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Long range with 22LR

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Unread 07-19-2008, 10:07 PM
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I am currently in the process of making the vid, but can not get it to you as fast as I want. I am looking to do it tomorrow as the weather looks good.

I get my range from my uncle and cousin as they have both used range finders and my uncle built the range.

I have a Savage MDl 64 Semi Auto with a Famous Maker 3-12x40 scope. I have no clue how much MOA of adjustment it has. I don't have any after market mods to the gun.

Targets are usually large rocks or 18" discs. I have shot 1000yds at the furthest, with most being around 650-750yds which is where I shoot the discs and rocks. The farthes kills I have to date are at 2 muskrats at 700+yds. And yes they were all one shot instant kills. I understand you may not believe this as those I tell do not believe it either until I show them or let them talk to people that have witnessed it.

I understand that most of the people here are dedicated to LR and that is why I decided to mention it here. I was and am hoping to get feed back about LR shooting and your take on what I have done so far. I plan on shooting more centerfire as I now have a set up that I am wishing to get as much help with as possible.

I plan on shooting both a 18" disc and a pile of rocks at 650yds. Also you will see a hill in the background that is one mile. My goal will be to hit it, but maintain a 4ft group or less at the same time. If there is anything I should include in the vid please speak up as if possible I will do it for you.


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Unread 07-20-2008, 12:09 AM
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Tyler had a good point. Earlier I mentioned that I have shot a 600 with a 22 lr at rocks in a plowed field. I was getting in around 3 or so feet of my intended target most of the time after several spotter rounds. and thought that was pretty good (I was only 15 at the time and was very new to precison shooting). now that I think of it I was shooting open sights using extreme amounts of elevation. I was shooting with the base of the front sight baried on the target or more (again, I am going from memory from 13 years ago).

The thing is that I simply will not believe that you will be able to print ANY kind of group at 1000 yards with a semi auto factory 22 in standard conditions. Way too many variables and way too little BC to combat those variables. Heck, a normal deer hunter grade shooter would be hard pressed to shoot a 2 foot pattern with their deer rifle at 700 yards, much less what you are attempting. I will be the first to apologise for my stobborness when you show me a good group at 1000 with a 22Lr.
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Unread 07-20-2008, 02:45 PM
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I never said that I could print a group at 1000yds. I said that I had shot that far, but only did it to do it. I have no clue what the group looked like or anything as I was only plinking.

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Unread 07-23-2008, 02:53 AM
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The MIGHTY 22LR lol. . .

I've built a few 22LR rifles using Anschutz receivers and the usual medley of premium parts.

While anything is certainly possible, you surely can appreciate everyone's reluctance to take your word as gospel. I did some basic number crunching using the ballistics software produced by Nightforce Optics.

I'm too lazy to sit and really figure out the BC of a typical 22LR bullet so I SWAG'd a VERY optimistic .2 for the BC. I plugged in a velocity of 1250 which is just above supersonic and typical of standard velocity rimfire ammunition.

With a 100 yard zero your looking at a drop of almost 1100 (1078) inches when engaging a target at 750 yards. (that's 91.67 feet). That's 110 minutes of angle.

From my experience in long range shooting (palma) I can express first hand what a challenge it is to place a bullet that weighs over three times as much, has almost four times the BC and is traveling roughly 2.5 times faster, into a 10" X ring at 800, 900. and 1000 yards. So, bearing that in mind, it's not surprising for me to read everyone's skepticism.

Anyone who's pulled a trigger for any length of time has almost certainly at some point connected on a "hail mary" luck shot. However I can't help but feel its a bit too enthusiastic to state the group sizes your claiming with that cartridge at that distance.

I think group size that compares to "minute of drive-in movie theater screen" may be more applicable.

Fun to fuss over none the less. . .


Chad Dixon

Show us all up and lets see that film clip.

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Unread 07-23-2008, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by sav300 View Post
I dont have any special bases or rings for the rifle. It is zeroed at 150yds and I normaly don't adjust the scope. I leave it on 3x and when shooting at 750yds the target is at the very bottom of my scope. I'm sure if the scope has enough MOA I might be able to use the 4th mil dot, but that might be pushing it.

As for the rifle it is a Savage Mdl 64 with a very different barrel that has a smaller bore than usual. Instead of being .215 on the lands like both of my Marlins it is .200 flat. Since most of you probly know more about barrels than I do, can you tell me if this is good or bad? By any means it is the most accurate 22 I have shot or owned and deffinately the most unique sounding. When standing to the side its sounds as if the bullet is zinging which at first made me believe the bullet was tumbling in flight, but there are no signs of that at any range.


Ok, some questions.

The Savage Model 64 is actually an Anschutz Model 64 that Savage used to import. I worked at the Anschutz National Service Center for three years as a gunmaker building nothing but competitive rifles for olympic, international, and NRA smallbore.

The minimum bore dimension that SAAMI specifies on a rimfire barrel is .215 if I'm not mistaken (don't have my reference book in front of me right now). A "tight" bore is considered a .2155-.216. This is what most of the premium barrel makers run at and some (like Anschutz) put a slight choke on the last inch of so of the barrel on the muzzle end. It seems to help accuracy.

A .2 bore ID says to me you are essentially turning a .22LR into a .20LR That's just not quite adding up so I encourage you to check your gauging or your procedure a bit and try again.

The tightest bore I've ever worked on was while as the production manager at Nesika Bay Precision/Dakota Arms, Inc. We had a string of Walther barrels that measured .212" I had to have special floating pilots made because my reamer wouldn't even fit in the bore. The barrels were horrible in performance and we ended up pulling them and going to something else. These were on the little 22's that Dakota used to produce.

I'd like to see a photo of the rifle and the crown of your gun.
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Unread 07-23-2008, 06:55 AM
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FWIW I found the bc for eley tenex on the web to be 0.115 so I used this in sierras infinity software to give me a drop chart and then went to a range and 'had at it' I use a sako finnfire and found that getting hits is entirely possible at suprising ranges , I managed 500m.

didn't an indian chief once say at adobe wells ,'they'll never hit us from that far' just as he was thumped from his horse by a big ole lump of lead!! around 1800yds i think.

and certain brave snipers in the sand box have made kills at much further than the effective range of their equipment?

basically leave the guy alone, he's having fun thats all .

and I bet he could teach some of us about doping wind eh?

If I was you sav300 I'd get some practice and then casually say 'bet you that fancy custom rig that I can hit that rock at 600yds with my little old 22 ? '
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Unread 07-23-2008, 08:22 PM
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I set up a clay pigeon @ 200 yards for my 10 yr old to shoot. He was using an Old Henry w/ open sights. After many trys, using using objects on the hill side behind the target for an aim point, he hit it. All in great fun.

I agree with a past post, it sounds like alot of fun.
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