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946 yard cow elk pics

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Unread 01-02-2006, 10:22 AM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

I never said I couldn't afford to eat something other than venison, I simply stated that there are hunters out there who do it not for fun but for food only.

I once met a family outside the little town of Beckley,West Virginia who lived in a cabin built in the 1800's and had no running water or electricity. One day I went over to check on them and they all had a very sad look on their faces. When I asked what was wrong the mother replied that her husband had gotten pnemonia and would not be able to get out to hunt before winter set in. I thought that he must really like to hunt and was going to miss his season that year but was amazed to learn that he actually didn't care for hunting. He considered it another chore to do before winter like cutting wood or fixing holes in the roof. What made everyone sad was that the oldest daughter was now going to have to do the hunting in order for the family to live through the winter and she had never hunted before in her life. The family was worried that they might have to kill one of their cows used for plowing to survive.

Kind of puts things in perspective doesn't it. Needless to say, I am thankful I enjoy hunting and even more thankful that I don't have to do it to survive. But I'll be damned if I am going to let anyone tell me that it isn't a matter of life or death to some people. I loved that family and wish that we were all in the same situation as me or you.

Now we're getting a little off topic of the thread so
like Forrest Gump says, "that's all I have to say 'bout that."

Have a nice day.
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Unread 01-02-2006, 02:47 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

My point is.....neither you, me nor anybody else on this board can claim that we hunt because that is the only way we have to survive.......and you can't use that to justify what you want to know it and I know don't act all offended when somebody raises the BS flag at that nonsense.

If you debate many people or try to win over the fence sitters that really are the ones who will decide if we are allowed to continue to have to use facts..... not BS like you posted above.....don't try to justify something with won't fly and you just end up making the rest of us look stupid through association......

By the way, I really enjoyed the story of the hunt.....what you did was legal and you don't have to defend your actions to me or anybody else....I do appreciate ATH's is a good question that needs to be asked and answered.....I don't believe he was asking you to defend your actions, I think he really wants to know exactly what he asked without any other motives......long range hunting is NOT for is only for those willing to do what it takes to get it right BEFORE the trigger is ever pulled.....I'm certainly not to your level and probably never will I have to honestly determine and accept my limitations.....but I'm preaching to the choir here.......
Unread 01-02-2006, 03:54 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

Gotta side with ATH on this one. Could you have gotton closer with more stalking?? Or where you just trying to intrduce your friend in shooting long range to "Just say he did it"

Myself, I would of tried to get closer if I was not 100% sure my Friend could make the shot. Lets not forget that taking game should be ethical too! I think the cow suffered a bit maybe...Do you think the same?

I also noticed you said after the seconed shot (the really first shot that hit her) That she "STOOD UP" So she was bedded when ya shot her? I'm new to this but my Daddy always told me to NEVER shoot a bedded animal

I would have trouble sleeping after that one.
Unread 01-02-2006, 04:30 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

This is not intended as a flame, just a different perspective.

I am newbie to longrange hunting, but have hunted for over 35 years. This post leaves me with very conflicted feelings and I am not sure I view this as a success. To me, I see an animal having its hip shattered twice, trying to stand, and tumbling down a hill. That is not a clean kill, it is a wounding which thankfully ultimately was fixed sooner rather than later. If this kill was taken by the poor hungry family described, I would say it is an understandable necessity and not think twice about it. I would be very supportive of their efforts. On the other hand, the purpose of this hunt was for sport, not subsistence, conservation or management purposes, or even a trophy kill. Thus to my sense, the highest sporting standards should apply, which to me at least means a swift, clean, and sure kill is required above all else.

As a newbie, to my mind there is a huge difference between taking reliable 1,000 yard shots at paper targets which I am still working on, and taking shots at a living animal, whether an elk, deer, or prairie dog. Also, I am not sure a newbie with a modest amount of experience should take shots of this distance with stock equipment. If anything, lesser experience would seem to require higher quality equipment to reduce the rate of error.

