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'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

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Unread 06-27-2003, 06:44 AM
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Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

Jake and all others

Think I will differ in some respect to what S1 said. To follow his philosophy, we should only buy a car from the master mechanic and our house from the master carpenter or we should not sell our used guns to anyone without running it through S1 for him to handle the transaction.

Seeing as how he is a gunsmith and constantly offering his "best in the world" products/services on this site, think that statement is a little self serving, seeing as how he was not involved in the transaction and does not know who said what and has not inspected the firearm.

This is a LR "hunting site", not a "tactical rifle builders" website and we all need to recognize that.

S1 stated "If the previous owners had any technical competence at all, they would simply offer to spend the 2 to 3 hours necessary to fix the problems you identified, or give you your money back."

Interesting statement but factually has absolutely nothing at all to do with "technical competance", it has to do with ethics and integrity of the involved parties. They have to work out the best remedy, as only a couple people really know what transpired, who said what etc, which means the remedy might be the recommendation S1 made, or it might be all parties "share" cost of repair. Myriad of options, but their call, not outside parties.

We all take our chances with anything we buy and hope that it was built right. If not we have remedies and courses of actions to take. Good reminder to ask for 3-5 day inspection and have your gunsmith look over your new purchase before you blindly accept it. Think that is why when you buy a house you pay to have a "house inspection" or when you buy a used car, many of us take it to the mechanic first to have it checked out. Firearms are no different.

We have no right to say who should do what or how, that is between two people to work out and I hope they do amicably.


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    Unread 06-27-2003, 06:55 AM
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    Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

    Hey fellas.. Thanks all for your input.. My intention was not to discredit anyone but to get this out in the open where it could be discussed and worked out..(ala Crocodile Dundee.. "We tell Wally.. He tells the whole town.. Problem comes out in the open. No more problem"..) I s'pose something could have gotten in the trigger during shipping but CJ did an excellent packing job and it seems like if that was the case it would have been a repetitive issue as opposed to an intermittant one.. Anyhow, Mr Brian Jewell did an excellent job of fixing that little annoyance..
    .. In reality it still boils down to it was my responsibility to get the rifle checked out or do a better job checking it myself.. No matter how "world villagy" the 'net makes us feel we're all still individuals with different perspectives.. Further complicated by egos and that annoying "guy" mentality that we really know what we're doing most of the time(maybe one-in-the-same problem.?).. I know the more I learn about this hobby of ours the less I know for sure.. What's perfectly acceptable to one is totally ludicrous to another.. What dollar or time value should be assigned to insuring the safety of such a dangerous tool.?
    .. As for myself, I know that I will pay a little more attention to detail and be quite a bit more careful in the future.. Hopefully it will prove to be contagious.. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    .. And on a more positive note, I'm sho-nuff curious to see how this bugger shoots now that the comlete bullet is making it out of the brake w/o being molested by that burr..!! If it don't, the next step is a proper bed job..!! d:^) JiNC
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    Unread 06-27-2003, 08:02 AM
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    Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

    ..Geez..A lot can happen while I'm trying to put a post together.. I would appear to have been demoted to a "crybaby" now.? Hehehe.. OK.. (How kindergarten.)
    "..None of the other problems were mentioned except the question on the trigger adjustment until this post, two months after the purchase. To me, that "speaks volumes" about a crybaby who justs wants something to complain about.."

    When I first got it I was pleased with it..I still am, really, outside of these safety issues and am not concerned with any refund or compensation of any sort.. This is the very nature of purchasing "used" and probably the reason for such exorbitant "new" prices.. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    .. The burr was only discoverd a couple of days ago.. Heck, how often do any of us run a bullet manually thru the brake to check it.? I never really looked in the brake.. I only ran a small cleaning brush thru it to remove fouling once in a while..
    ..I am in no way deferring responsibility to anyone else.. As stated before it still was my responsibility to check it out more thoroughly..
    DC has personally responded to me with positive and seemingly sincere concern in a very civil manner.. Chris resorted to name calling..
    .. Enough "voluminous speaking".. In light of the circumstantial nature of the evidence, I'm ready to stick a fork in it, already..

    .. The whipped dog yelped.. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    DC.. I have only hand tightened the brake while using a rag around it to help apply more force.. It has always stayed on and has never loosened up that I can tell.. If I were to use a rod of any sort it would be a very tight fit as to avoid such problems as this.. If I can dig up a .30 cal incicator rod (Dave Kiff, piloted) I'll check it for alignment tonight.. We're gonna work on that carbon ring issue over at Roy's tonight with the borescope and some cleaning gear per Ray's advice.. Thanks for your input.. d:^) JiNC
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    Unread 06-27-2003, 08:29 AM
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    Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

    [ 07-12-2003: Message edited by: S1 ]
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    Unread 06-27-2003, 08:49 AM
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    Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

    S1 --
    You talk really big from behind your keyboard, but we've come to expect that from you. Enough said--consider yourself "PUNKED"---whatever that means....I'm waiting now for you to take it out of my "arse" ....whenever it's convenient for you... What's that? No? I didn't think so...
    I don't have to resort to calling names--I just call it like I see it...If you had problems with the rifle, you had your chance. The thing is, there was NOTHING wrong with the rifle when you got it, hence you not calling to complain diring the inspection period. If you bought a used car, after taking it to your mechanic, and then brought it back to the dealer after two months, you would be laughed off the lot... I'm also ready to end this , as it doesn't appear to be going anywhere but downhill...
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    Unread 06-27-2003, 08:52 AM
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    Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

    Seems the productive parts of the discussion are past us by now and it is time to close this heated topic.

    - -
    Long Range Rifles, LLC - Ready To Ship

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    Unread 06-27-2003, 12:46 PM
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    Re: \'Tis a crock of excrement and it stinketh..

    [ 06-27-2003: Message edited by: Len Backus ]
    Boyd Heaton...
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