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Confidence & Expectation(s)

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Old 06-08-2002, 07:57 AM
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Confidence & Expectation(s)

I was recently thinking (again?) about the controvesy of using match/non-premium/cheap/whatever bullets in place of the much touted "premium" bullets for hunting. It occured to me that the debate is probably nothing more that the shifting of equipments/training/whatever to allow a "hunter" to have a sufficient level of overall confidence to hunt in a peaceful and happy manner.

I personally NEED to have complete confidence in my rifle. I can't borrow a rifle and hunt, it's just not possible (physically it is by it's nerve wracking for me) if I'm expected to be "happy".

I feel that the bullets I use have limitations but these limitations are more than compensated for by the high degree of reliability (and confidence) I have in the rifle.

What do you all think? Is there something to this overall confidence factor theory or am I up a little too early in the morning?
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Old 06-08-2002, 09:24 AM
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Re: Confidence & Expectation(s)


If you think about it confidence has ALOT to do with it.. mostly because shooting is as much mental ability as it is physical.. your brain has to tell your body parts to do or not to do all the right things. To me that goes hand in hand with the confidence and ability of ALL the equipment/components you are using...

If your brain works like mine, ( yours is probobly faster and smarter ) if I have the slightest doubt it takes only miliseconds to snowball into unsuredness..and a miss.... !!!!
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Old 06-08-2002, 07:22 PM
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Re: Confidence & Expectation(s)

I would have to agree with Ian by just seeing the equipment you use, and the results they bring by the pic's you have posted. I can also tell by your writting Dave, that you care a lot about what you do. I think that if we feel strong emotions about the "tools" we use, that alone tells a story. I know that I will problaby never get to shoot with you, or some of the other gun guru's on this site, but the info we learn also contributes to that very same confidence that you talk of. Yes, I fully agree.
Portate bien o te lleva el cucuy
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Old 06-08-2002, 11:08 PM
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Re: Confidence & Expectation(s)

I believe that confidence is essential and it differentiates the one-box a year shooter from someone who is serious about hitting at any range with any firearm. Confidence is based on having good equipment but moreso on having shot enough that you know you can make the shot. Only way to do that is pulling the trigger and learning as you build up experience. I have found that my personal confident shooting distance has increased as I take this more serious, obtain better equipment and shoot as much as possible in a wide range of conditions. If a person shoots enough out to 700 yards to become proficient, gettting 6-10 inch groups in nearly any weather, shots at 500 become very doable.
When I got back into LR I had to buy into keeping data books and doing math, both of which provide a lot of confidence after a while. Bottom line is equipment, knowledge and confidence are the essentials for accurate shooting.
Dave, I have seen your gear, have shot with you and know how serious you take your shooting. I don't think that Matchkings or lead plugs would make any difference - you are going to hit where you intend.
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Old 06-09-2002, 03:20 AM
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Re: Confidence & Expectation(s)

Reminds me of a conversation I had with my foreman at work this week, he hunts a bunch too. It went something like this. What would you feel like if you get to Africa and your guns didn't make it, got lost or something? Would you cancel and regroup, barrow one or what? Would a trip of a lifetime (for me) be the same without using your own rifle? Chuck said "it's funny you mention that, a friend went to Mexico on a hunt and the same thing happened, he barrowed a gun, it had been broke at the wrist and taped and splinted together to hunt with." We both agreed, the trip would suck.

Dave if I barrowed your nicest rifle it still wouldn't be the same for me as I'd be starting from scratch to say the very least.
Well if Dave had it sighted in, scope and all, with charts at least I know I could take his word for the accuracy of the unit, charts etc. and have a good deal of confidence back, but how often is Dave or someone like him that's done the work there to rescue us? Ah, another reason to have multiple rifles. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
Brent Moffitt
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Old 06-09-2002, 06:22 AM
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Re: Confidence & Expectation(s)


Funny you mentioned " how often in someone like Dave there to rescue us" I know I am NOWHERE need the expertise oe expierience as Dave, Darryl or others on here but, as a professional guide I do carry my 308 with all the charts and stuff just in case my clients gun would fail, break, or whatever. Alot of family guys save for years to hunt Wyo and if at the last min. their gun decides to quit on em.. well at least they still have a chance.... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]
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Old 06-09-2002, 03:37 PM
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Re: Confidence & Expectation(s)

You guys are making me feel more at home every day. Most of the people I know wouldn't hesitate to use someone else's rifle to hunt with. I can't stand the thought, and I've caught a lot of grief for refusing to use someone else's rifle to hunt with.

It caused a pretty good rift between my hunting partner and I a few months ago. He is working on his second coyote hunting video, and my 17 barrel gave up and wore out with two months of good hunting left. I refused to hunt with one of his rifles while he shot film, and he refused to shoot film of me shooting a coyote with my 7 MM RM. Neither of us us like the "Red Mist" type videos, so he found another partner and I started concentrating more on LR Coyotes.
If I can kill that coyote from here, Will you walk out to get him?
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