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antelope hunt (now with pics and story)

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Unread 10-20-2004, 03:42 AM
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Re: antelope hunt (now with pics and story)

Chris Matthews,
could you put up some of the measurements on that 84" B&C buck so I can compare them to my buck I took in New Mexico and see how he might score?
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Unread 10-20-2004, 02:47 PM
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Re: antelope hunt (now with pics and story)

As I told Chris---"Y'all done good!!!!"
I've been happy chasin Bambi's daddy, but looks like I'm gonna havta see about a speedgoat hunt [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ---George
Hunting, fishing, roping, golfing, eating, sleeping, working, ... Not always in that order!
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Unread 10-20-2004, 04:56 PM
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Re: antelope hunt (now with pics and story)

MAN!! That's the best pics of kills I have seen all year!! Outstanding!!

Great story as well...sakofan..OUT!!
It's only rock and roll....But I like it!
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Unread 10-21-2004, 10:23 AM
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Re: antelope hunt (now with pics and story)

well well well....

the stories are growing LOL!!!!

truth be told I never did get my buck....long and short story sorta.... we have an epidemic of sorts on our ranch with some bad hay purchased and I was needed at home more than shooting speed goats..

but as far as the pistol shot doe.... well...

after Damion shot his doe..( by the way this is a first time LR hunter and he did some mighty fine shooting with coaching from Chris and myself... I am not a huge 7mm fan but that 7WSM sure does cover territory in a hurry...) anyway....

Steve by buddy from PA.. was on the hunt to fill out his doe tag.. I got some secret intellegence information via my satalite comunication center palm just seconds after Steve departed.. the comunication stated that there were several rabid antelope does in the area we were hunting... fearing for my buddies life.. I immediately grabbed my pen knife and set out to find him... after several seconds of searching the alfalpha field I feared the worst.. neverthless I pushed on the next 6 feet only to see he was lying prone neatly tucked into his hide behind 3 pieces of very large horse manure... then out of nowhere I saw her.. fangs beared and on a collision course with some specific area in Colorado.... I immediatly leaped infront of my buddy waving my pen knife in hope to draw her attention from him to me.... as she krept ever closer my buddy realized how dangerous the situation was and sprinted to within 45 feet of this fang bearing rabid doe and 2 clips from the .45 later he neutralized her instantly....

well the next few days were all dedicated to hunting some bucks but after seeing Chris' buck we knew we had our work cut out for us.... His buck is tremedous and in a quick pre-drying measurent it is all of 83+" ... definitly a trophy of trophys....

Damion again made an excelent shot on his text book picture perfect heart buck after Chris ( herein known as "the goat" ) That man cover ground at an unbelievable pace ..!! of course his legs are 6' tall..

anyway Damions buck would have never happened if it were not for CHris and his adventurous nature.... after a 3 mile wondering adventure Chris located this buck and the rest of us played catch-up... Chris talked him through the shot and the 7mm WSM barked once and in an instant Damion had his first Antelope buck! Then we realized were were several miles from the truck..... DOH!!!

we managed to get out just after dark.....

Well yours truly, Steve and Chris set out the next day to fill my tag and Steves tag.... let me say this... I really love my Lieca 1200 but they don't work for $hit on speeedgoats and open terrain... I had 6 shots at 2 very respectable bucks one was an honest 1000+ ( so we thought ) that I sailed one just over his back and turns out it was about 850-900.. then we spotted several in a wash of sorts and we thought were 800 or so yards and turns out they were 600ish... I called the wind perfect on every shot but the distance and not having a barr and stroud or russan lazer really hampers your distance determination.. go figure calling the wind is usually the hard part.. for Chris and I, that was the easy part...
anyway as Chris said Steve connected on a nice wide buck but the 200 gr accubond acted more like a v-max when it hit a rib.... really weird...

all in all it was a ton of fun and we had many many laughs each night at supper!!!!
If you don't know me by now Steve and I always have a rule when we hunt..
IT HAS GOT TO BE FUN!!! so we do our best to make sure everyone is having fun.. no matter if we are hunting hard.. kicking back or humping out an antelope for 5 miles.. everyone laughs..!!!!

Special thanks to Chris .. I have talked to him a bunch on the phone and e-mail but this was the first time face to face and this guy knows his stuff.. you'd be crazy not to have him build you a rifle... it makes a huge difference when you want a hunting rifle for special purposes when your smith knows exaclty what your special purpose is.. and knows how to hunt that way because he has done it.. and he does it well.... not to many smiths can say that....
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