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BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

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Unread 05-24-2010, 07:05 PM
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BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

I'm getting ready to get into long range/precision shooting and I have some questions for the seasoned veterans here.

I intend to punch paper at 100 yards and hunt coyote and large game and plink out to about 550 yards. I don't intend to tote this rifle on foot any long distances. I'm a big believer in buying firearms chambered for common cartridges and I think the .308 would be just about right for most situations.

A few years ago I bought a Ruger KM77VT in .308 but was unable to get decent groups with any commercially available ammo (possibly due to headspace), then before getting around to getting it dialed in, I needed funds and sold it.

I really hate rifles that require tiny screws to attach scope bases that should have been machined into the action in the first place, but Savage has a much better track record in terms of accuracy so I'll buy a Savage unless I find a real steal in another KM77VT Ruger.

I want a hefty rifle with a long barrel to minimize error on my part and have narrowed it down to the 12BVSS or 12VLP in .308.
Savage Arms > Firearms > Browse Models
According to Savage, the BVSS has a one in 12 twist and the VLP has a one in 10 twist. I intend to use 150 to 168 grain bullets and I don't reload. Which twist rate would suit me best?
Besides price, twist and stock, are the two rifles otherwise identical? I like the VLP stock but I will not be shooting prone. How does the VLP stock do on benchrest? Recoil about the same as BVSS?

Are there any sturdy one piece steel 4 screw bases available for these rifles? If not what steel two piece bases hold zero best? Weight is not a consideration. I assume I don't need tapered bases out to 550 yards.
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Unread 05-24-2010, 07:34 PM
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Re: BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

Ok ill try to answer your questions. First off i will start off by saying i have a 12 BVSS in 22-250.

Between the two i would go with the BVSS if you are going to shoot off a bench. It has a wide flat bottom and sits on a bench really well. But then again it better because it is heavy. The VLP is the same weight but not really as good on the bench. The recoil is going to be the same being they are the same weight. As far as twist rate for the 150-170 grain bullets well i dont think it is going to matter however i would go with the 1-10 twist because one day you might want to try those heavier bullets and if you have a 1-12 it might not stabelize them.

Now after saying all of that i will say this If you do decide to get the VLP i would give a strong look at the 300 WSM. Shooting the same bullets as the 308 it will outperform the 308 at any range and it is a commercial caliber so you dont have to worry about that.

Good luck in what ever you choose but at least i know it will shoot good because it is a SAVAGE.
Keep us updated on what you get and post some targets.
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Unread 05-25-2010, 12:18 PM
Bronze Member
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Western Montana
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Re: BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

Thanks for your reply.
The Savage website shows that you can't get the one in 10 twist with the BVSS stock. I suppose I could buy a VLP and trade into a BVSS stock later though. Does your Savage have the twist marked on the barrel?
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Unread 05-25-2010, 02:25 PM
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Re: BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

I have a BVSS 243 win and a 25-06 VLP. I prefer the BVSS stock because of the palm swell on the grip.

As far as bases go, I use Leupold QR and the QR rings and have not had a problem yet with them.

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Unread 05-25-2010, 08:30 PM
Miller Outdoors
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Re: BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

For the lighter bullets I'd go with the 1:12 twist . For your purpose you can't go wrong with a Savage.
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Unread 05-25-2010, 10:29 PM
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Re: BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

I think the 1-12 is sufficient to stabilize the 150-168gn range of bullets and may go a little higher. Not sure, the only .308 I had (Savage 110 J series) had a 1-10 twist and I shot 150-168gn range also. It was quiet accurate.
I currently own two 112BVSS's, an older one is .300WinMag and more recently one is 6.5-284. Wow, do these things shoot good. I have only really tried the 180gn in the .300WM but have obtained .3's at 100yds and 3" groups at 600yds. I'm getting 2.4-2.5" groups at 500yds with the 6.5-284 and 120gn SMK bullets. Minimal load development in both but anxious to try heavier pills in both.
I have no personal knowledge of the VLP other than what I've read on Savage's website. I like the looks of the stock and have made up my mind that if I run across one in .300WSM I will try my best to get it. Not a short mag fan but there's always room for another in the stables.
For bases check out EGW. I use a one piece Leupold STD with Burris Signature rings on the 6.5 and have Burris Dual Dovetail rings/bases on the .300.
Good luck with your decision but you can hardly go wrong when both choices are a Savage. JohnnyK.
"The only thing necessay for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
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Unread 05-25-2010, 10:48 PM
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Join Date: May 2010
Location: Western Montana
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Re: BVSS VLP .308 Newbie Questions

Originally Posted by mudbug View Post
I prefer the BVSS stock because of the palm swell on the grip.
What's the purpose of the palm swell? It looks like it would make it easier to pull the rifle against the shoulder with the 3 lower fingers of the trigger hand.
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