To my mind, there is wide gap in predictability of kills between GG with lots of experience and the highest quality equipment money can buy vs. a newbie with lesser equipment. Personally, I'm still in this latter category, and so holding my distance short for the time being until I master my skills and gear for farther out. Normally, I just try to read and learn from you guys, but this one really left me unsettled.
Unread 01-02-2006, 04:54 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

I think I'm going to throw up!!!
ATH motives and objectives were in my humble opinion fair and just, on the other hand, I'm not too sure about gonhuntin and lablover. It probably could have been taken with bow and arrow or muzzle loader or whatever, but isn't this forum about long range hunting? and are we not suppose to support the sport? Ethics? what's that? everyone has got a different defenition! There is nothing 100% sure, for no one, either for the bow and arrow hunter or neither for the rifle short range hunter. We all just strive to do the best we can, be it from 25 yards or 1000 yards. To me ethics is an 80 plus percentage assurance that I will make the shot; most of us agree that GG does put the money and time into the equipment and he is interested and working on getting more of us into the sport. It's possible that the shooter got a little nervous, so what, most of us would have too, but that experience is what counts. Let's face it, any long range hunter sooner or later has to take that first shot that might end in two or three more shots. Personally I want to see a one shot kill, and most of us do, but if thatís all Iím willing to accept then I should remove my self from long range hunting!!!
Just my friendly respectfull opinion!

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Unread 01-02-2006, 05:12 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

I'm new to this but my Daddy always told me to NEVER shoot a bedded animal

[/ QUOTE ]

You have got to be kidding me. . . right? If not I see that your such a "humane killer" that you make the bastard look you in the eye when you kill em. If it were up to me and I was an animal about to be shot, I would much rather be taken by suprise at any moment, than have the hunter whistle so that I could look down the bore of a rifle (and then have to go through all the mental distresses of knowing your about to be killed.)

I just don't understand how killing one laying down is any different than killing one standing up. Killing is killing right (considering that it is done with the same method).
I shoot 1/4 inch groups at a 1000 yards. That is...till my second shot.
Unread 01-02-2006, 05:14 PM
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Re: 946 yard cow elk pics

Well I had to hop in on this one.

I will admit that hearing about an animal being wounded and having a delayed death is very unfortunate. It is up to all of us as hunters first and most expecially long range hunters to try and make the most clean kills as possible.

With that being said SH!T happens. Just this saturday I missed a shot at a doe at 960yds and I know I should have got her. My original range of 930yds would have been right on the money but I didnt take into account the range she covered while I was settling in.

I have been on a lot of hunts where stuff has gone wrong once the first arrow or bullet is loosed. And when stuff starts to go wrong a lot of times it doesnt seem to get any better for a while. I am glad Clint was able to compose himself enough to make a good clean final shot and finish the animal. Lord knows once you wound one it is easy to get to wrapped up in the moment and not focus on the shot.

If GG and Clint couldnt stalk any closer to the animal then that is that and it is time to make a shot if you feel confident about it. IF they just wanted to try and pop one from a long ways off then fine, isnt that what we are all here for anyway???

I do think that maybe GG responded kinda negaitvely to a response from GoneHuntin that was kinda negative itself. ATH asked a legitamte question that as long range hunters I think we must always be prepared answer becasue of the particular difficulties of what we do. GG responded very kindly and genuinly to this question, I am sure do partially becasue it was asked kindly.

I dont think there is any comparison between us and coyotes or that any of us are hunting to keep our families alive through the winter. That statment doesnt upset me or bother me at all I just think we need to have a better response prepared if we are to defend our sport.

If you dont like someone pushing his or her limits in long range shooting you may have the wrong forum. I am sure CLint has learned a lot from that experince and I doubt he liked seeing the animal suffer any longer than it had to. IF we dont push our limits and keep trying furthur ranges, as long as they are responsible, then our particular niche in the shooting sport would be a lot less exciting

Just my opinon and it probably aint worth $h!t
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