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Custom .30-338

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Unread 10-11-2007, 07:13 PM
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Custom .30-338

Hello guys,

I lurked around for a while trying to glean some info on a 30-338 custom build and haven't come up with much. (The search option wasn't working - perhaps cause I'm new.) Could be I am not searching properly and will welcome any directions to archives. (Having been damn near run off the 10/22 forum, I have been painfully indoctrinated into searching before posting.)

That being said, I am very happy to find this site and forum. I am in the midst of deciding exactly what I am going to build and any input you gents can offer will be genuinely appreciated.

I can barely wipe my @$$ with my left hand, but for some reason I shoot left handed. After looking at all the factory guns and how they may be accurized, I finally decided I can't get what I want in available left hand factory guns. Purchasing a left hand Rem 700 magnum and building from there is my most likely option, I just hate to pay for a whole gun, rebuild the action and (basically) toss the rest. I've looked at third party actions (Nesika Bay, Bat Machine, Stiller, Kelbly, Borden etc.) and they all start about $1k and rise rapidly after that. I'm better building a Rem at this point. (I wish I could get the Savage Precision Target Action in LH.) I don't want a BR gun, I want a dead accurate long range hunting rifle and I want to do as much as I can myself before turning it over to the smith.

The Borden Timberline ($800.00) and the Lawton 7000 (Rem clone) seem to have the most reasonable prices in a left hand repeating actions. (Do I really need a repeating action? Thoughts?)

Do any of you have any experience with these actions? (Or know of anyone selling a Rem mag LH?;-)

Also, I am leaning toward a .30-338. I like the ballistics, but will likely have to resign myself to hand loading. I have been resistant to hand loading but as I strive for more accuracy...

At any rate, what do you guys think of this chamber? You think a .300 Win mag is good enough or do some of you like something else.

The goal is a long range hunting gun (1,000 yarder) dead accurate and no heavier than it needs to be considering chambering and shooting comfort. I donít mind spending some money on recoil systems to keep the gun light.

I've got some questions regarding fluting and stocks but I'll save them for later... no, actually, I don't have a place to go and pick up all the different kind of stocks there are. I need to ask. I am leaning toward a LH thumbhole as a good comfortable stock and allowing some small potential accuracy sacrifice by going with wood (I like wood and can do a good job 100% sealing and finishing it) or maybe even the McMillan A5 (or comparable HS Precision/B&C) tactical type stock. My question is, it seems a tactical type stock with all its adjustments might make a good LR hunting stock. Anyone ever do this? Were you happy with it?

Please feel free to make any comments you like regarding anything I have or have not said. I am interested. This is my first build and I know I have much more to learn and I want to be happy - strike that - ecstatic with the final product.

Also, forgive me if you have covered these subjects in depth at other times. I am new and for some reason I was not allowed/able to use the search function. You can reference me to archives if you like.

Thanks guys.

Michael Murphy
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Unread 10-11-2007, 09:22 PM
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I have a left-hand .338 AM built on a Bat action picture of it on this forum.
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Unread 10-11-2007, 09:53 PM
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If you are going to build a repeater and can afford it, I would choose the Nesika action, otherwise use the Remington action. As far as stocks go, take a look at the Boyd's laminated stocks too. I have one on a remington 300 wsm and another on a Howa 223 heavy barrel. They are good quality stocks and can be bought for under $200. Their thumbhole stocks are really nice too. You can have them glass bedded if you want, but neither of the one's I have needed it. Both of them shoot better than I can hold. I don't know what you intend to hunt, but don't overlook the WSM's. Thats my 2 cents worth.
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Unread 10-11-2007, 09:58 PM
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Mike, I would recommend the 30-338 built around the Lapua case. It's an awesome performing cartridge. Regarding the specs, this is what I would recommend based on your comments.

1. Action, I would go with a Borden Timberline repeater. These actions are awesome. I would highly recommend the Borden over the Lawton. Also, due to this being a hunting rifle, I would not recommend a Nesika or BAT.

2. Barrel, 28" Krieger 1-12 twist, however, if your going to shoot the 240grn MK, I would go with a 1-10. Krieger will flute it for you.

3. Muzzle Brake, Holland Brakes are awesome. If you have Kirby build your rifle, go with one of his brakes.

4. Stock, I highly recommend one of Joel Russo's A-5 replicas. He builds beautiful stocks, and I think he inlets for the Borden Timberline. Also, he will have the stock ready in about 5 weeks, if not sooner. If you go with the McMillan A-5, it will take about 25 weeks for delivery

5. Trigger, Jewel, Shelien or Timney. I would go with Jewel trigger that adjusts from 1.5oz to 4 pounds, I think that's right.

6. Badger 20MOA Rail and 30mm Rings

7. Nightforce NXS 5.5x22x56mm with NP-R2 reticle.

8. Then send it to Kirby Allen for the smithing. He is a great smith. Also, you might want to look at one of his Allen Mags. I would look at the 7mm Allen Mag. The 7mm Allen Mag is based off of the 338 Lapua case necked down to 7mm and improved.

Anyhow, that's my 2 cents worth of info. I hope it helps.


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Unread 10-11-2007, 11:12 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Live in Bay area of California
Posts: 2

I'm glad you like the 30-338. I like it a lot, though I am tempted to stick with the 300 win mag for the sake of simplicity.

I wrestle with ultimate accuracy and functionality - and where to compromise. A single round "target" action is likely more accurate than a repeater action, but how much more? Is it a matter of a 6" at 1,000 yards? I don't know. I know this is not a BR rifle BUT, I do desire accuracy at great distances not so much because I plan on taking Elk at 1000 plus yards but if everythging else is up to par I know that I could if the right opportunity presented itself. Anyway, I agree with the repeater action.

Yeah, for the price I really like the Borden Timberline in LH action. Nesika is nice but I don't have unlimited money. Part of the game is how good can you make it for how little money.

I'd like to hear more why you like the Krieger barrels, their price is pretty good. I am really undecided on barrels at this point, though it's curious why Shilen won't flute a barrel.

Muzzle break I'll go with. Kirby sounds pretty good from what I've been reading.

I take it you like the A5 for long range hunting? An A5 laminate - now that sounds interesting. I can't find a website for Joel Russo. Can you please forward?

NXS 5.5x22x56mm. Yeah, great scope. Damn fine scope. Hope I can/will afford it. Good scope though.

Thanks telkev. I like the Boyd stock. I spent 15 years as a painting contractor specializing in fine wood finishes. I ain't a skeered of finishing a stock. Mainly, I want to do as much work as I can myslef for pride of ownership and cost savings. The gun will be mainly for Elk. I did look at the WSM's. Do they make a 338 wsm?

Thanks guys, you're helping.
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Unread 10-12-2007, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Murphdog View Post
Do they make a 338 wsm?
No, they don't. Current WSM offerings are 270, 7mm, 300 and 325.
I don't know how the ballistics of the 300 WSM compare to the 300 Win Mag.
That might be interesting...
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