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Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....

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Unread 11-14-2002, 10:07 PM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....

Have read some of Wyowhispers other stories and he really is good at it. More than just the facts he makes you feel like your next to him.
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Unread 11-15-2002, 07:35 AM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....


Thanks for the great comments.. my wife says the same thing.. must be the romantacist in me...If you saw my wife you'd understand!!!!

It all started when I moved west, all my family and friends wanted to hear stories but I wanted to make them feel like they were there.. maybe I'll submit one to a magazine or somthin'...

I'm glad ya liked them.... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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Unread 11-15-2002, 09:01 AM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....


Yes at 1600 the Tomahawk is still going 1458 FPS and carries 1134 Foot ponds with it at that range.

Keep in mind, Ray Romain (I hunted with in Colorado) got his deer at 1800 yards this year and the foot pounds of energy was only 800. His rifle was a 36" barreled 338/375 H&H IMP. A small mag case compaired to the Tomahawk or 378 Weatherby case. It really is just an improved 300 Weatherby that is necked up to a 338 diameter.

After the 3 spotter shots over the deer, the "first" shot which was held dead on the shoulder killed it. The bullet hit the shoulder right where he was holding the scope crosshair.

Most people have NO idea what their rifles are capable of if you practice and learn what it will do, long BEFORE the hunting season arrives.
We shoot all the time so long shots are our favorite.
I would rather get an inferior buck or bull elk at 1500 yards plus, then a trophy at 400 or 500 yds.
The closer shots are to easy for the equipment we have.
I guess you could say, we (my hunting frinds and I) are died in the wool extreme LR hunters. To each his own in the hunting fields though.

Just hunt to your self imposed ranges before trying to go to the extreme like we do.
We have been doing this for MANY years.


Darryl Cassel
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Unread 11-16-2002, 07:06 PM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....

Well, here's my stab at illiteracy.

Arrived at camp Monday pm amidst steady rain. More rain Teusday, 3.5" by noon Wed. All the lies that could be told had, and then it cleared. Beautiful evening, blazing sunset under the retreating cloud deck, all the animals up and at it except the deer.

Heavy frost the next AM, buddy has to go to town to replace the window he broke after he locked his keys in the truck. Stearnly informs me that I'm going to be late getting to the woods(sorry, it's a short range story). I mumble something that sounds like contrition I think, he seems mollified and hits the road. Absolutely gorgeous morning! Bright sun on frost so heavy it looks like snow. Birds and squirrels making up for lost time. Only thing I ever got on a cold morning in Georgia is a cold ass, so I have another cup of coffee, then a nice shower before heading out at 8:00 am. Park Ol' Blue at the back gate of the lease, mask up and drop one in the chamber of my T/C carbine. Loaded with Sierra 150's, it shoots .6" groups which is acceptable for still hunting creek bottoms.

Down the Beaver Pond Road slowly, looking, watching, waiting for that first flicker or line that doesn't fit. It's only 450 yards to the pond but it takes nearly an hour. A bit fast for still hunting but it was a road after all. Just before the pond there is a trail I cut 3 years back that parallels the bank about 30 yards upgrade. I turned into a 2-3 mph steady breeze and began the ritual of true still hunting. Moving without motion, listening, seeing, smelling, senses spooled up totally. It is physically intense, very tiring. The temp is in the mid 30's and I'm slightly damp under one tee shirt and a camo blouse. For 75 yards and nearly 40 minutes I make no sound and no mistakes. Then thru the brush is movement. Brown legs comming toward me on the trail. At a bend in the trail we will be face to face at only 15 yards. I raise the rifle, crosshairs at a hole in the brush were I expect to see chest. Horns now visable but indistinct, the moment is near and I cock the hammer a fraction late. The buck freezes 6" too close. I see only a grazing shot at his shoulder and stand frozen as his eyes search for the source of that click he heard. Thank God for 5 pound rifles! I stood, he looked, I stood some more. Finally, he recognized that there was something in the trail that wasn't there yesterday, and his head popped out from behind the brush on an elegant long neck, ears forward under a symetrical battle scarred rack. The shift was quick, a magazine picture in my field of view, hairs centered at mid neck. The trigger broke, and he was gone, down behind the scrub as if napping.

I like the long range thing, but for me it will never have the adrenalin rush of meeting my quarry at close quarters in their turf and on their terms. I lose more than I win, but it's never, never boring.

Best of luck to all of you this season.
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Unread 11-16-2002, 07:19 PM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....

WyoWhisper... what a great story. Keep up with your great hunting story.

I'm from Ontario, Canada and I went black bear and moose hunting a month ago.

Black bear? No luck. The black bear came at night to eat the bait so couldn't get a shot.

Canadian moose? Well...no moose!
Three of us went to Thunder Bay which is about 18 hours away from my home. There was snow on the ground already about a foot deep. We stayed there for 12 days and we had two bull moose tags. We rode ATV's on logging roads most of the time.

My brother is an ATV freak while I like to pick a spot and sit on clear-cut trees. Anyway, we drove about 800km each in 12 days and I saw 2 cow moose. My brother was riding ATV pretty fast then saw several fresh moose tracks on the logging road and he stopped to look around. It was snowing and windy. He took his binocular out of his hunting parka and saw four moose, standing on clear-cut about 400 yards away. He hardly see the binocular thru the heavy snow and the moose were starting to walk thru the woods about 100 yards ahead.
Why didn't he shoot? He didn't have time to remove his helmet, get off the ATV, put two or three 338WIN bullets in his Ruger magazine and said his rifle cannot shoot that far.
I explained to him, (I'm not pushing him, just giving facts to the traditional hunters) that the custom rifles have advantage over "over-the-shelf rifles".

Well.. he still doesn't like the idea of LR rifle. Sure, it is up to him and I'll respect him as long as he respects me.
He told me once that if I bought a LR rifle, I'm no longer part of his hunting group.
Someday, I'll try to coax him to come to watch Pennsylvania 1000 yards matches next spring.

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Unread 11-17-2002, 12:40 AM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....

Max, I enjoy the stillhunt too! I think it takes a true master to hunt whitetail like that. It may give you many years of frustration though! To hear of the shots that DC and the boys are makeing....well, I just don't know what to say. Its amazing. When i went to Missoula to watch the fun, well, what do you say? It really brodens your horizens. Now i think, one day...one day...
Portate bien o te lleva el cucuy
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Unread 11-17-2002, 07:54 AM
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Re: Plz Share Your Hunting Plans/Stories.....

It took me about a decade to get mildly proficient at it, and this point I've shot one deer from a stand in the last 8 years. The good news is that now I have time to try another angle, and look at the technical side. I'd guess there is no harsher headmaster than 1000 yards betwixt muzzle and fur.
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