draws and then the hunting isn't worth driving up there. The rancher has lost that hunting herritage for future generations and the income that helped the ranch stay afloat.

This is just one ranch among hundreds experiencing the same thing since the relentless thrill killing mass murders of the wolves have been allowed to go unchecked. Billions of dollars and wise management through many generations provided hunting opportunities for us. Now in a few short years it has all been for nothing. Most top areas within 150+ miles of yellowstone are not worth going into any more. Now all those hunters are being dispersed into ever shrinking hunting areas where tags are being more limited every year. It gets very old every year wondering if you have enough points this year to draw a tag. Kids are just not going to be recruited very easily into hunting when they get a tag every five years. They grow up now in a fast paced world where things are happenning now and waiting to draw a tag for hunting just isn't going to get much attention. They will continue to find something else to do and a hunting herritage will be lost forever.

I tried my best to educate hunters about wolf introductions into Yellowstone and to stop it 12 years ago and I was dead on about where we would be right now. I am just as dead on about where it is now headed if we don't take drastic action now! And it may be to late already, but we have got to join together immediately and try to eradicate the problem. I you have a vacation to take this fall for hunting come up into this area and help us take care of the problem. I know if we get enough guys out there we can at least have a little impact. It is already to late for my generation. I know that I will never be able to hunt a moose or bighorn in Wyoming because of all the areas already wiped out by the wolves. To get those populations back to where we had them will take more than 50 years and that is only if we completely eradicate all the wolves today and immediately begin restocking efforts. Neither is going to happen so it is lost folks.

The newspapaers out here are full of attrocities just get on the internet and look for yourselves. Last weekend in the Billings newspaper a rancher watched their sheep herd get attacked by a lone wolf that thrill killed about a dozen sheep and then left. It was just a fun day in the park for the wolf enjoying all the fun we have provided for him. Five died right there and then after vet bills a few more died plus others are walking wounded. That is just one incident of hundreds and it was only one wolf. What if the pack had got into the poor ranchers herd. A U.S fish and wildlife manager spoke publicly that wolves were not a threat to bighorn sheep populations because wolves did not prey on sheep. Don't laugh, this is actually on a USFW website. This is the kind of nonsense every american and tourist to this area is being brainwashed with. I thought every kid by the age of three knew wolves liked sheep by watching that big shaggy cartoon dog sitting on that cliff protecting his flock of sheep from the dumb ole wolf. I guess they just figure that is just cartoons.
Please Help.
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Unread 03-24-2008, 11:53 AM
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Location: Back in the south -NW FL..
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Wyomingshooter ,

I'm new to idaho -so i've met and talked to many people and they have all told me about how they were able to get an elk/deer every year at such and such place.Those days are over unfortunately ,it has gotten worse every year since the late 90's and some say they haven't even bothered buying a license.

I remember 7-8 years ago when a person would mention the "conspiracy theory" that wolves were a plan to help destroy hunting -many people would give it the -eye roll- -well it's happening !!!

There was a article in the newspaper here in boise reporting -that in years to come there could be houses in the valley where elk winter -and a comment on the huge decline of the numbers now wintering in the valley -but no mention of why the numbers have dropped off so sharply.

You are again right about the young folks and hunting .

I'm at the library using a computer 'broke mine' and there are about ten pictures colored/painted by children of wolves and hung up on display.Can you imagine the answers you's get if you asked those kids to tell you about wolves ? -and if you told them the real story their moms would blow a fuse.
The general public is truly brainwashed by the media -believing the wolf is a great creature to have around.

We need to have about 10,000 hunters show up w/ rifles in hand and and let anyone who's interested know we're here to get the wolf problem in check......
AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unread 03-24-2008, 12:48 PM
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ol mike, funny you should say something about the "wolf conspiracy". I was just called a conspiracy theorist on the predator masters forum for telling them that the wolves were brought in as a back door route to close hunting. The guy that called me this is supposedly a can people be so blind??

Now, heres for another "conspiracy theory" my opinion its a push towards stricter gun control, as most of the gun-control advocates cite hunting as the main purpose for owning a, no more hunting, no need for guns! Another reason the Heller vs. DC case is so important.

Hope I didn't frighten anyone with my whacko theory.

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Unread 03-24-2008, 01:41 PM
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400 class, if you need some wolf help, let me know. My son and I would love to come your way and do some wolf demolition, and I know others that would come too. We'll get tags anyway, for elk hunting but after the season we could still help.

Let me know.
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Unread 03-24-2008, 07:44 PM
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I sure have had a problem over on pm, it sure seems to be very pc in the last year or so. Since one of the moderators left and started his own list I don't go to pm much at all. Since my coyote hunting wasn't very good this year I haven't been on Finsandfur as much as usual.

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