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Poll: Do you wear eye protection
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Do you wear eye protection


Shooting Glasses?

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Unread 09-11-2008, 10:56 AM
Silver Member
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Wisconsin
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Shooting Glasses?

I was noticing pics of guys shooting and hunting without eye protection. So I thought I would start a poll and see what most are doing.
Since I started shooting silhouettes I got into the good habit of wearing them whenever I am shooting. It has saved my eyes from getting poked when getting to my calling spot in the dark, just can't see those branches without a light.
So what are you all doing???

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Unread 09-11-2008, 11:17 AM
Platinum Member
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Michigan
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Re: Shooting Glasses?

Not only do I wear them when I am shooting. I insist that everyone in attendance wear them as well. I recently gave a demonstration at a local range, 2 of the spectators did not have glasses, I asked the audience if they had any extra's and in a couple minutes everyone was protected.

I was shooting steel targets during the demonstration and I didn't want anyone to be the victim of an unfortunate (albeit rare) accident.

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Unread 09-11-2008, 12:42 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: N. Central Indiana
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Re: Shooting Glasses?

I wear eyes and ears (sometimes double ears) when shooting at the range, and now since the rifle has a brake, when shooting during hunting as well (providing there is enough time). I wear glasses for all practice sessions, and when walking in the woods in the dark. I don't wear glasses normally, so it's something that I should do.
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Unread 09-11-2008, 09:46 PM
Silver Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Jackson,WY
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Re: Shooting Glasses?

I took a toe nail to the eye when I was 12 in a Tae Kwon Do tournament. I had to wear an eye patch for a whole summer. Made me really respect my eyes.
Now I am a right lens color for right light junky. Always looking for the right contrast.
For me it is safety and fun to find the right glasses.

"You know it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye."
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Unread 09-12-2008, 07:48 AM
Platinum Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Arkansas (Home of Record)
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Re: Shooting Glasses?

I try to always wear glasses when shooting and most of the time when hunting. If I don't have them on it's because I had a brain fart and left them somewhere. I hate walking through the woods in the dark and getting poked in the face. I will usually have them on when shooting my bow as well-if any of you have ever had a bow come apart on you then you understand. Now-a-days the Army makes you wear them whenever you are "In the field" so I'm used to it. In Iraq some units made their guys wear them every time they went outside. We kinda poked at them about it. That is until I had one of my guys accidentally flick a cigarette cherry in my eye and I couldn't see out of it for a week. I looked like this;).

It's all fun and games till someone gets an eye poked out...then it's just fun.
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Unread 09-12-2008, 02:50 PM
Bronze Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: East Central Alberta
Posts: 91
Re: Shooting Glasses?

Then there's those of us who have to wear glasses. As we have to have proper safety glasses in the oilfield, it's just as easy to wear them all the time. Just add the side shields before shooting.
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Unread 09-13-2008, 07:27 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Nevada
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Re: Shooting Glasses?

I know the importance of wearing safety glasses but never think much about it because I wear prescription glasses and they're suppose to work as safety glasses. I try to tell every one else to wear them when shooting and get frustrated if for some reason I forget and see someone shooting without them.

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