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Help the Marine Corps decide on a new caliber for their sniper rifles

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Unread 02-06-2008, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by NesikaChad View Post
What was I thinking. . .??

It only took three weeks for the PX to get toothpaste.

They had plenty of cat food though. (WTF?)
I spent 7 years in the Marine Corps, and I know what you mean about it being difficult to get things done, but if we did not try nothing would ever get changed and the snipers would still have M-1's
USMC Scout Sniper 88-94
Instructor 1st. Mar. Div. SS school 91-94
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Unread 02-06-2008, 10:20 AM
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I know this has been said one way or another before but I will say it again.

Get our men and women in our armed forces whatever they need to keep themselves as safe as possible. They should have all the tools(guns & whatever) they need to get the job done so they can come home. Don't waste but at the same time don't spare any expense.
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Unread 02-06-2008, 11:42 AM
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I think we all understand the issues of delay and capital hill/pentagon paper shufflers.

However, the question that started this post is valid. The process to get anything new takes ALOT of time. Got to start the clock somehow.

Worse would be to wait only to have the WRONG platform in play. Think Vietnam era M16....Oooops!

How about the revelation of using a piston recoil system? Only 45yrs in the making.

Input from those in the field as well as independents can help move the ship in better directions. Look at the switch to optics and semi auto sniper rifles. Only been recent that any optics was allowed. Now they are becoming SOP and that will drive development of better products.

So blog away...get feedback to those that can make things happen. Post concerns and solutions. I bet there are some very interested parties studying info on the net for suggestions for all manner of solutions.

It might just get soldiers some better gear.

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Unread 02-06-2008, 02:27 PM
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1500 Yards


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Unread 02-07-2008, 09:37 AM
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Jerry, you are right when you say the soldier has to start the process of change, but there lies the rub, for the most part they do BUT it the ID10T's above them that are the porblem. They don't understand the problem or most often are indifferent to it.

It's the same in the Canadian Armed Forces too. I see it all to frequently today, as I did 35 years ago when I was a soldier.
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Unread 02-08-2008, 09:52 PM
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usmc sniper rifle

being a retired Marine and having gone through school at camp lejeune in the early 80's we voiced the same concern then. i now have built my own and would suggest either 300wsm or the 300 ultra but thats just me . i have gotten 14 inch groups at 1000 with my ultra and custom ammo. but i got out of the 308/ 30 06 because of distance

semper fi
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Unread 02-08-2008, 11:21 PM
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Hi The logistics in a change are huge. I still think on practicality and costs a 7mm Rem SAUM would be best with 175gr Sierra MatchKings loaded with H1000. Remington could set up to load tomorrow with a military headstamp.

The rifles will need to be multi platform eith semi auto or bolt gun. The existing rifles in service as sniper rifles can be converted this reduces cross training on the new systems. An AR10 would be my first choice for the semi auto but a M14 could be converted as M1 Garands have been chambered in 458 Win Mag.

As for bolt guns rebarrel the Rem 700's or just get barreled actions and sell off the 308 barreled actions or use them as backups for training. The cost of rebarreling and bolt mods it would likley be similar in costs for barreled actions.
The 7mm will be supersonic to 1500 yards shoot a lot flatter than a 30 cal short mag the 30 is a disadvanatge.

With Sniper training here you are tought to NEVER leave cases behind especially in a sniper role to engage a target and leave unsean. Also the 308 cans would work. The recoil is not much more than the 308 my model7 in 7mm SAUM has less recoil than an identical 308.

Semi auto's have their place for multiple shots from fixed positions or hard targets.

Just what I believe to be most practicle.

As for a middle calibre between the 50cal and 7mm SAUM the 338 Edje would be great and even better would be droping the 50 bolt gun for a 375 CheyTac the semis in 50 are good for some purposes but a 375 CheyTac would be far superior to a 50 bolt gun with API or solid copper projectiles.

Cheers Bill
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