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Quick Long Range Shots

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Unread 12-08-2012, 07:27 PM
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Re: Quick Long Range Shots

I missed one the other day because I did a SWAG "Scientific Wild Ass Guess" And I was wrong, They had run down further than I had thought and I screwed up. Some time there is just not enought time.

I was hunting over a bean field in my ambush spot down on the farm. The field is L shaped. My hidie hole is in the outside of the elbow over looking the whole field. It is about 900 yards long on the left and 500 yards on the right. I do have yardage markers every 100 yards on the right field and I have lazered the left field and thought I had it undercontrol, but in the heat of the moment things did not go as planed. At 07:00 6 does came running from the far left corner going across toward the middle of the the field. There is a downed tree that I know is 475 yards. They run past it, stop and look back. Then I see what is chaseing them, a nice buck. They trot into the treeline. The buck keep coming and stops at the edge I am laying down and have a steady shot. I don't have time to lazer him, I have a 250 zero I crank for 400 yards and put the crosshairs behind his shoulder and sent the 162 Amax down range from my 280 Ackley Ruger tang safety that I built last year. He looked around and walked into the treeline. I took a deep breath and got my rangefinder out and it was 355 yards. I had shot over him by just a little. I waited 30 minutes and went over and didn't see any sigh of a hit. I went back that evening and nothing came out.
The next morning at 6:30 3 does walked around the back of the right field at 500 yards. There is a dozer pile and weeds that sticks out infront of me that is 275 yards and at 7:00 a doe is standing beside it. I am sitting in a chair and have cross sticks and I crank the scope up to 14X and look her over then turn it back down to 6x. She turns around and feeds out of sight the way she came. In a few minutes I see another deer in the same place feeding. I still have my rifle to my shoulder resting on the cross sticks. I look it over and I see big antlers. It is the same deer I missed the morning before. I said to myself I got you now. He takes a few more steps then he turns and jumps up on the dozer pile. I line the cross hairs behind his shoulder and before he drops out of sight I squeeze the trigger and he collapses. I was lucky to get another chance at him. He was only in my sight for not more than 30 seconds. If I had not looked at the doe with my rifle and was still in the ready mode I might not have got a shot. he is the best buck I have got in several years. He had been fighting and had broke a brow tine off. What was a nice 8 Was now a nice 7 point. You can see in the picture how his hide is gouged where he had been fighting. I have been going back everyday looking for the one he had been fighting with but have not seen anymore big deer.
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Unread 12-08-2012, 09:23 PM
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Re: Quick Long Range Shots

This is what I'm thinking. Sight in dead on at 300. Put a flag at 360. Anything further than that hold high shoulder. That will get me to 460 and basically to the end of the lane. Don't have to worry about the wind, the weeds and trees block it out, and 10 mph is a bad wind day down here in the south. . If my scent trail works and they stop, I'll still range and dial. Ive got 10" circular ar500 plates that I practiced with all summer out to 900. I picked these because its the same size as a deers kill zone. If one gives me time to range its definitely game over.
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Unread 12-09-2012, 03:59 AM
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Re: Quick Long Range Shots

Originally Posted by jsthntn247 View Post
SNIP. set up on roads that are about 30 feet wide.
SNIP. By the time a buck enters the road, you only have about 2 seconds to judge him and make a shot.
OK, I re-read the initial post and need to modify my answer!

Two seconds and the deer covers 30 feet = 15 feet per second

Dials are the least of your concern!
At 500 yards the bullet will take better than 1/2 second to get there and you need to lead the deer by 7 feet!
IMO, if you can't stop him you can't shoot unless where you hit him doesn't matter, OR you need to set a reasonable distance where if he does not stop you let him walk...IMO!

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Unread 12-09-2012, 08:41 AM
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Re: Quick Long Range Shots

Here's an idea. Its obvious you have good judgement on range estimation. The flags will help considerably. So my thoughts are to drop to a lower weight bullet with your 300 Win. Mag that you are very comfortable with and let her go. I would suggest the Berger 168 Hybrids. They worked like a charm yesterday killing a doe on the run at 150yds. With a better BC than any of the 155's and 165/168's and 175's, you will be able to run them flat and fast in the 300 Win. Mag. The only thing you might want to add is a custom turret to your scope for quick spinning.

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Unread 12-09-2012, 04:09 PM
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Re: Quick Long Range Shots

You need a ballistic reticle that matches your load well to 500 for the fastest system possible. That will put you way ahead of the 8-ball. Got a coyote hunting buddy who's killed a number of 1st-shot coyotes to 650 yds. in low percentage fast shot opportunities using a Leupold/Varmint Hunter's reticle on an AR-10 243. But another part of the equation is a spotter. Since we hunt as a team in these situations i can quickly establish range with my Leica Geovids while he sets up for the shot, and it works GREAT. A second focal plane reticle [like Leupolds VH or B&C reticles) are a good bet, maybe Zeiss's ballistic reticles as well. Vortex makes one too--like the Burris Ballistic Plex. A custom dot reticle matched to your load would work about as good. This is gonna be the fastest intermediate range system you'll ever use. Watching this partner of mine in action to the ranges he is successful at is truly amazing but he's put the time into his system to maximize his efficiency with it, which means not just calculating but also practicing. Just last month he nailed a coyote facing us [3" target maybe] at 440 just a second or 2 after i called range to him--440. I swear this guy just never misses.

Another idea is to try and get the deer to stop with some sort of call. I've used this system frequently on many game animals for many years.
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