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Wind Drift

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Unread 05-31-2006, 04:19 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

Higher BC (heavier) virtually ALWAYS have longer time of flight, but will have less wind drift.

[/ QUOTE ]

You may be off on another tangent here I didn't catch but if you are stating (and you're probably not) that higher bc bullets have longer time of flights compared to lighter faster bullets than I would like point out that that is only true to short distances. At some point downrange, the lighter and lower bc bullet will not get to a target as fast as the slower, heavier, higher bc bullet will.

Take for instance the 40 grain 22 caliber bullet at mv of 4400 and compare it to the 80 grain 22 caliber bullet at a mv of 3400 fps. Although the 40 grainer starts off 1000 fps faster at the muzzle, it is going slower than the other bullet at the 1000 yard target. Differences in t.o.f. are less than 1 second but are still in favor of the high bc bullet winning the race to the 1k target.
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Unread 05-31-2006, 04:24 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

Good grouper you are correct who ever wins the race will drift less and drop less at that given distance. if you back up to 400 yd then your 40gr bullet wins and drifts less and drops less at 400 yds.
Dr B

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Unread 05-31-2006, 04:28 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

you back up to 400 yd then your 40gr bullet wins and drifts less and drops less at 400 yds.
Dr B

[/ QUOTE ]

Might want to check your drift #s. I think you will be suprised!!!
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Unread 05-31-2006, 04:30 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

You're right!!! and also would have the same energy. <u>The only thing</u> that would not be the same would be the MOMENTUM with is defined by Ballistic Explorer as: [ QUOTE ]
<font color="blue"> Momentum
An indication of a bullet's knockdown power is momentum. Doubling either the weight (mass) or velocity of a bullet doubles its momentum. <font color="green">Clearly it's energy that makes bullets deadly to game, </font> <font color="purple">yet it's momentum that knocks game off its feet or knocks metal targets over. </font> </font>

[/ QUOTE ]

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Unread 05-31-2006, 04:31 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

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Unread 05-31-2006, 05:50 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

If weight is added to a bullet and the shape remains the same, then the bc will go up because the bullet is getting longer while the shape is staying the same.

[/ QUOTE ]
It doesn't have to get longer. Fill the same jacket full of tungsten instead of lead and the BC will go up with no change in shape or length. The weight by itself will increase the BC since BC is a function of weight (and diameter and form factor). That's what he was saying.

With the same meplat, ogive and boattail, adding length in the shank changes the form factor very little and BC will go up pretty much in proportion to the weight. Of course the length allows you to use a longer ogive and boattail, etc, so you can improve the form factor while you're at it. But you don't have to in order to increase the BC.
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Unread 05-31-2006, 06:33 PM
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Re: Wind Drift

I have a customer that I set up a pair of balistic twins for. 1 is a 338 Lapua shooting 225 gr Accubonds @ 3000 fps, the other is a 6.5-284 shooting the Hornady 140 Amax @ 3000 fps. These two bullets fired both at 3000 fps also have identical BC. He has thus far shot out to 1148 yards using the same drop chart. All other things being equill BC and velocity will predict drop. Weight, form functions, diameter, etc directly bear on BC but singulary may not mean much as the case above a 225 grain bullet @ 3000 fps does not always shoot flatter than a 140 gr. While heavier slower bullets that have high BC's drop more than a lighter flatter faster shooting bullet alot of times, the higher BC bullet almost always has way less wind drift and to me that is the name of the game.
Shawn Carlock

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