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New Guy

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Unread 08-14-2008, 04:15 AM
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New Guy

Hi Guys,

I just registered here not 10 minutes ago and haven't had time to look around the forum yet so please forgive me. My question is: What do you all consider long range hunting; 200 to 500 yards or out to 1000 yards or even a mile? I'm very interested. My personal max is 300 yards but would like to shoot accurately out to 500 or 600 yards.

Thanks in advance,
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Unread 08-14-2008, 05:18 AM
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Re: New Guy

First of all, welcome to the site.

Every person has his own definition of long range. There are guys on here that shoot well over a mile and have varmint kills at those types of distances.

Here is a discussion/poll that might interest you ---> Longest Big Game Kill With Rifle

Again, welcome to the site. Look around and enjoy the wealth of information here (the search is pretty good and will get you going quickly).

If you have any questions, shoot them out, we are a pretty friendly bunch of guys.

If some is good and more is better, then too much is just right.

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives
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Unread 08-14-2008, 08:03 AM
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Re: New Guy

Would also like to welcome you.

How far is Long Range Hunting? That is a totally subjective thing. There are many on this board that will take shots to 1000 yards and beyond and have a higher vital hit % then most average hunters will have at 200 yards.

Each hunter has his own limits, set by many things, equipment they are using, conditions they are shooting in, game they are hunting, personal ethical opinion and shear ability of the hunter.

The level of equipment used by hunters on this site is far above average. That said, there are many using factory rifles with good results, its just not as easy on average trying to get a factory rifle to shoot well enough for long range shooting.

Chamberings certainly have some effect on how effective you can be at long range. A 30-06 or 270 can be very effective at suprising range, that said, they are not +1/2 mile elk rifles.

Not only that, its much easier to make hits at longer ranges with some of the new ultra performance chamberings and top end rifles.

Back to your question. For some, 300 yards is farther then they should shoot, for others you could add 1000 yards to that and still make clean first shot kills. Most importantly, its not a competition, you are your only judge and jury when in the field and knowing what you can and can't do and when you should and should not shoot are far more important then being able to say you can shoot game at extreme range.

Welcome again.
Kirby Allen(50)

Allen Precision Shooting
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Unread 08-14-2008, 11:19 AM
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Re: New Guy

Welcome aboard.

The two fellas who posted before me are both top notch and know of what they speak.

Me, I'm on the other end of the spectrum.

Sparks NV, eh!

Go to the edge of town. Look away from from town.

See that third hill over there, that's long range.;)

Its pretty much what Fifty and AJ said.

For me it was shooting seriously farther than I had before which was 400 yards at that time.

Since then I've rigged up a bit and am real serious to around 900 and will be to 1200 shortly.

I'd be there already if I weren't so dumb.
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Unread 08-15-2008, 09:19 PM
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Re: New Guy

Welcome aboard

Like the gents before me mentioned "long range" is a subjective term.
Shooting a coyote , off hand , with a light weight 223 , in a 20 mph cross wind 400yds is a looong shot for me and probably most others.
A feeding Bull elk standing broad side 1000yds out , no wind , shooting one of Kirby's 338 Allen Mags prone , I'd call that chip shot , while Kirby could likely double that range and call it easy.

Using a custom built rig chambered in one of the hot mags with a high BC bullet will get you to 1000yds easly on deer. But it also can be done with a cheaper factory rig , I've seen a few bone stock Savage BVSS in 300 win mag shoot 1/2 moa at 600yds with handloaded 210gr Berger VLD's , that rig with that bullet will be way more than "Bucky" can stand out past 100yds.
I made my longest kill this past season on a deer a stones throw from 1000yds shooting a built up 260 Rem , so you don't have to have a big mag to get you their it just helps a bit. I do more hunting down here with a 20" barreled TC Encore in 308 , its light short and accurate anything within 400yds is done for , a deer at 600 alowing me to get a solid rest , nothing but slow walking and soft music. So you can get away with a bit less as long as you know the gun and what its gonna do at that range.

Again welcome aboard
don't be scared to ask about what you don't know and don't be afraid to give your point of view , right wrong or indifferant , "Len" the resident moderator is a great guy and doesen't try to control the board like some Nazi grammer school English teacher. Their is a mass wealth of knowledge here as well as some great gun builders and just about everybody I've encountered has been more than willing to help you.
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