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Unread 03-01-2011, 11:20 AM
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New to Forum

Hello guys,

As you can see I am new to the site and there are some awesome rigs on here. I recently shot a friend Barrett .50 BMG (What a blast!!!) and now I want my own Long range gun. I am HOOKED!!!! I know 800 yds is a chip shot for the BMG but for two people who have never shot more than about 200yds we did good considering we ranged the target mathmatically instead of a range finder. Now I know nothing about gunsmithing so I would be purchasing a complete rig. I am looking for something that can reach out to 1500yds, relatively cheap to reload (I have reloaded before but don't know much about the wildcat loads and making them) and of course be a tack driver. Can someone provide some sites to visit and some recommendations on calibers to look at? I like the .338 and the 6.5mm but between the Edge, Mystic and Lupau (for the .338) I don't know what all that means. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Unread 03-01-2011, 12:56 PM
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Re: New to Forum

What's your budget for rifle, plus optics, plus range finder?

Is it for target only? Or, for hunting as well?
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Unread 03-01-2011, 03:25 PM
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Re: New to Forum

Originally Posted by rscott5028 View Post
What's your budget for rifle, plus optics, plus range finder?

Is it for target only? Or, for hunting as well?
BINGO! answer those questions and the answers will come.

Sierra's reloading video is a great starter to how you will want to reload. G. David Tubb breaks down all of the tools and why you need them.
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Unread 03-01-2011, 07:34 PM
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Re: New to Forum

You've got lots of questions to answer before you settle on anything. But for the sake of this response, lets assume you want to be able to kill deer at 1500+ yards. This means you will want a big magnum. I would put the 300RUM (remington ultra magnum) at the bottom end of the spectrum, then you get to the 338s. The 338Edge (300RUM necked-up to 338) is popular on this site. Next step up is the 338-408Cheytac (408Cheytac cartridge, necked-down to 338) it will kill deer well past a mile (1800+).

If you want to have an intelligent conversation about appropriate cartridges and the skills and hardware it takes to shoot at 1500+ contact Kevin Cram. He is an excellent gunsmith and a sponsor of this website. You can see his personal 338-408 here:

MCR 338 - 408 Chey-Tac Re-build

The rifle was used to take a deer at around 1600 yards this year.

Another example of his work are my 260...

My 260 by MCR

For more examples of his work, do a search for threads started by 'Kevin Cram' and you will find pics of lots of his work.

I would also encourage you to call him. You can find his contact info here:

I'm not gonna shoot here. I'm gonna shoot waaaaaaaay over there!
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Unread 03-02-2011, 08:20 PM
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Re: New to Forum

If you like the 338 edge then find Shawn Carlock www.defensiveedge.net , he is also on this site.
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Unread 03-02-2011, 11:17 PM
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Re: New to Forum

JMHO, but if a guy was just starting out on the LR shooting AND reloading scene, I'd recommend a 308 or 260, and shoot them often. No sense putting the cart before the horse so to speak, and in the meantime, a good 308 is a great and easy round to take new knowledge and apply it, cheap and as often as you like.

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Unread 03-02-2011, 11:57 PM
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Re: New to Forum

Start with a 308. I know it's a peashooter compared with a lot of our guns but you have to get the basics down. Then, after a lot of practice, and, when you're ready to dump a bunch of money on a big gun, you'll be well-versed on what you want and how you want it.
A .308 is the gate-way drug to a great sport.
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