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Long Range Dangerous Game?

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Unread 05-29-2005, 07:50 AM
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Re: Long Range Dangerous Game?


Thanks for weighing in here. Your right, this topic can get sticky.

As for me, I have never given much thought to hunting large bears, that is until the Army said I could move to a place (Alaska) that allows its citizens that opportunity on a lower economic scale! I can't even imaging paying the $10,000 plus dollars to travel out of state just to kill anything, let alone something that might eat me!

Anyway, now in just over a year, I will be able to tangle with the magestic bears. If not intentionlly, by accident! All I want is the ability to do what I love to do... hunt... while being equipped and trained to take "every" advantage that I can.

Why? Because my recent research has led me to the obvious conclusion that in Alaska today, I will probably have to HUMP IN... that is walk back into whatever area I want to hunt, just to get to the real bush. As an Army Officer with 6 kids, I don't have alot of throw away money. So I must spend it where it best impacts my hunt. For me that is in my equipment. I will always spend "sweat equity" just to financially hunt with the big dogs. Some can afford to fly in, boat to the game, with a great guide beside them. Me, I can research, train, take my time investigating an area, study the species, then walk. Tougher hunt? You bet ya! But that is what I have always done.

If I am not trying to kill at the longish ranges, then its the bow & arrow that I prefer. The middle ground just doesn't do it for me.

IMHO, Due mostly to my finances... Game Preserves, read high Fences, and guides are not an option of mine. The good news is that "sweat equity" and advanced intelligence more than balances the equation.

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Unread 06-01-2005, 01:32 PM
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Re: Long Range Dangerous Game?

If you are looking at a 40cal you might want to look at the 408 cheytac. I think if you went with a big 338 and some 300 or 350gr Wildcat bullets you could handle any close or far shot out to 1000 yards. I have herd of some guides that hunt the open tundra up there having clients shooting bears out to 400 yards with 300's and 338's. I would think a 338 Kahn or 338 Edge would do the trick on a Grizz out to 1000 yards with the right bullets. What ever you chose good luck with it.
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Unread 06-01-2005, 04:05 PM
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Re: Long Range Dangerous Game?


I am particularily thinking about griz and or brown bear at long ranges (500-1000 yards). Is this a feasible idea? CG

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Hell no!
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Unread 06-01-2005, 04:55 PM
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Re: Long Range Dangerous Game?

Pop, Why "Hell No"?

I am trying hard to understand why the thought of slamming a bear at longer ranges is so apprehensible to so many. I'd understand on a convetional forum, but not on the supposed Long Range Hunting web site.

Again, done with the proper equipment and training, why should I be anymore bounded by range, than when hunting any other game species?

I'm not talking about "spraying and preying" the poor critter to death!

Hell I'm not even sure of what a max range looks like yet! That's why I started this thread... to be better educated to properly calculate that max range.

Please don't tell me that I have to restrict myself to 200 or 300 yards max, just because most folks can't make the shot past that. Or simply can't handle the recoil generated by a rifle producing the required external ballistics to handle a large bear at the terminal ballistics end of the equation.

I've about settled down to a .375 R.U.M. at no more than 500-600 yards.

Now pile on. I want to put the Long... back in Long Range Hunting!

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Unread 06-01-2005, 05:03 PM
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Re: Long Range Dangerous Game?

I love LRH, as the others in this forum and so, I think we must be the first one to impose limits to ourselves regarding how to practice this challenging sport.

The notion that prima facie I raise is about the ethical side of LRH on Dangerous game.

1) General hunting ethics priorizes first and foremost, the judgement of the hunter's ability to execute a shot for a humane kill, preferably a one-shot kill

2) While sometimes this is very difficult to accomplish, despite the hunter's intentions, expertise and desire, the outcome rarely poses a danger to others and himself, if the animal is not killed instantly, since we deal with NonDangerousGame (NDG)

3) Of course, this is not true when dealing with DG...this sole notion will make true African DG hunters to fell over their heads!!!

4) In short,while feasible, I'd not attempt it for the reasons exposed

regards, Gus

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Unread 06-01-2005, 05:26 PM
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Location: Anchorage Alaska
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Re: Long Range Dangerous Game?

Gustavo, Thanks for the insight. I agree with you. As ethical and considerate hunters, we must not allow the dangerous game animal the opportunity to harm other hunters, due to the fact that we failed to kill at a given range.

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Unread 06-01-2005, 06:40 PM
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I've been following the thread and don't have anything (on topic) to add. However, I did want to thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country. My family enjoys a good American lifestyle thanks to soldiers like yourself. We firmly support our Vets.

Best of luck from all of us here in New York.

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