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What do you think of this gun

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Unread 03-02-2006, 10:21 AM
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Re: What do you think of this gun

Its a Savage model 12FVSS 270wsm. I would use it for hunting whitetails at longer ranges. I have a rem cdl in 270win but I was thinking this would be better when the shots get around 600 yards. Last year I took the sendero 300rum out and nailed one at 547yards but I was thinking a smaller caliber for the deer since I havet got to go elk hunting with it yet. Had alot of people ask how big is that gun when I told them a 300rum they thought I was nuts but I wanted to shoot something but paper with it. Around here a 30-06 is big for some guys not me. I would like to here your opinions on this gun or if you think I should look at something else please mention what.

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My buddy has the same gun (savage 12 v ss) . Get this . With Federal 150 gr Partitions the gun averages 3/8" at 100 yds. He and a couple of other buddies who used this gun got 3 antelope and 2 elk at over 400 yards. The furthest was the cow elk at 452. Great gun, great round.
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Unread 03-02-2006, 08:45 PM
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Re: What do you think of this gun

I have shot the 180gr bt for deer out of my 300rum and my 300win and have had excellent results on white tails and elk. Some haven't so the 180 would be my choice but there are more expierenced hunters that may have something else to say. The farthest I have shot this bullet was a tad under 500 on a white tail and it didn't move.
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Unread 03-02-2006, 09:37 PM
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Re: What do you think of this gun

Use a rifle that is comportable for you to shoot with, irregardless of caliber and don't let anyone talk you into not using it. Me and my buddy hunt muleys here in our state using 300 Win Mags. I used 180 grain Hornady BTSP for my Factory Model 70 Laredo LRH, he use 200 grain Barnes X bullet for his Shillen barreled Sendero in H&S Precision Tactical stock. We both use Leupold 4.5X14X50 VariX-III Tactical mil-dot. Now, someone might think thats overkill, considering majority of the deer we harvested were in 120 to 130 lbs. in weight. But who will tell my friend that. Although he own several rifles, he always used the 300 Win Mag and that 200 grain Barnes everytime he goes hunting, whether the quarry is bison, elk, coues deer, mule deers, bears, coyote, ground squirrels, bobcat etc...etc....He is so comfortable with that rifle that it's like an extension of his arm. He seldom missed either. As a matter of fact, I can't remember seeing him missed.
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Unread 03-02-2006, 09:54 PM
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Re: What do you think of this gun

Of the three bullet choices you list I would say the Accubond would be the very best choice. You want a quick expanding bullet for deer. The X bullets will start to open up after 4 to 6" of penetration. This will certainly work but the Accubond will begin opening on impact so you will take out more vitals in the chest.

That said, the new TSX bullets do seem to open up quicker then the standard X bullet.

Still, I would try the Accubond very first and then go from there. I used the 180 gr Ballistic Silvertip loaded to 3400 fps for years on deer. Took several head of very nice whitetail bucks at ranges from 50 yards to 510 yards. Never found a bullet in the animal and only had to take a second shot once. That was on a 325 lb full rut 6 year old buck that was chasing a doe. He was dead on his feet, well after he got up from being knocked off his feet from the first shot.

He just had so much will to live that he was not going down, until the second 180 gr BST landed on his shoulder as well.

The Accubond is a much better bullet then the BST. It generally shoots JUST as accurate, ballistically the same and retains much more weight for better penetration.

That would be my first choice.

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