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remington vs savage

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Unread 06-27-2009, 01:58 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

"Out of these two rifles which is the better out of the box gun"

Define better? Luck of the draw as far as accuracy. The biggest difference starts when you want to improve either one.
If your gonna use a gunsmith the Remington might be a better choice but if your the do-it-yourself type the Savage is a whole lot easier to work on...
The most accurate gun I own is a custom Remington but its the only one in the safe, I like to tinker so there are a few Savages that are not that far behind the high dallar cusom.
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
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Unread 06-27-2009, 06:53 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

The reason i posted this blog was because i am looking to buy a new gun for long range shootin i know i want a 300 wsm. i have a 30 06 savage model 110 adjusted the trigger and it will shoot 1 inch all day. i was thinkin savage but my dad is in love with the remys and is pushing one on me. and i was wondering what people think that hav shot both or one. I WANT TO DRILL DIMES.

I know first hand that they are two great riffles and that is where i am caught up with my choice....

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Unread 06-27-2009, 08:29 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

[quote=AJ Peacock;290886]Hey Nonya, the original poster didn't titled this "Remington vs Savage, what are you most biased for?"

As far as resetting the barrels and Remingtons being just as easy as a Savage. Tell me how easy it is to change the bolt face? Oh yeah, you need machining capability or additional aftermarket bolts with the Remington. I can take a Savage in 300WSM and in 20 minutes I can be shooting a 223, 20 minutes later I can be shooting the 300WSM again. Even the all knowing and powerful Nonya can't do that with a Remington.

As far as betting your Remingtons against all our POS Savages at 500+yds, my Savage based 338 Edge is pretty tough out past 800yds. Even with the horrible 2lb factory trigger and ugly barrel nut. I also have a Rem 700 that is tough out there at long range (with it's $100 aftermarket trigger and $500 aftermarket stock and replacement barrel). I'm not biased, but if we bought a new 700 and a new Savage and shot them against each other, I'd bet my money on the Savage every time.


He asked for OPINIONS,if you dont agree get over it,dont try to make it personal,we are talking about our personal opinons of rifle manufacturers,not each other.Like I said,its still a 74 NOVA.Your not biased but you would bet on one brand every time?Explain to me how that works.

Back to the topic,if you have the option go with a Rem,use a 700 action and use quality parts,you will never regret it.If you havnt shot one make sure you give them a try,compare the fit and finish,feel and construction,the trigger is just a matter of adjusting it out of the factory setting to match what you like in a trigger pull,there is no need to replace them.If you cant afford to go with a Rem then a savage is a decent platform to use,you will be limited in what you can buy for it,something you will never run into with a 700.Either way make sure and post what you build!
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Unread 06-27-2009, 08:49 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

Originally Posted by NONYA View Post
Cadillac VS. Geo tracker,and the tracker has an ugly nut between the action and barrel
... and sometimes the NUT is behind the trigger !!!

I voted for my "FREEDOM", "GUNS", and "MONEY" - keep the change - UNK.

"I am always proud of my country!"

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Unread 06-27-2009, 09:48 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

Savage Arms Model 12 Varminter Low Profile

I have the Savage in a Model 12 FVSS 270WSM, all I had to do was change the stock and I have .380 groups with Bergers. I did modify the Accutrigger to get it bellow the 1.5 lb point. I think a guy to use the low profile model 12 with the laminate stock with just a good bedding job.
I think the model 12 would compare to the Sendero.
I also measure as many actions as I could to see how far out I could seat the bullet and still fit the magazine and function and the Savage I could seat out the farthest, if it fits through the bottom port in the action it will cycle through the magazine, so you have the freedom to fit the bullet to the chamber not the magazine.
Out of the group of guys I shoot with there were six new rifles bought and the Savages went 4 for 6 because of out of box accuracy the other two admitted that the my Savage shot better but they had to have a Remington and all they could say was the Savages were ugly.
Find both and shoot them you may not get allong with one. Good luck
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Unread 06-27-2009, 10:03 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

I don't agree, Nonya.

A factory trigger can be really good, but will never be a Jewell or the like. There's nothing wrong with either action, but the Savage is more versatile. There isn't as many aftermarket things for it, but there is still plenty. Savages generally don't require as much accuracy work do to the floating bolt head, unlike the Remingtons. Either one can shoot well, but you can adjust the Savage's headspace to "perfect" before you ever fire it. I don't consider myself biased either, but I would also put money on the Savage with out of the box accuracy.
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Unread 06-27-2009, 10:28 AM
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Re: remington vs savage

I have a 300wsm in a savage, and not turning back. Good luck in your decision. I think that 16bvssfak would your best option.

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