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What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

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Unread 04-26-2011, 08:27 PM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

Ummm.... I'm sitting here looking at 2 boxes of 7mm 180 grain Hybrids and They are marked with a G1 of .674 and a G7 of .345. Also, I went to the Berger page and don't even see the hybrid listed. So I'm not quite sure where you're getting your info.

Originally Posted by load View Post
your leaving out the 240 and 250 grain smk with bc in the high 6 low 7s and the 225 grain hornady match with a bc of .67.
with barrel length the same ie 24 vs 24 you WILL see 75 fps higher velocity on the 300 side. shooting the 225 rather than the 7mm 180 just facts also i don't know were you got your bc's for the berger but their web page has the hybred listed at .613 and the vld listed at .659. this puts both of them behind the all three of the bullets you leftout for the .300
my 300 with a 24" barrel is shooting hornady 225s at 2825 with .3 grains LESS than max recommended powder charge. i know there is not a load in the 7mm that will come close (by manufacturers spec)
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Unread 04-26-2011, 09:37 PM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

Originally Posted by Jumpalot View Post
Ummm.... I'm sitting here looking at 2 boxes of 7mm 180 grain Hybrids and They are marked with a G1 of .674 and a G7 of .345. Also, I went to the Berger page and don't even see the hybrid listed. So I'm not quite sure where you're getting your info.
whats the product # on the box 28404 or 28405 ? or another? edit found it its 28407.however i found a quote from brain also that again kills this 7mm arguement
quote"The new .30 caliber bullets will have much higher BC’s than any existing line of bullets. Since they’re basically scaled up copies of the new 7mm Hybrid, the BC’s on the new .30 cal Hybrids will be higher than the 7mm’s."endquote

Last edited by load; 04-26-2011 at 09:51 PM.
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Unread 04-26-2011, 11:19 PM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

Originally Posted by NZ Longranger View Post
I'm only concerned with the correct facts in this debate, and I ain't going anywhere near statements about who can kill what with what etc, etc. You may have been having those discussions with others on this forum, but not me. And I certainly haven't said the 7mmRM is the same as the 300WM.

You're quite right about some examples in some manuals being quite different to the norm. That's why I said have a look at several manuals to get an average, because you quoted an example from one manual to begin with.
I come back to all else being equal, the 7mmRM will drive the higher BC 180gn Bergers as fast as the 300WM can drive the 210gn Berger. That is a fact whether you want to compare manuals or have a look at the screeds of pressure and velocity data from our range testing of these exact bullets in the same length barrels in many different examples of these two calibers. Loaded to the same 62,500psi pressure we load standard factory brass like Remington, Federal, Winchester, Norma, Nosler etc to, the velocity will be the same. Oehler 43 ballistic laboratory measured pressure and velocity. That is a fact.

I have not shot the 180gn CE's in a 300WSM so won't argue with you, but to say in a 2" shorter barrel you'll get 300 fps more than the 7mmRM with the 170gn CE??? I'm struggling with that one but I'll leave it at that!

I don't see either one of us moving much on this. All else being equal, I don't see the 7 RM pushing a 180 VLD as fast as a 300 WM will push a 210. I already know I can push a 210 @ 2935 in my 300 WSM and have little doubt that the 300 WM will push it faster, especially in a longer barrel and I just don't think a 7 will push a 180 that fast. If you say you have seen it then I will take you at your word, but I will also say it's rare. My question to you is, what powders are you using in the 300 WM?

Now you are hanging your hat primarily on the 180 Berger. So I will hang mine on the GS 177. Based on my experiences with the 300 WSM with 180 bullets and my experiences with GS 177 in the 300 RUM. I would not at all be surprised to see the WSM push the 177 to 3300 fps and will be finding out before long. That would be 400 fps faster than a very optimistic velocity of 2900 fps for the 7 RM pushing the 180 Berger. With those velocities, the 180 Berger ceases to be and effective expanding hunting bullet at less than 900 yds while the 177 maintains 1800 fps out to 1080 yds, 200 yds farther. I rest my case.... with my results and data, because there is no data for the GS 177.

And since this is a hunting forum and thread, the 177 expands down to 1600 fps which extends it's range to 1280 yds.
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Unread 04-27-2011, 12:50 AM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

The 7mm RUM shoots the 180 Berger VLD at 3250 with RL25 and the my 7mm-300 WBY will shoot them at 3200+ with Retumbo.

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Unread 05-07-2012, 12:53 AM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

Ballistics programs are good, but when my buddy shoots his 7mm 162Amax at 1000 yards and i can berely hear the ding, when i shoot 300WM i can hear it awhole lot louder even though calculators say the hit the same but real world a lot different
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Unread 05-08-2012, 05:31 PM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

I think that what this really comes down to is the man or women behind the gun/bullet. What I mean is that a 7mm rem mag shooting a 180 grain berger that is pushing 2800+ fps is delivering 1000 foot lbs at 1000 yards! That will be more than enough to effectively kill a deer & elk! With that being said the shooter better have done his/her homework & shoot that gun ALOT if your shooting at 1000 yards! period! For people to say or think that a 7mm rem mag cant do it at 1000 yards and you have to shoot a 300 wm to shoot/hunt at that distance probably shouldn't be shooting at any deer/elk at that distance period! I agree that a 300 wm is a better choice for 1000 yards effect on the animal but to say or think that a 7mm rem mag with the right set-up cant do it is crazy & you shouldn't be stating that on any forum. I think sometimes people posting info on this forum forget that there are alot of people reading these that may be new to the LRH world! Opinions are just that but facts are facts! If your going to state an opinion make sure people know it's your opinion! With that being said I know several long range shooters who have shot & killed elk, deer and other big game animals at a 1000 yards with a 7mm rem mag and those animals dropped in thier tracks, some did run and drop some did run & never dropped! I also know of several hunters who shot big game with larger calibers such as 300 wm, 300 wsm, 338 etc etc etc & had the same happen! some drop in their tracks, some run & drop & some are still running! It's called hunting folks, and anything & everything can happen out there! You get some & you lose some! period! At the end of the day you owe to the sport & the animal to do your homework and practice, practice, practice!!! Yes make sure your caliber of choice can deliver at the range your shooting, but if you the shooter can't deliver at that range it doesn't really matter what your shooting! Good luck to all out there, shoot em straight & nock the SHI! out of em!
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Unread 05-08-2012, 10:46 PM
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Re: What caliber 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

the gun choice is more important than the caliber in my opinion. remington / krieger.
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