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Bad Scouting Signs

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Unread 08-30-2007, 11:15 PM
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Here's the horses still looking towards where the tracks were.
Should have got a higher power camera.

AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unread 09-01-2007, 10:28 AM
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I've never herd of a red wolf before here in ok but i have seen a big red yote in the area i hunt. The only red one i have ever seen. He doesn't come to call anymore since i educated him with about 3 misses. I still run across him every now and then but can never seem to get a shot off before he gets away. He has gotten my dad,brother and I all worked up because he always gets away. We came across him one time chasing a doe around when bow hunting he came within about 25yrds from me running by. I'll get him one day
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Unread 09-03-2007, 07:25 PM
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Frankly all of the completely self-centered, self-interested talk of eliminating all predators like the only purpose of elk and deer existing is for hunters to target through their crosshairs is disturbing. It is exactly this attitude that will ever keep us from having an effective voice against antis. Honestly, I find the attitudes of some of the posts here every bit as extremist as the liberals.

There's a National Park called Isle Royale in Lake Superior. It is an island, a closed ecosystem except for once every 20 years or so when the lake freezes. During one of these freezings mid-century, a pack of those nasty, can-kill-a-herd-of-elk-by-looking-at-them-crosseyed Canadian timber wolves crossed over.

Isle Royale gets too much snow for deer to survive; moose are the only large game on the island. With a captive herd of moose bogged down in the snow all winter, you'd think an expanding pack of wolves completely isolated from being hit by cars or any sort of human predation or competition would have quickly exterminated all game on the island (according to the purported characteristics of the wolf on this thread anyways). Instead, the moose population is primarily regulated by moose ticks; when the moose get too crowded, the tick population explodes and they die of anemia. Sure, the wolf eat some but they do not exterminate the game like you claim is hunting out west.

Though a serious hunter myself, I get very skeptical every time I see hunters wanting herds managed only according to their interests. Without exception, hunters want game numbers managed far above the true carrying capacity of the landscape. Apparently rather than actually "hunting", some simply want to go "shooting" at the game animal behind every tree. In southern Michigan I actually had to hunt when I was a kid...I got 1 or 2 deer a year and felt lucky. The last few years I lived there, I hunted 2-3 days in the entire year and got 8-12 deer. It felt more like market hunting to fill my extended family's freezers than real hunting. Hunters were happy, but car-deer accidents were phenominally high, farmers' crops were getting obliterated, and the forest ecosystem was in ruins as anything green within 6 feet of the ground was stripped bare.

I wholeheartedly agree that if wolves are to be part of the Western ecosystem, there NEEDS to be hunting to maintain balance. This whole concept that there is some sort of natural balance is flawed, and any sort of balance there used to be is now impossible with human input and encroachment. This is where the liberals' plan is fatally flawed; there MUST be hunting, just like the Parks can't really be successfully managed without hunting.
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Unread 09-05-2007, 10:38 AM
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Just a lil rant...

heres a lil tidbit for us all.....I live within 3 miles of one refuge within the Theadore Rosevelt wildlife refuge complex....and all the others are within 30 mins....granted these are not huge refuges but are big enough for deer turkey and duck hunting.....back to the tid bit...you must fill out a pink card daily and leave in the box (the wildlife officers will remind you to drop off your card) the amount of federal money to the complex is based on how many cards (public use) are turned in annually. By the way a permit is $12.00 a year.

So am I wrong in saying that the welfare of the refuge and animals in it are only cared for as much as the hunters fisherman and outdoorsmen...decide to use these properties?

One M/L hunt (the only one for the year) opened on a friday not alot of hunters that day, it rained everyday for the remainder of the hunt (9 days) non stop....do you think they got the needed money for the next year? NOPE!

Our new problem is Hogs on Hillside I never saw a hog on hillside till last year ....went for a little ride last week in the afternoon saw over 50...Anyone interested in a bow or M/L hog hunt let me know!
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