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Hey Guys Help the Newbie out!!!

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Unread 03-13-2009, 08:01 PM
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Re: Hey Guys Help the Newbie out!!!

Originally Posted by jwp475 View Post
First off any bullet that pass through an animal will leave both a permanent wound channel and a temporary wound channel. The permanent would channel is the wound diameter and length. The temporary is the tissue stretch that does not tear and thus contracts back to its original shape.

Second pointed bullets are notorious for tumbling if they do not deform and shoulder stabilize after impact and sometimes tumble any way. Non expanding bullets are used to take the largest most dangerous game the world has to offer and they do indeed leave permanent would channels.

270 caliber does not have bullets with BCs as high as 30 caliber.

The 175 grain SMK has a BC of .507 and when launched from a 308 at or near 2700 FPS will indeed put Deer on the ground at 700 yards. 700 yards is stretching the 308 and 600 yards is a better limit IMHO
when launched at 2700 FPS at sea level the 176 SMK will have 1587 FPS and 978 FPE at 700 yard. The 270 130 grain Nosler partition launched at 3000 FPS will have 1627 FPS and 758 FPS at 700 yards
These number according to Exbal

The 270 shoots a lighter bullet of smaller diameter than the 308 and there is no denying the larger frontal area and heavier projectile of the 308

The 308 is not the dog that many believe it to be
JWP, I think comparing a 176 SMK to a 130 NP is comparing apples to oranges. The Partition is a balistic brick. I would compare to the 140 AB with a BC of .496 Also, IMHO 2700 fps for a 175 bullet out of a 308 is a little optimistic let's say out of a 24" bbl. I think 2650 is a little more realistic with a 270 pushing a 140 AB @ about 3000 fps, Even at 2700 fps the 270 is pushing an almost equal BC bullet 300 fps faster. It would take a long time for the 308 to catch up.

Edit: The honady 150 SST 150 has a BC of .525, put that together with a velocity of about 2800-2850 and it will pull away from the 175 SMK

Here's an exerpt from the GS custom bullets site on wound channels...

A rounded shape of any description displaces tissue to the sides of the wound channel in the time it takes for the front of the shape to move forwards and be replaced by the full width of the shape, creating a primary wound channel. Although this happens very, very fast, a rounded shape therefore contains a time and distance element that translates to a level of force imparted to the tissue. This makes the tissue continue to stretch away from the bullet path, creating a temporary wound channel, until the elasticity of the tissue overcomes the force and brings it back to the original position. Some of the tissue would have been disrupted and this would add to the total size of the primary wound channel.

GS CUSTOM BULLETS - FAQ - Expansion and Weight Retention

Also, I personally would not plan or rely on bullet tumbling to make my kill. I'm just an old fashion expansion make a lot of damage type guy.

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Unread 03-13-2009, 08:14 PM
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Re: Hey Guys Help the Newbie out!!!

I don't plan on a bullet tumbling, I was replying to your comment about the bullet "penciling through" which would be a rare occurrence if it ever happened.

I have read hear and on sniper hide of people claiming to be getting 2700 FPS with a 175 SMK. Also most factory 270's with factory ammo weren't getting 3000 FPS with a 130 grain bullet. I'd still take the bigger heavier bullet over the lighter smaller diameter bullet, because it has more momentum to transfer and a larger frontal area.

I have a 270 , but mine is not stock and has a 29" Krieger barrel and it gets 3140 with 140 grainers ahead of 63 grains of H-1000
range it,check the wind, dial in correction, aim and only one shot
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Unread 03-13-2009, 08:39 PM
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Re: Hey Guys Help the Newbie out!!!

Get the 300 rum, then you will always have the long range gun , spend some money on the trigger to lighten it and smothe its travel also glass bed the rifle an get an accuracy job . Start off shooting 125 or 150 gr. bullets then move up to heavier bullets for the game your going to shoot ; a muzzle brake is a great thing at the bench while practicing [ my most important thing ] Best optics money can buy to make that shot at 1200 plus yards . this is the way i would do it ,I have a model 10 fp shoots great then i got a browning eclipse in 300wsm an its a 1100 yard gun , the 308 i only shot it to 235 yards but the 300wsm killed a deer at 1100 yards with a 180 nosler at 3000 mv. hope this helps.
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Unread 03-14-2009, 06:01 PM
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Re: Hey Guys Help the Newbie out!!!

i was getting over 2800 fps out of my 308 with 175gr fmj hand loads. factory savage 12fv 26" barrel. so it is verry concievable to get some good speed out of a 308, yes granted it isn't a 300wsm or 30-06 but you can't beet it for starting out. i bet there isn't to many people on this thread that can say they started out with a super magnum caliber for lr. mosty people that start with a large caliber gun end up quiting do to the recoil and noise from a break, also the expence of ammo esspecially factory ammo at $70+ a box. think about it. but that is just my opinion we are all free to do wat we fill is the best for the situation we may be in. happy shooting.

keep your barrels warm.
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