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When Is There Too Much Wind?

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Unread 01-07-2008, 04:59 PM
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Sounds like you've got a winner there with a wife that likes to shoot.;)

5' rise would be normal...10' would be a mountain.
Heck, those would just make bumps and mudholes in some of the mountain roads around here.
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Unread 01-07-2008, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Captn C View Post
I guess I should have mentioned that we were just playing with her AR. I have limited her to only shooting games animals at 100 yards or less.

I was still very impressed though with her and the gun....I was surprised the bullet went though the target at that distance...it was heavy plastic.

She was getting into the long range deal too using something that has no real recoil and she already likes to shoot. That was the reason we were using it. I had the 7mm RUM there using it for a spotting scope.

Here is a factoid that I also should have mentioned. Most of the areas I have to hunt are flat. A 5' rise would be normal...10' would be a mountain.

Thanks for the replies!
Captn C,

If you are looking for a low recoil gun with decent distance in the AR platform, you might consider the 6.5 Grendel. With the 123 grain Lapua Scenar or 123 grain SMK it closely matches the .308 for trajectory and has actually similar or less recoil than the 7.62x39. It's not a magnum cartridge, so you can't expect it to match the 7mm RUM, but it does pretty doggone well for something with so little recoil. Here are some graphs comparing it to various common AR rounds and the .308.



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Unread 01-07-2008, 06:20 PM
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This is a good question------"the wind is your friend" as my Mentor Speedy taught me!! In 1K competition I always hope for wind so that it will give me an advantage as most do not know how to read or properly judge it for that matter.

When hunting the principals are the same but first you have to know your distance then be able to judge the speed and the angle relative to you’re your shooting direction and make the appropriate correction. This will take a lot of trigger time as well as effort but once you have it down you will have an advantage that most folks are rather clueless about.

Good Luck!!
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Unread 01-08-2008, 07:32 PM
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As with most things in long range shooting, there are a lot of variables in determining how much wind is too much. With my muzzleloader, my main hunting gun, I am comfortable up to my 400 yd max range with winds up to 10 mph as long as it's pretty constant. Over 10 mph, I pretty much cut the max range shot I will take in half.

I consider the 300WM I have worked up for elk a 600 yd gun under most conditions...myabe 800 yd if it was really calm. Now most guys on here would laugh at that, a 300WM is good past 600 yds. Well, it can be, but I don't have a wind meter, and I prefer not to need a pocket PC with exbal. My gun and a laser rangefinder are enough to feel very comfortable to 600, but if the wind gets heavy enough to worry about I just won't be shooting.

I have lurked here quite awhile and really admire some of the shooters here and what they can do. The gear, preparation, and knowledge amaze me and I'm here to learn from it. Occasionally I see something like "I guessed the wind at 950 yds and shot the animal in the butt, and after 3 more shots I finally put one in the vitals". This makes me cringe because that's not what long range hunting is about. It's about extending your abilities to long range and staying in them.

Could I get the drop right with my 300WM at 1000 yds, guess within 3-4 feet (minute of elk) on windage under most any wind and at least hit the animal every time? Probably, I'm decent with the gun in the wind. But that's not what LRH is about so I limit myself to what I am personally comfortable making every shot with. I've NEVER failed to make a first (and only) shot vitals hit on a deer with my muzzleloader at ranges to 338 yds, so it seems to be working for me.

Practice. A LOT. Figure the range you can reliably hit the target at time and time again under field conditions. That's your max wind and range.
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Unread 01-09-2008, 08:39 AM
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I know there are some amazing shooter on this site...thanks for the replies.

I doubt I would ever try anything over about 600 on a animal. The flat terrain and no chance at all for a beded shot...everything would be up feeding or chasing. The wind would be almost impossible to dope on truely long shots with trees and bushes along the entire bullets path. There are times when at groud level (early and late) that the wind is still at groud level and be blowing 10mph 15 feet up. As the wind contacts the land coming across the bay it is deflected up and gives the impression it is still. Any thoughts on this situation?

I think we are going to take the wife PSL (bought it for her at Easter 2 years ago) and try it...ammo is cheap and it has a bigger 7.62 bullet as well. We were just looking for something to do when I set up a long range target last weekend. It was pretty funny when she looked though the scope and said she couldn't see the target....sshe said "how can you hit that?" She was pretty pleased that she was able to.
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Unread 01-09-2008, 12:27 PM
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That is some good shootin' Mrs. Cap'n. I had one of those ARs in 7.62x39 and regret selling it still. Shooting one of those at 700 is like shooting a .308 at 1K - and then some.

Some of the better HP shooters I know compare shooting a .22LR at 100 yards to shooting a .308 at 600, and plinking a .22 at 200 yards is at LEAST as tough to do well as keeping them in the 10 ring at 1K.

Keep up the FUN !
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