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accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

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Unread 08-26-2008, 07:27 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

I have an 8lb all in Rem 700 BDL in a Kevlar Brown Precision stock with 20MOA rail and 4.5x14x40 VXIII, Timney trigger, 24" barrel, Harris Bi-pod.

The rifle will easily hold .5MOA HOWEVER, it is so light that it really takes patience in setting up for a field position shot. If you don't consciously think about
1) push forward / pre-load the bipod.
2) Relax trigger hand from ANY side pressure.
3) Just the right amount of Cheek pressure
4) oops, animal moved a little, start at #1 again

If you don't really really focus on the shot, you could easily shoot 2MOA+ at distance with a rifle this light.

The added weight of a 11-12lb or heavier rifle makes an enormous difference in shootability; especially when NOT shooting off a bench.

BTW: shooting a 160AB and 162A-Max with Norma brass and RL-22. Best group is 5 shot group of 5/8" CTC at 200yds. 1/2" at 100 is easy from the bench as long as you keep the barrel reasonably cool.

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Unread 08-26-2008, 07:29 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

Originally Posted by davewilson View Post
i've heard some mention they can shoot accurately out to 1k with their "lighter than we normally use" guns. would like to hear how accurate you can shoot, with what weight gun and the cartridge/bullet weight you're using. i'm considering a light weight rig for backpack type hunting and have been curious about accuracy at distance with them.
Richard Schatz owns a lot of 600yd and 1000yd IBS and NBRSA records shooting an 11# gun, so no you don't need a real heavy gun to shoot accurately at long range. The most important thing is to be able to read the wind, no matter what you're shooting.

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Unread 08-26-2008, 08:05 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

I shot Kirby's 7mm AM a few months ago (amongst others). Now granted, it was from a shooting bench in the back of his pick-up (bipod and bag), but with his dope my first 2 shots that I ever sent downrange from this gun landed 2 3/4" apart @ over 600 Yds. These were the first 2 shots from this gun that day as well. I believe he said that the gun weighed 10#. The reticle in the scope was Mil-Dot, no clicking was involved.

With more time behind the trigger, I would be comfortable shooting at game at 1K in the right conditions with this gun and that load.
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Unread 08-26-2008, 08:42 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

My custom lightweight .340wby will hold .5moa to about 500 yds then opens up to 1 moa to 1000yds under field conditions. The rifle is a Rem 700 action in a (Bansners) High tech specialties stock. Lilja #2 barrel, muzzle break. bipod and a homemade butt rest- just a small pillow. This rifle with scope is around 7lbs, all up and ready to hunt closer to 8.3lbs loaded.

I've not shot at game at 1000yds. I haven't had a good opportunity yet. I consider this rifle which is my main hunting rifle to be solid to 600-700 yds. I've shot game right at 600 and fell very confident with it to that range. Also I take my time and get absolutley still and calm.

I agree with Kirby when I build a dedicated 1000 yd game rifle I will want something in the 10-12lb range. When i do build dedicated rifles they will be a 7AM mag and then a 338AM lord willing.
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Unread 08-27-2008, 02:33 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

I had my 15 lb 338 LM (with brake) and 7.5 lb 300 RUM (no brake) at the range this past weekend confirming drop charts. Both are sub MOA rifles.

The heavy 338 LM shot sub MOA all the way out to 800 yards (max at my range). No real issues and very consistent. I trust this gun on game out to 1000 yards.

My lighweight 300 RUM pushing 180 Accubonds was very reliable at 500, 600 and 700 yards. Things started to unravel at 800 yards though, and I could not hold MOA accuracy. As such, I have verified for myself that my field limits for this 7.5 lb rifle/ammo is 700 yards.
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Unread 08-27-2008, 09:25 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
Charles A,

What groups are you getting with that 7.5 lb 7mm WSM at 1000 yards from field shooting positions?
Wasn't my gun. However if I were to start over that would be the direction I would be leaning for an all-around rifle. Shooting off of packs, the ones I have experience with had about the same percentage of first round hits as the 12-14lb guns. Some of the Montana's have exibited reletivly poor accuracy, however all most need is to be recrowned and bedded.

Buffalobob, if you can pick the conditions, what would your first or second round hit percentage be on a one to two MOA target at 1K?

Shooting 50 (or even 5) rounds for groups/score under a time limit is quite a bit different then shooting one or two at a 12-15 inch target. But you know that....
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Unread 08-28-2008, 01:27 PM
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Re: accuracy from long range under 10 lb guns?

When backpack hunting or long day hiking I think a guy needs to realistically look at about a half mile gun. In some circumstances you can stretch it out beyond that if you are exceptionally good at what you do. I am 6-2 and a very trim 215 pounds and a fairly strong hunter and a rifle that hits 11 pounds gets really tuff backpacking or hiking all day. I have quite a few rifles I backpack with that are extremely accurate between 9 1/4 and 10-3/4 pounds and if you know what you are doing they have the capability of going beyond 1000 yards. They all have 28"-30" barrels except the 338 Lapua's.

I have 6, 338-378 weatherby's and three of these are the only rifles I hunt with over ten pounds. That is because of the heavy MK 5 action. The other three are on Ruger # 1's and are right at ten pounds. The accuracy loads all shoot the 300 matchking between 3000 and 3100 fps, the 250's between 3250 and 3375 fps and the 200's between 3550 and 3750 fps. My wife put five shots through a 4" bullseye at the quarter mile target while shooting off the bipod in a simulated hunting situation getting ready for her elk hunt. Her load was 132.5 grains of H-870 with a 200 grain nosler BT averaging 3633 fps. She later made a great shot on a big bull. I have made numerous long shots on game with these rifles and they are by far the hardest hitters I have ever seen on game animals. Basically they are just incredible performers on big game animals and why I end up going to them most of the time. I have built and shot all kinds of wildcats for 35 years and I have still not found anything that can beat these rifles and stay in the 10 pound range.

The following are on lighter Sako actions and all in the 9 pound range and all are exceptional shooters.

Three 338-300 ultramags with 28" barrels. The accuracy loads all shoot the 300 matchking from 2775-2825 fps, the 250 from 3075-3125 fps and the 200 from 3335-3385 fps. This cartridge is one of the most incredibly accurate cartridges I have ever worked with. The 338-378's I can work on and get to shoot. The 338-300 ultramag just flat out shoots. These are the poor mans 338-378's since they can be built safely on a standard mag action and produce enough velocity with big heavy bullets to shoot as far as anyone would want to shoot at game. I built 65 of these in 1999 alone and kept these three shooters for myself. I have made some awesome shots with them.

Two 338 Lapuas with 26" barrels. The accuracy loads average right at 3150 fps with the 250 grain and 3435-3475 fps with the 200's. They both kick like a mule with the 300's bucking that little 26" tube pretty hard so I just use these with the lighter bullets. The Lapua is also a pleasure to work with and can be improved into even a more efficient cartridge. Unfortunately I never kept one of the improved versions for myself. A lot of guys liked them because it was a shorter more efficient case allowing bullets loaded out to the lands to feed through 378 length actions.

Two 300 ultramags with 28" barrels shooting 200 grain bullets in the 3220-3260 fps range, the 180's at 3425-3450 and 150's just over 3700 fps. Off a bipod in a hunting situation I put three bullets through a 4" bullseye at the half mile target using 150 grain Hornady SST's flying 3734 fps while preparing for an Alaskan caribou hunt. I used them on the hunt and took one bull at just over a quarter mile and another at just under a half mile. Bullet performance was perfect. Just to light for me. When I shoot I like to see stuff fall right there and not run 200 yards. Just as dead just not my prefference.
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