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Remington Sendero 25-06

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Unread 10-16-2003, 07:49 AM
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Re: Remington Sendero 25-06

I have Two Senderos, one in 25-06 and one in 7mm RUM. Both had to have triggers and the action bedded before they would shoot. The 25-06 shoots 75 gr hornady XMAX over 60.5 gr of RL 19 at 3600FPS and turns Woodchucks into mist. Just returned from Wyoming Got a nice Antelope at 250yds, Mule Deer at 300yds and about 200 Dogs from 50 to 450 yds. Great fun! Shot a 7mm RUM in a rem sendero with a 6.5-20x50 LR Leupold. This rifle shoots 140gr Nosler BT at 3460fps into .3' at 100yds. The Antelope had a 6" entrance wound and no exit wound. The Mulie had a 4" enry wound and a 1" exit wound. Both droped dead in there tracks and just hit the ground.
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    Unread 10-16-2003, 02:52 PM
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    Re: Remington Sendero 25-06

    Donham I wouldn't say that Ruger uses inferior stainless. I have the same model 25-06 that you do. I have found that they are made of better stainless than a Remington. I know this because the better grades of stainless are more corrosion/rust resistant.
    My Sendero will rust fairly rapidly compared to never even having one spot of rust on my Ruger. I don't have mine bedded and have no problems with heat until I get it extremely hot then it fouls up rapidly. I have a KDF break on mine and you can watch the woodchucks come apart when you shoot them.
    Uk the 25-06 is a pretty versatile round and you won't be sorry for having it in a Sendero. Because the gun is used I would just want to see how it grouped before buying. I usually buy new guns and do some big time tire kicking when buying. Good Luck
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    Unread 11-11-2003, 03:57 PM
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    Re: Remington Sendero 25-06

    I have that same Ruger that you are talking about. It was one of the first ones they made. No modifications. Under 1/2" 5 shot groups with factory ammo. Best shooting factory rifle I ever had. Wears a 4.5-14x50 Luppy in Ruger rings. No problem with fouling or heat. This thing has been drug through the nastiest hands and knees thick brush in PA and does not have one scratch on it. I wish you could get that coating aftermarket for some of my other rifles. It is my old standby rifle. If I can't hit with any other rifle that day the good old cheap ruger will put the nail in the coffin. Love it! I do get the impression from talking to other ruger owners that I got a rare one. I wish the last Remington 700ltr and Winchester 70 heavy varmint I bought would have been so good. It would be nice to get what you pay for for a change. I won't bother listing all of the things wrong with those two rifles because I don't feel like typing for two hours. I am a die hard Remington man but I won't buy any more new ones until they stop screwing us. I will NEVER buy another Winchester 70. It's all customs from now on.
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    Unread 11-11-2003, 06:11 PM
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    Location: Newburgh NY
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    Re: Remington Sendero 25-06

    Weaverism- My Ruger 77vt in 25-06 is super accurate . I keep hearing about inaccurate Rugers but haven't seen this mythical beast yet!!! In fact my cheap Ruger shot better this year than my expensive bench gun! A bunch of my friends have the same model gun that I have and the older 77 varmint guns and all are absolute tack drivers. As for the finish on the Ruger guns it is a closely guarded secret. I haven't found a gunsmith yet that could match that finish. I had a KDF break put on and couldn't find a gunsmith to match the finish and unfortunately Ruger wouldn't coat the break for me either. However it still looks ok the way it is.

    Jay I have found the finish on the Rugers to be very durable. If I haven't scratched it yet I don't think any reasonable person would have any problems with it. I would love to have my Sendero finished in this manner!! Heck I would even do the barrel on my Colt.
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    Unread 11-12-2003, 12:06 AM
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    Join Date: Oct 2003
    Location: England
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    Re: Remington Sendero 25-06

    UK Varminter - it apears we have a few things in common reading your other posts. Anyway I own a Rem 700 BDL in 25-06. I have put a HS stock on it and breathed on the trigger - the best group I have shot with it was .325" @ 100 meters thats a five shot group. The rifle is just about as good as it gets but is now "only" giving an inch so is off to Mr Clark to be fitted with a Kreiger in early 2004.
    However, my favourite load is the following,
    53 Grains - Vit 160
    Federal Match primer or CCI benchrest
    100 grain Speer spitzer SP

    you can substitute H4831 SC for Vit, but Vit is cheaper and gives the same result.

    I have chrony'd this load and with 24 inch barrel gives 3174 fps + or - 8fps.

    In my rifle, which is zeroed for 200 the trajectory is +1.5 at 100 and -3" at 300 so very flat.

    This calibre as absolute death to anything it touches - very humane.

    Regards Andy

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    Unread 11-12-2003, 12:16 AM
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    Re: Remington Sendero 25-06

    H-Bar--those ruger varmints look nickle plated, or coated with something--they dont look like any natural stainess finish i've ever seen--I bet you can scrape it off. That just doesnt look like a "real" stainless to me.

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