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Who's using the .223 ?

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Unread 10-23-2008, 09:33 PM
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Who's using the .223 ?

I'd like to have your experiences in hunting with the .223. Share your stories. But please keep this thread for .223 users.
For two years I wanted to get a 22-250, but changed my mind for the .223 because of longer barrel life, more ammo options from 40-80gr, plus cheaper to practice with using the American Eagle.
So far my longest shot was 600-700 yrds, but for prey about 400 yrds. I've gotten Hare, snow geese, Canada geese and Swan. Now waiting for colder weather so I can get a good fur along with the meat "Fox". Hope it's not to big for ptarmigan?
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Unread 10-24-2008, 03:39 AM
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Re: Who's using the .223 ?

i love the 223 round. i have two a savage and a new england. i just shot a 200# hog last night at about 200-225yrd drop in his tracks. i have shot deer,hogs,yotes, all out to 300yrd and past. if there is little wind you can reach way out there on small stuff. hell there's a guy on here shooting out to a mile with one. there cheap and fun to shoot. i shoot 69gr smk out of my savage and 55gr out of the NE. i wouldn't be with out one.
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Unread 10-25-2008, 11:22 PM
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Re: Who's using the .223 ?

my bro has one and i love shooting it. when ever i go home i load some rounds for it using his powder and bullets and got shoot bunnies at 300m with it. i have to get one soon.think il get a remi 700.
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Unread 10-26-2008, 09:52 AM
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Re: Who's using the .223 ?

I have a .223 in a Remington 700 and one on a Thompson Center. I really like both of them. My Remington is a heavy barrel gun so I have used that on dogs and at the range. My Thompson Center is light and I have used that on dogs and coyotes and at the range for fun. A .223 is a really easy round to use. With little wind it can be a real tack driver. If your laws let you hunt with it it can be used on things all the way up to deer. Its also cheep to shoot as center fires go.
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Unread 10-26-2008, 06:22 PM
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Re: Who's using the .223 ?

I have a Rem 700 SPS Varmint in 223. It has a 1:12 twist barrel and shoots up to 62 grain bullets accurately out to 600 yards. It's awesome on all varmints. I live in Virginia and it's illegal to shoot deer with anything smaller than .224.

The 223 is capable is capable of shooting farther than 600 but it requires a faster twist barrel - 1:9 or 1:8 - and 75+ grain bullets.

The reason I own my 223 is for my niece. She's 12 and cannot stand recoil. With the varmint barrel on my rifle and scope the rifle weighs 10 pounds. So it has virtually no recoil.
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Unread 10-26-2008, 07:43 PM
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Re: Who's using the .223 ?

I have had one for about a year and a half, it"s a Rem 700 stainless new style sendero.

Have nothing but good things to say about gun and cartridge, I've only used it on critters up to large coyotes, but it really does the job.

I shoot mostly 55gr ballistic tip's(Black Hill's). Only gun I don't currently reload for.

Was shopping for a 22-250 when I found this one, Absolutely no regrets. Ammo is cheap (when you reload) barrel lasts forever. Will take down bigger critters too.
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Unread 10-26-2008, 11:25 PM
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Re: Who's using the .223 ?

I have an SPS .223 that I bought recently to replace a ruger .223. I'm building it up slowly, have a new stock + trigger on the way. I was going to replace the barrel right away but it shoots exceptionally well, sub-MOA 5 shot groups easily. It'll be getting an action job, and a new 20 or 22 inch 1:8 twist stainless tube when I get bored with shooting 55grainers, but for now anything I point it at dies so I am not too bothered. The interior surface of the barrel is horrible though, there are tool marks visible to the naked eye.

I intend to shoot the barnes TSX and 75gr Amax out of it when I get the new barrel

I'll never be without a .223, it's far too useful

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