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946 yard cow elk pics

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Unread 01-02-2006, 05:48 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

7mm magman
I just said that was what I was taught. And to this day I will not shoot an animal laying down. You dont have to agree with it! As far as lookin them in the eye...Very funny. But then again, after your comment..You would be the type to shoot in the back right! Just diggin back a bit!

I was doggin GG because he should of known his friends limits. Using a stock gun...Come on! He spends big bucks to make sure he's got a rig that can do the job at 1000 but then lets his buddy use a stock gun? Why spend so much on a custom rig then??

Eaglet...Don't throw up Brother..Just opinions here.

Lerch, as far as "if they just wanted to pop one off to see if they could. Christ..Use paper to do that.

All I'm saying is I would not of taken the shot unless I had all the confidence in the world I could. Just because the animal is there dont mean ya gotta shoot it!

Unread 01-02-2006, 05:56 PM
Silver Member
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

If you dont like someone pushing his or her limits in long range shooting you may have the wrong forum.

[/ QUOTE ]

Don't know if this is in reply to my note, but yes, with the time, money, gear and practice you, GG, and the others here put in, I am comfortable with that. As for me and other newbies taking hunting shots at that distance, no, not until we put in some serious practice under controlled conditions to make sure we can take reliable, predictable shots.
Unread 01-02-2006, 05:59 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

Nuff said

Good point JeffBird

Very logical thinking indeed

Unread 01-02-2006, 06:38 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

"I am sure CLint has learned a lot from that experince and I doubt he liked seeing the animal suffer any longer than it had to. IF we dont push our limits and keep trying furthur ranges, as long as they are responsible, then our particular niche in the shooting sport would be a lot less exciting"


Are you saying this shot was a responsible shot?????
I agree but this shot should have never been taken. Why didn't GG bring out one of his guns That he new could get the job done correctly especially with someone that has never shot long range before???

Even GG admits to making a mistake on the number calls. Why not take a spotter shot away from the animal and make sure then back to the animal and BANG FLOP DEAD! No "hold in front of the shoulder" not once but twice.

Aren't we all telling new guys or even some of us to be proficient at the ranges we want to kill game?
Unread 01-02-2006, 07:15 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

Just diggin back a bit!

[/ QUOTE ]
Lablover, No hard feeling, Like I have always believed. . . to each his own! But I just don't like hearing that it's wrong to shoot one bedded down.

Have a good day.
I shoot 1/4 inch groups at a 1000 yards. That is...till my second shot.
Unread 01-02-2006, 07:15 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics


I never, in ANY way criticized the decision to take the shot or the execution of the shot..I never questioned the ethics of the decision......I wasn't there, I can't make that call...I did take exception to the BS GG posted about us being in the same boat as other predators......that is simply and undeniably false......and to use such a bogus statement like that to excuse a less than ideal shot is simply not acceptable.......if you choose to defend your it with facts, not BS......if you can't defend it with's better to keep quiet than to say something that, 1) isn't true, and 2) is stupid......that just makes all hunters look bad........

How much credibility do you give to someone who tries to excuse a poor shot by saying that it's OK because we are just predators and all predators make mistakes???? When was the last time you saw a coyote carrying a scoped rifle???

And, how much credibility do you give someone that tries to justify a poor shot by insinuating that he has to hunt to survive ("we are in the same boat")......while, at the same time he has another thread detailing the build of an extremely expensive rifle project??? Is anybody here really ignorant enough to believe that???

My criticism has nothing to do with ethics, shot placement or has to do with being truthful and not trying to BS people.......period......

I'm a predator caller.......I kill coyotes......I don't eat them.......I don't skin them......I leave them lay.....lots of people don't like that.......I don't apologize for it.......I don't feel bad about it....and I don't make up some lame, untrue, BS excuse to defend's legal, I enjoy it and I choose to do it......that's all the reason I need.....

I would have had a lot more respect for an answer that said....."no matter how hard we try to prevent it.....stuff with it"!!!
Unread 01-02-2006, 07:52 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

Gonhunting ,

Good evening . Having followed and posted on this thread from the beginning I would like to interject some thoughts on this that have been in my mind since the beginning of this post . I had hoped that these things would be self evident to all , however I realize now that without certain admissions at the onset that they could not be for those that are just beginning and have not thought through the whole process.

Please , I mean no offense here, just want to share some thoughts that may not have occurred to some at this point .

First and foremost is this : GG did not put this hunt story forward as a "way to do it "

He simply shared the details of the hunt as they happened ,without coloring the details to look more favorable as regards his and his buddys abilities etc. I wonder if I could have done the spin , just the truth ! An important fact of this story is that they killed the elk and brought it home >

Second , and this is the heart of the matter as far as I'm concerned :

Anyone that sets out to perfect the art/ science of long range hunting needs to take a long look in the mirror, why ? because if you do not understand that there are going to be failures along the way your vision is limited and you may not be able to handle your failures sufficiently to be able to continue . Simply put ,If anyone thinks that they are going to progress in this sport( and sport it is ) without any failures they have deceived themselves . A point aside here, Sport , consider what it means , we are using a animal as a means of self gratification and at the very least something to be killed and NOT for the food , just the pleasure of attaining a goal we have set . Elk aren't majestic , lions aren't awesome and so on , their Creator is and he gave them to us . What , may I ask, is the limit that someone taking a game animal should set for an animal to die once it is shot ? Sometimes I wonder at the mindset that proclaims how ethically he killed a game animal's dead ! no one here wants to torture a deer, elk , elephant and so on , we just want to kill it. In the process of doing so there will be failures , we will not celebrate them or encourage one to continue in that way . My post congratulating GG and Clint was in congratulations of a successful hunt , they brought the elk home ! As far a s the "bedded " part .......well, that sure beats up and walking for a longrange shot ,just need to know your or should I say their anatomy.

Finally , I would probably bet money that both Clint and GG are working to understand all that happened in those few , rapidly passing seconds in order to perform more efficiently the next time .
May your groups grow smaller , your eyes clearer and your freezer be full of venison [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img],

Jim Brown
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