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Airline travel gun case

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Unread 08-19-2007, 08:31 AM
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Airline travel gun case

With my impending trip to the Wrangells, I've discovered that my current long gun case will not meet TSA standards as I've lost the keys, thus it cannot be locked. I quote TSA reg

"""All firearms must be declared to the air carrier during check-in at the ticket counter.
The firearm must be unloaded.
The firearm must be carried in a locked, hard-sided container.
It is preferred that you provide the key or combination to the screener if it is necessary to open the case, and then remain present during screening to take back possession of the key after the case is cleared. If you are not present and the screener must open your case, the TSA and/or airline will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. If this is unsuccessful, the case will not be placed on the plane since unlocked gun cases (or cases with broken locks) are not permitted on aircraft due to Federal regulations. This shouldn't be the case, however, because you must accompany your firearm to screening.
Any ammunition transported must be securely packed in plastic, wood or metal boxes or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition such as cardboard. Most airlines will accept the original box the ammunition was purchased in. (Check before you fly).

The ammunition may also be located in the same locked, hard-sided case as the firearm, as long as it is properly packed as described above. Again, check before you fly though, as some airlines will insist ammunition travel in separate baggage."""

I've been perusing the Cabelas web site and since I have a Cabelas 32 miles from my house I can fix my problem. I do have a question which might be cheaper but might be frought with potential problems.

For my Army retirement 5 years ago, my fellow soldiers bought me a Browning travel vault for "take-down" shotguns, in which I place both my 12 SxS's for trips to South Dakota. I was thinking I could remove my fiberglass stock from the barreled action for the trip to and from Alaska. Once I arrive at the lodge we have to check our zeros anyway, I could simply reassemble the rilfe for the hunt and zero it at my nominal 100 yds. I could even use a torque wrench to return the action screws to the proper torque.

In addition, does anyone have knowledge of my CaseGuard 20-round plastic ammo boxes will meet TSA standards?

Your thoughts, please.
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Unread 08-19-2007, 11:28 AM
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I have always had great success with the starlight brand of cases. Polymer case able to withstand the typical military standards for protection.
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Unread 08-19-2007, 11:49 AM
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I know some guys who do a lot of international hunts that do exactly what you propose. They have dufflebags that a hardcase fits into from below. They take their bolt rifles apart since the case is not long enough and reassemble when they get to the destination. If you take along a torque wrench like a Seekonk there isn't much reason your rifle will be very close to your zero. The smaller case will be much easier to handle in airports.
Good lluck with your hunt, I will be up there shortly also.
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Unread 08-19-2007, 03:09 PM
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I prefer the Pelican rifle case. It is truly bomb proof for withstanding the "bag handler olympics".
Long range shooting is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (how bad your last shot was, how big the group is going to be, what your buck will score, what your match score is, what place you are in...) then you loose the capacity to focus on the process.
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Unread 08-19-2007, 08:36 PM
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+1 on the Pelican

If you get one get it with the built in wheels, makes life easy around the Airport.

As Meichele said "bag handler olympics" that no joke they will throw your gun around just like any other piece of baggage. My Pelican has battle scars to prove it. It's clocked some miles, Africa and also got lost on the way back from Wyoming in 2005. It showed up a day later with about a half dozen stickers on it after going coast to coast and several other places

Yes the 20 round Case Guards are fine, I like them because if you check more than one bag I like to split up my ammo. If they lose one bag some ammo will still get there.
"Fast is fine accurate is final"
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Unread 08-20-2007, 02:25 AM
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Copy that for the pelican!
" People sleep peacably in their bed at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf " - George Orwell

I am the way I am because I watched the movies "Red Dawn" and "Tremors" at a impressionable age.
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Unread 08-22-2007, 07:57 AM
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The TSA regs are the minimums the airlines have to meet. Each airline sets it's own policies as to what you can ship ammo in and some are much more restrictive. Check with the airline about the CaseGuard.
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