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Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards

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Unread 11-05-2009, 09:02 PM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards

Warning, these are the site rules:

Although we all individually have ethics and limitations on what we consider correct WE DO NOT discuss nor will we tolerate discussions of ethics on this site.

Len-----sorry but caving in is the easy way out however, I will not use the "E" word in the future nor will posts be made that infer the "E" word. I am leaving in the morning to go to the ranch---season opens on Saturday and will be going to eliminate some pests tomorrow night. We will discuss this more at a later time. Everyone have a good weekend--I will be.
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Unread 11-05-2009, 10:52 PM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards


Keep posting.

Everybody keep posting.

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Unread 11-05-2009, 11:05 PM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards

Well first off, congrats and great shooting on everyones part.

Second, many need to realize that shooting the 338 AM or any of the top end 338 magnum based on the 408 CT parent case is not like anything most have ever shot.

I do not think many on here would complain if someone took say a 338 Lapua and had an experienced hunter take a 600 yard shot on an elk. Even someone not experienced with taking 600 yard shots but has the skills to take a quality shot.

I may take some heat for this but its a fact. Making a 1000 yard hit on an 18" circle with a 338 AM is no harder then hitting the same size target with a 338 Lapua at 600 yards. Does an extra 500-600 fps really make that much difference as far as making hits at long range, DAMN RIGHT it does.

Again, I have no dog in this fight but I have defended this exact type of attack many times over and most of them come from those that have no practical basis for their comment or opinions that they force down everyone elses throat, even if in a passive aggressive manor.

I took my father out hunting this year for pronghorns and he took a shot at nearly 600 yards on a bedded pronghorn. He had shot the rifle previously but not alot. Still, we took the time, I set the rifle up, we discussed the hold so there was no confusion at all where he should hold for bullet drop compensation, we discussed the wind and how much his bullet would drift over that 600 yards. He got on the rifle, we discussed everything again, I made perfectly clear what he should do and made sure he completely understood. When I was confident he would take the shot as I would if I were on the rifle I gave him the go ahead and he hit that bedded buck EXACTLY where I wanted him to and where I would have hit that buck if taking the same shot. Sounds like ego? Hardly, I knew exactly what the rifle WOULD do if the hold was correct.

A week later I took my wife out. She shot the same rifle twice two days before we set up on a big pronghorn at just under 700 yards. Did the same set up with her as I did with Dad. Again, she made a solid vital zone hit on the first shot even though the shot was easily 300 yards farther then anything she had even attempted previous to that on big game. Was it unethical to let these two hunters take these shots, in my opinion, HELL NO, I know the rifle intimately and I also knew that both of these hunters had the basic skills to take what I told them, follow instructions that I gave them and shoot the rifle as good or better then I would have been able to do and frankly I would have been amazed if the turn out had been any different.

Was it 1100 yards, NOPE, but it was not a 338 AM either.

Back to the topic at hand, I am positive that the instruction given to these hunters was as quality as the instruction I gave to my Dad and Wife. I know that to be a fact without question because I know the man that owns the rifle. He was not trying to perform a stunt. He simply owns an extreme Precision POWERHOUSE that clearly has the ability to place first shot within 1/2 moa of point of aim at ranges even out to 1500 yards as long as the proper hold of dial up is made and the shooter has the ability to follow instructions and can let off a quality trigger pull.

As it has been said by my good friend Shawn Carlock, making a precision hit at 1000 yards with the 338 AM about has hard and kicking your best dog...... All I can say to that is amen!!! Those that have not shot this type of rifle can not comment on the ease of making hits at long range. Now there are more hunters out there that fully realize the capability of modern firepower. Not only in the power but also in the precision and ease of shooting and user friendliness.

Should these hunters be allowed to take such a shot with such a weapon..... That could be debated all day long, in the end, the results will speak for themselves good or bad. To judge someone on "What COULD have happened" while overlooking what "Actually happened". In my opinion, that is the ultimate in short sightedness. You can not argue with results. Even if you did not agree with the original act and would not have done it yourself, you simply can not argue with positive results and if you do, well, it simply looks bad. Seven one shot kills...... And then to attack the results. Sometimes I just do not understand some people. No way that can be labeled as luck, no way 7 one shot kills are a stunt.

Simply put, its nothing more then a great rifle, great coaching and great students making great shots. Nuff said. I am sure I will get a flaming from someone over this, so be it, all I have to do is refer the attackers back to the results.
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Unread 11-05-2009, 11:06 PM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards

eddybo, sounds like you guys had a great time and did some good shootin'... would love to see some pics

Is HOF sumthin ya'll hunt down there?
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Unread 11-05-2009, 11:24 PM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards

I read all of the original comments, and to me, the long range shot itself is not the hardest part, the guns on a bipod usually and usually a rear bag, in other words solid and you are squeezing the trigger. The hard part is in the prep of the shot. Wind, drop, and all of the testing before hand to figure out what it is doing exactly. with that said, if someone who knows the rifle very well as Fiftydriver said sets the rifle up and someone else who can shoot squeezes the trigger from the setup of a solid rest as i am thinking, the setup is what made the shot. Mark Wahlberg shot guns for I beleive the first time filming the movie shooter, and with a good spotter i think he was hitting human targets at 1100 or 1000 yards within the first few shots. atleast that was what was said.

i think what i said makes sense, some people here in pa hunt long range from guns on tripods and are turning wheels at times to move the gun to put them on something, they are literally just squeezing the trigger after all of their dialing for the shot.
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Unread 11-06-2009, 02:50 AM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards


Keep those post coming. It amazes me how some people seem determined to throw up a BS flag just because "they" might not be capable of achieving the same level of performance. As members of LRH we should support each other in what ever accomplishments we as members achieve in the arena of long range shooting. If you feel you absolutely have to make a negative comment, do it in a PM. That way visitors to this site won't get turned-off over some worthless---unfounded comments of a nay-sayer...

As far as Eddybo goes, a nicer guy you won't hardly find. I have known him for a couple of years now and have competed against him in f-class competitions. I can assure you that he is intimately familiar with his rifles at various ranges and has the tools and knowledge to make long shots at will, in the right conditions. I have seen him bring people out to f-class shoots, supply them with a top notch custom rifle, ammo and whatever else they needed. I would like to know how many people he has gotten involved in the shooting sports. He often lets these people shoot at his range and coaches them in long range shooting, just because he enjoys it. This is the kind of person we need----shooting ambassadors not nay-sayers...

I know Eddybo doesn't need anyone backing him up and maybe I didn't need to post my$.02 on this matter. Post those photos when you get them eddybo.
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Unread 11-06-2009, 10:15 AM
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Re: Kirby built 338AM takes down 7 cows 515-1187 yards

Great hunt and great shooting. As an owner of a 338 AM, it's just too easy at times, they are great guns. I only have 200+ rounds or so out of it, but ready to shoot long range too. Practiced on rocks out to 1800 yds, what fun.
Again great hunt!
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