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Unread 09-29-2006, 11:04 PM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

NRA Life Member and I vote.

Only accurate rifles are interesting.

Gordy and Brady.
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Unread 09-30-2006, 09:35 AM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

What you are seeing is typical Selway country. Right along the river is the only flat area in 100 miles. It is also where the elk hang out when it is hot. As soon as it starts to freeze at night the grasses along the river that were green all summer loose their bitterness and the deer & elk are all over them. I wouldn't be a bit suprised if they spotted him from a high ridge, rode the horses down to the river down wind and just slipped into range using the river noise a cover and stuck him. Lets not be to quick to call BS on what was likely a real hunt. I hope it is on the up and up and that the hunter gets the credit he deserves.
Shawn Carlock

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Unread 09-30-2006, 01:02 PM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Shawn about hoping that its a legit wild animal , But in all honesty I find it hard to see how he could have grown that much antler off of the nutrition in the wild , but he could very well be a genitic freek in which case hopfully he has reproduced ALOT
Si Vis Pacem Parabellum
Molon Labe
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Unread 09-30-2006, 01:31 PM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

Personally, I dont believe that Idaho has the genetic potential or mild enough winters to grow a bull that big. Something is out of place. Unless there is iron clad proof that this was not a farm raised critter and transplanted or a canned hunt, I will maybee believe it. Untill then I will be skeptical. This bull is WAY out of porportion. The largest free ranging bull harvested was 502" and change gross and is not in the B&C book due to some questions on hunting ethics and the technical legality of the way the hunt unfolded. Never the less, 502" is to date the biggest. It was taken off of the San Carlos reservation in Arizona. Idaho doesnt hold a candle the the San Carlos. Like I said, WAY out of porportion. Not a little but alot.

Think of it this way, your anual income is 50,000. You pay a healthy mortgage and support a wife and 2 kids. Then one day you show up to a car dealer and spend $200,000 bucks on a brand new porche with no explanation as to where you got that kind of cash. You sold no home, recieved no inheratence. I assure you the powers to be will be knocking on your door asking a whole lot of questions if not arresting you. This is way out of porportion.

If in fact it is 100% legitimate, my hats off to the luckiest or blessed hunter ever to walk the earth. If it is a hoax trying to be played off as the real deal, shame on you. You may get a few people fooled but you will go to your grave knowing youre nothing but a gutless wannabe elk record hunter. A liar, a cheat and a thief. A thief??.......If this is not legit and it becomes entered as a world record, then the number 1 spot has been stolen from the hard working guy who couldnt afford a canned hunt or to raise one secretly and applied for a hunt and drew a once in a lifetime tag and harvested a monster with honesty and hard work who deserves to be in the number 1 spot.
Long range shooting is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (how bad your last shot was, how big the group is going to be, what your buck will score, what your match score is, what place you are in...) then you loose the capacity to focus on the process.
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Unread 09-30-2006, 04:04 PM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

The boone & crockett trophy watch is saying it may have been from a canned hunt in quebec. It looks the size of some pictures I've seen from some taken on canned hunts in northern sask.
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Unread 10-03-2006, 01:38 PM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!

if it is a real pic, there would be about 50 more pictures. i have only seen the one, and it is pretty suspicious to me. i would be more apt to believe it is a real animal if the guy was sitting on its back hangin on the rack just like every other elk pic you see. instead they are 3 feet behind the bull and perfectly zoomed and centered. i dont buy it yet....
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Unread 10-03-2006, 07:48 PM
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Re: HUGE ELK...NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!


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