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My new .300 RUM

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Unread 10-03-2003, 01:50 AM
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Re: My new .300 RUM

Well I ended up having a little bit of time to shoot before I had to go to work. I put in all my ballistic information and printed it out and went to the range. I set up milk jugs at 500, 550, and 600 yards. Just 1 at each distance to check and verify my charts, etc. It took me 2 shots to get my 100 yard zero, the 1st shot was a little high and right, I adjusted and shot perfect for windage but 1/4 high. I clicked 1 click down and called it good. I had not shot this rifle past 100 yards untill this coming shot at a water filled milk jug at 500 yards. I clicked my scope up accordingly and checked for wind. From what I could tell there was no wind so I did not do any windage clicks. I got all set up finally and sent a 200g SMK on its way and to my surprise I blasted that jug. That made me feel pretty good about everything. Next was 550. After letting the barrel cool and clicking up a couple more clicks I sent another 200g SMK and once again 1 more exploded milk jug. By this time I was thinking pretty highly of myself, with very little load development, about a 8lb trigger, I was still blasting jugs at 500+. I had my doubts at 600 but I still felt confident and I at least needed to shoot anyways to see if I would hit or miss or what. I readjusted elevation and sent another 200g SMK and to my surprise the jug was blasted like the other 2. The 200g SMK's seemed to expand and explode the jugs just like any normal "hunting" bullet would have. They should have no problem on a deer. Tomorrow I intend to shoot 600, 650, and 700 yards for my final sighting in. I think I'm going to get along real well with this .300 RUM.

The ballistics chart I used proved to be almost dead accurate even out to 600 yards with no modifications. I chronied my load at 3195fps 15" from the muzzle. Sierra lists the BC of the 200g SMK at .565, but Darryl found it to be about .600 so I used that instead of .565. I then put all the info at biggameinfo.com and let them compute the clicks and everything else. It proved to be accurate and the jug I hit at 600 yards, the bullet hit 2 inches to the left and 1.5 inches high from dead center where I was aiming. Pretty damn close I think. There was no wind that I could tell so that was not a factor. Thank god. All in all, I am completely satisfied and more then happy with the performance of this gun. I need to get the trigger down to about 2 pounds and I'll be set as far as I can tell. I only intend to shoot 700 yards on elk and bear size animals and 600 yards on deer. I am going to do a lot more practicing before I shoot at elk or bear 700 first. I just wanted to do a real quick check so I'd have it for deer season. Thanks for all who have replied and helped.
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