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LR Water Buffalo

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Unread 01-16-2012, 02:54 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

Originally Posted by Gene R. View Post
I seen that also. Even though it was domestic, docile and led on a leash , I bet the marksmen put that bullet in its ear or spined it to drop in tracks. Not to take away from his skill but it may of been the million and one shot. Also they never talk about the misses that I'm sure happen. The part that I found more amazing was the VC standing there and not taking cover.

lol yeah.. I think some of those storys may be alittleeeee bit stretched at times. I mean I never took the VC to be the smartest, but when your damn buffalo goes down by a bullet from that far away, YOU DONT THINK TO RUN LIKE HELL??!?!!!
"...I shoot big cartridges, not because I am ego bound, not because they are needed to kill big game when well placed shots are made, but when an error is made, they will get you out of trouble more often then a lesser round."

--Kirby Allen
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Unread 01-19-2012, 06:52 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

The key to killing heavy game is shot placement and penetration.

Use the right bullet that will penetrate deeply and put it on the right spot at 500 yards and the 06 will easily kill a water buff. Put that same bullet in the wrong place and he may not even notice anything happened!!!

If you remember the stories of the ol elephant hunters using the 6.5 swede, killed thousands of them with that round, many with one shot kills, again, simply a matter of shot placement and enough penetration.

Added bonus, he can not charge you as easily at 500 yards!!!
Kirby Allen(50)

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Unread 01-19-2012, 07:19 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

Timmay, I have to slightly dissagree with your statement "even though I dont like animals being hit with arrows because of slow death".

It all has to do with shot placement weither bow or rifle. A deer or elk shot with an quality broadhead through both lungs or heart will typically die within one minute! I have seen in many cases where animals shot with arrows don't even know they were hit, and die within sight of where they were shot. I agree that poor shot placement can drastically change this, but I dont think it is much different than with bullets.

Back to the topic: I think peoples idea of "kill" is different when dealing with the buffalo. A single shot to the vitals will kill a buffalo, but sure isn't going to "stop" him from charging. I think dangerous game requires a fast kill that plants them to the ground. A 30-06 from 500yrds isn't going to do this. More kenetic energy, and larger frontal area is thus the tradition for dangerous game.

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Unread 01-19-2012, 07:43 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

Originally Posted by ishootkittens View Post
Short question. Can you shoot a water buffalo with a .30-06 past 500 yards? I always hear of guys using a .375 or 416 but wouldnt a .30 cal be as efficient at that range?
I have hunted both cape buffalo in Africa and water buffalo in Australia. Can you shot them with a 30-06? Sure you can. Can you kill them? Not on a regular basis. I have had 500 grain jacketed solids from my 500 NE deform and change course on the shoulder of Cape buffalo. Australian water buffalo are larger than Cape buffalo and almost as tenacious but certainly just as dangerous after a bad shot.

I will say that any outfitter that would let a hunter take a shot like that is unethical. I do mean this in the nicest way but a shot like that with a rifle of that caliber with a bullet of tht cross sectional area is simply a cruel Stunt and will get very little respect from people that know and have hunted these animals.
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Unread 01-19-2012, 08:05 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

I apologize for the following in advance because I know this is an LRH friendly zone. In my opinion the whole point of pursuing some animals is in how close you get. Dangerous game is only dangerous when it's close.
Sniping at long range will probably leave you feeling like you didn't get what you came for on some species. Shooting an Asiatic Buffalo that was plowing a rice paddy the day before I arrived, and for a few more bucks we'll tie it to tree is not hunting or LRH, or dangerous game hunting.
Call it long range practice or organic bullet testing as that is more accurate. I've shot large domestic hogs, "free range" LOL, to test bullets, and I'm OK with the concept, let's just describe such things accurately.

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Unread 01-19-2012, 08:56 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

Before to many feathers get ruffled or puffed out The question the OP was asking was bascially does a '06 have enough energy? Not should I take my 06 or 416 Rigby "WATER BUFFALO" hunting. It was just a basic energy question. And as I, Mr. Allen and others stated , yes. But a BIG BUT. Besause if you miss sticking it in the ear or spine nope, not going to fall over drt.
Now, the basis of the OP's Question came from the second installment of the Snipers program ran on History Channel this past weekend. If you didn't catch it the sniper shot a W.buff at like 700 plus. it fell over dead exposing 2 Viet Cong carrying AK's. He then killed them both as they stood there beside a dead, maimed, or otherwise unable to stand and plow fields W.Buff.
No LR water buff hunting planned, I don't believe. Just a simple energy and could it be done question.

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Unread 01-19-2012, 09:20 PM
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Re: LR Water Buffalo

Gene R.
No ruffled feathers here, and there probably was some creeping away from the original question. It is however a hunting site, and it's not completely unfair to view the question in that context. I did not see the episode you spoke of, I did see something similar on "youtube" maybe? In southeast asia basically you can get whatever you want for a price, someone shot an asiatic buffalo, don't remember all the details, but it jumped in my mind when I read the thread. I've no doubt it can be done, got no problem with why ever someone wants to.
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