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Good Longe Range Sling

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Unread 03-04-2009, 11:52 AM
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Re: Good Longe Range Sling

I just picked up a sling from Mike a few weeks ago, a Quick Cuff for my Remington Sendero. I haven't been able to take it in the field or the range yet, I have only gotten to do a lot of dry fire practice with the "targets" being about 200 yards away. I plan on taking it to the range on Sun, and hopefully coyote hunting in the next 2 weeks.

I took two of my rifles, the first being a Vanguard in .30-06, with a Leupold VXII 3-9x40 in a laminate stock with a Harris 12"-25" bipod mounted, and my Sendero in .270 with a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x with the TIS sling mounted.

I set both scopes to 9 power, and took a seated position, and tried both out. The "targets" were knots in trees @ 200 yards, and intersections of branches/twigs, and after several dry fires of each, I switched the sling and the bipod off their respective rifles, over to the other.

I was actually a bit surprised at my results. While the bipod was more stable, it was only by a small amount. I was actually expecting the bipod to be significantly more stable, but the difference was really very little.

What really impressed me though was that I was able to get into position faster, and quieter with the sling, than I could with the bipod. I should mention here, that while I had a safe back drop, I didn't want my neighbors seeing me with my rifles pointed out the window, so I had the blinds closed, and only had a narrow 2-3" wide opening to practice through. Kind of like shooting through obstacles in the field.

I found that from a standing position, I could drop down to a seated position, clip into the sling and get on target faster than I could swing down the bipod legs, extend and lock them, and get on target. Clipping into the sling was also quieter.

Beyond that, I also had an easier time adjusting my position, and I had a bit more flexibility when it came to my position than I did with the bipod.

I have also now practiced dropping down into a solid prone position, without adjusting the sling, and that's proving to be very solid as well, although I have to have to be at an angle to the target rather than straight on to it.

I am not going to get rid of my Harris bipods, (actually, I have a 6-9" swivel coming this week for my sendero), but I think the combination of TIS sling + the bipod is going to be the best combo for me, especially since I don't want to carry two bipods with me when I hunt or target shoot. As soon as money allows, I am going to buy 2 more slings, one for the Vanguard, and one for my .22lr Savage trainer.
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Unread 03-05-2009, 08:56 PM
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Re: Good Longe Range Sling

"you will not be able to get a hi power scope to hold still using a sling for long distance hunting"

I shoot competition with a scoped rifle, and a sling. It works out just fine, up and down the firing line. Also use the sling for stability for hunting, even at longish ranges. That too works fine. The bipod & shooting sticks, although useful, have (in my ever so humble opinion) crippled a generation of American riflemen.

Mike makes one heck of a sling - and I've taught LE snipers to shoot with it. Great piece of gear. The old style leather sling is good too.

For NRA highpower shooting etc, the shooter is not permitted to use the sling to stabilize the rifle while standing. The sling is used for prone and sitting in competition. In the field, the sling is useful in all three positions, standing, sitting and prone. I'll toss kneeling in there too - as the sling can be a huge help there - in what for me is a very uncomfortable position.

Knowing how to use a sling for stability is a wonderful thing. It's a great skill to have in your toolbox of shooting skills. Shooting with a sling has helped me on several hunts, and at the range I dearly love practicing my skills with the sling. Dad taught me a bit about the sling, but it really got hammered into me by the Marines. Then I started using it on my hunting rifles, then I got involved in match shooting... Well, I just got hooked on the darned things. A good rifle deserves a good sling!

Regards, Guy
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Unread 06-09-2009, 10:10 AM
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Re: Good Longe Range Sling

I think whats missed in consideration of taking a sling supported shot is:

Sling is best for when tactics dictate a quick shot. No time to set up tripod, build real nice firing position etc. Sling needs to be quick to get into and out of.

Sling is for when terrain dictates you cant flop out bipod legs or drop onto ruck sack for a quick shot because of things in your way.

Tactics dictate not havinga bunch of movement to get into or out of a shooting position. Hunted animals of all types react to movement. Hence why the Quick Cuff is just clip and shoot. No flagging yourself by moving muzzle around while you get into position.
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