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What caliber for a sheep rifle?

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Unread 10-30-2006, 07:22 PM
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Re: What caliber for a sheep rifle?

Thats a verey nice rifle verey close to what I'm having built. What weight and lengthis your barrel.
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Unread 10-31-2006, 09:22 AM
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Re: What caliber for a sheep rifle?

Thanks for the pictures. Nice shooting gun by the way.
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Unread 10-31-2006, 10:03 AM
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Re: What caliber for a sheep rifle?

I have to say what a world wind of discussion. It is Halloween and I plan to have a nice relaxing day, you know read a little long-range hunter; get the kids candy ready for tonight, etc. I just could not help my self on this post, although a couple days late.
As for the original question, I have a 6.53 scramjet built on a Sako action that I use to hunt anything smaller than an elk and bigger than a coyote. I really like the gun and it weights about 8 1/4 pounds. I have been carrying this weight gun or there abouts all my life and I don't even think about weight to much. I will go along with Kirby on the weight thing. An ounce here an ounce there makes no real difference. If you are carrying a hunting type gun as opposed to a varmint type and it’s to heavy, get in better condition, sheep hunting is very physically challenging. Especially for a southern boy like myself. I am a long time fan of 1/4 bores I like the 25-06, the Roberts in all its phases, the wildcats, and the Weatherby version. I feel the scramjet is absolutely the fastest a fella can go with a 1/4 bore, in all reality its probley a little to fast but I like the gun. I have been working on a load for a buddy's 25wsm and it ranks there with the Roberts. If you are trying to keep the cost down you just can’t hardly beat the 25-06, easy to load and relatively cheap. I like the idea of cheap it just allows you to shoot more and this is what it take to hunt the great sheep of this land. All this said, I will continue to shoot my overly expensive scramjet and like it. I believe I have rattled on enough about the sheep thing.

Now I will tackle the BC thing. This is the truly funniest thing I ever expected to read this morning. All this wind drift and time in the air stuff. I will say, I have a great deal of aerodynamics back ground and experience in the field of shooting and reloading. I am also a pilot who has flown several aircraft in all kinds of weather. The point of time in the air really has no relevance here. The pure fact that a spritzer bullet is pointed it will have less time in flight over the round nose pushed at the same velocity, the drag is a lot higher on a round nose bullet. Drag is measured in the bullet world by BC this is what it is, in simple terms, the amount of drag a bullet has. The weight of a bullet is it momentum, remember Newton, once in motion something will stay in motion until some force overcomes this somthing. A heavier bullet has more inertia than a light bullet therefore it takes more of a force to stop it or to change its flight path. A heavy bullet with a very low drag (BC) is harder for the air friction and gravity to stop. It is also harder for the wind to move an aerodynamic bullet off of its path. I know that the longer a bullet is exposed to the wind the more chance the wind has to move it (I believe this is the mans point) however, the efficiency of the bullet far out weights the time of flight thing. The time of flight is fast with nearly any hunting cartridge 2-600 feet per second really only helps with gravity. If light fast bullets were the answer to overcoming wind drift, why are the 70-90 grain .224's so popular with the long range competitors, I mean why shoot a 77 grain out of a 223 case this bullet would obviously travel slower than a 40 grain, wouldn't it? This cartridge is limited of course by allowable propellant volume. “Splitting hairs” If you really want to get picky look up how Coriolis Effect works in the world along with how gyroscopic precession works and relation to the bullet spinning. Bottom line is, the higher the weight and the more efficient the bullet the better it will overcome the forces acting upon it. This of course assuming you have ample velocity to push the bullet to the speeds we are conversing here. I do understand the point made of time in flight and its a good thought but aerodynamically things change drastically when you go beyond the speed of sound.
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Unread 11-01-2006, 04:19 PM
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Re: What caliber for a sheep rifle?

The ballistic Coefficient Explained:
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