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Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

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Unread 04-22-2006, 10:33 PM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

Set triggers have been around since the late 1800's. They do indeed convert a heavy, sluggish trigger pull to a very light crisp one. All the ones I know of are actually two triggers in one. When the finger lever is "set," a second sear and striker are engaged with much less tension so the finger lever requires much less force (trigger pull weight)to release that second sear. When the second sear releases the second striker it hits the main sear releasing the main striker (hammer or firing pin). Set triggers were invented because they were the only way 'smiths could get a reliable and repeatable lighter trigger pull for heavily tensioned firing pins and hammers.

The mechanics of every one when set doubles the lock time required to fire the round. Which means you have to hold still for twice as long after the mechanism starts working before the shot is fired. And this is the reason set triggers have been out of favor by competitive shooters for decades. There are much better triggers around that make shooting accurately much easier.
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Unread 04-22-2006, 10:47 PM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

A heavy rifle is much more usible with a heavier trigger.

[/ QUOTE ]Interesting. Don't the heavy competition rifles shoot the best scores with trigger pulls with a 2- to 12-ounce 'lighter' trigger? Maybe there's something I'm missing.
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Unread 04-22-2006, 11:01 PM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

I am sure most of this has already been said but here is my own worthless opinion.

In a hunting wieght rifle, 7-9lbs, i like something in a crisp 2-3lb range. By crisp I mean there is a clean brake with very little travel as the hammer falls. I absolutly hate triggers that drag and drag and then it brakes over.

Now in some cases you can get used to this drag though. I once had a 22 that had a huge amount of creep. After many hours of shooting I became accustom to the creep and I was able to pull the trigger back to the brink of breaking and then let it release. this was nice because i felt it help me focus on the task at hand.

I have recently been shooting a Kimber 22-250 that has a trigger similiar to some jewels I have tried out. It honestly feels like the trigger never moves when it brakes. THis takes some getting used to but is damn nice once you are accustomed to it.

For a hunting gun where you might wear gloves or be in a tense situation I would say 2.5-3lbs with a good crisp pull, no travel

good luck and tell us how she is once it is all done

take it easy
Steve Elmenhorst
Third Generation Shooting Supply
"Products for shooters, by shooters"
monday-friday 8:30-5:30 CST
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Unread 04-22-2006, 11:10 PM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

Bart ,I believe you ARE missing something (the next sentence in Kirbys post) He is pointing out that a heavy trigger effects a heavy gun less than it would a light one, during trigger pull. He didn't say anywhere that a heavy trigger was preferred for any gun. At least thats the way I read his post.---7mmRHB
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Unread 04-22-2006, 11:27 PM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

7mmRHB, I reread Kirby's comments. Maybe you're right and I did miss something. Hopefully, he'll come back and comment on it.

When I was pulling the triggers to shoot the main battery guns aboard navy ships, it didn't matter how clean, dirty, crisp, sluggish, heavy or light those triggers were. I could even jerk them hard or flinch and it didn't matter. They sent an electric signal to a primer that acted like a blasting cap to ignite the powder in the case in the gun a couple hundred feet away. Things were so much simpler back then.
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Unread 04-23-2006, 06:13 AM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

(My comments) Set triggers ... They do indeed convert a heavy, sluggish trigger pull to a very light crisp one. All the ones I know of are actually two triggers in one.

[/ QUOTE ]I should have distinguished between this "double-set" trigger mentioned here and the "single-set" version. The double-set trigger can be used with either a heavy or very light pull weight. Single-set triggers have to be "set" to use and have only a light pull. Both types have longer lock times than a standard trigger for the same firing pin or hammer which fires the round.

And set triggers came about in the early (not late) 1800's.
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Unread 04-23-2006, 09:16 AM
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Re: Ideal hunting rifle trigger pull??

Bart B.

Yes, all BR shooters use light triggers, that has nothing to do with what I posted or the question asked. We are talking or we were asked about "hunting Rifle Trigger pulls" here not BR rifles.

I was not referring to BR rifles in any way, instead rifles in the 7 to 12 lb range which are mainly used for big game hunting not BR shooting.

If you take a 5 lb trigger on a 7 lb rifle, that 5 lb trigger pull will or can influence the rifles position at firing dramatically more then a 2.5 lb trigger would on the same rifle.

Do not get hung up on if a light trigger is more accurate then a heavy trigger here because that is not the point in any way.

Point is, the lighter the rifle is the more the rifles position will be influenced by the force needed to pull the trigger. The lighter and cleaner the trigger pull, the less the rifles position will be influenced by the trigger pull.

Shooting off rests this really matters very little. In the field, again, we are discussion big game hunting rifles, not BR rifles, this can make a very large improvement on how accurately a hunter can place his bullet on target because on average, field shooting positions are not nearly as stable as bench supported shots and there are several other factors included as well, excitement, short period of time to take the shot, light conditions etc....

Again, FOR BIG GAME HUNTING RIFLE trigger pulls, bot BR triggers, the rifles weight will determine to some degree what a usable trigger pull for that rifle will be.

I have shot alot of 50 BMGs over the years and in a 30 lb BMG, even a 7 to 8 lb trigger will not noticably effect how accurately a rifle of this weight can be fired because this amount of force has very little effect on a rifle with this much inertia.

Now take that same trigger pull on a 7.5 lb Ruger sporter rifle(pretty standard factory trigger pull for a M77 these days) and it is very difficult to accurately shoot a rifle this light.

Thats my point, nothing at all to do with BR rifles, only answering the question presented.

The lighter a rifle is the easier it is to shoot accurately from unsteady positions with a trigger in the 2 to 2.5 lb range compared to a heavier trigger pull.

Yes in the BR world, light triggers are the rule as are HEAVY BARRELS instead of light contour barrels, just had to get that one in on ya!!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

Kirby Allen(50)
Kirby Allen(50)

Allen Precision Shooting
Home of the Allen Magnum, Allen Xpress and Allen Tactical Wildcats and the Painkiller Muzzle brakes.

Farther, Faster and Flatter then ever before.

Web Page: www.apsrifles.com

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