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8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

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Unread 09-15-2011, 08:25 AM
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni


Your post is actually saddening, Lazzeroni has (IMHO) a wonderful product & to treat your customers like that is hogwash (to keep it polite ). I'm sure I wouldn't let my employees interact with my customers if that was happening, brass that is over $2.00ea should come with customer service that is equal to the price of the product. Starting to get irritated just thinking about it...

P.S. with the Lazz' brass on your 2 rifles, have you noticed any difference in the stamping sizes on the head of the case? As my previous post stated, I actually have 2 different sizes of stamps on my cases, i'm guessing older cases & newer cases. I can say the new cases are proving to be just as strong but I'm darn nervous there may be differences in the brass & I won't be able to mix them.... more testing will tell!
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Unread 09-15-2011, 08:37 AM
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

No differance in stamps they appear to be the same maker.

I actually met John lazeroni at a elks banquet years ago and after meeting him back then I should have known better then to use his cartridge design. He was kind of rude then.
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Unread 09-26-2011, 04:07 AM
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

He tried to be a modern Roy Weatherby, biggest difference is Lazzeroni owns a electronics company so his rifle outfit doesn't have to be a big money maker.
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Unread 11-27-2011, 09:23 PM
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

Alaska Seth .,,,,

Lazzeroni caliber 8.59 (.338) Titan is THE world’s most powerful 338 magnum, easily outpacing the 338 Lapua by an average of 200fps when using identical bullet weights ,,,,,

it is a large capacity beltless case that headspaces on the shoulder ,,,,((just like the Lapua, it is just larger in capacity)) ,,,,,

there have NOT been any Titan brass problems that I am aware of, and you can imagine I monitor this pretty close ,,,,, we use the exact same brass cases that we sell unloaded, for the Lazzeroni factory loads ,,,,

you also seem to be into this ballistics stuff ,,,, so please run the numbers and compare the Lazzeroni Titan, shooting our factory loaded 185gr LazerHead load, 3,580 fps with a bullet BC of .437, to the 338 Lapua, shooting it’s best 300gr VLD load, in time of flight, and total drop from bore line, to 1,000 yards ,,,,,, might surprise you ,,,,


about the brass cases you had that primers were loose in ,,,, did you use any type of primer pocket cleaner/reamer before loading them ? ,,,,

what brand/model of primers were you inserting ? ,,,,

as far as John Lazzeroni coming off as rude once in a while, well, I talk to thousands of customers every year, for both of my businesses, and there have been a few instances of two people not seeing eye-to-eye on something ,,,,,

Alaska seth ,,,,,

yes sir, I do own an electronics company, but that does not take away my love and enthusiasm for the Lazzeroni arms business ,,,, and the top-quality rifles and ammunition that we produce,,,,,,

I like to think that we treat all of our customers very well, but there are times, under the right circumstances, that patience with certain people can wear a little thin ,,,,, that is human nature ,,,,

I am here and available at all times to take proper care of any problems that arise with the Lazzeroni product line ,,,,,
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Unread 11-27-2011, 10:09 PM
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

Something I've noticed about Lazzeroni, from what I can tell you don't sponsor a hunting show. In today's world of everybody & their brother has a hunting show, anybody who's anybody sponsors one. John, are you feeling left out? Cause I sure am!
Tell ya what, I'll go prancing around the country (planet?) "harvesting" big game with your 8.59 Titan...and you front the bill.
Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.

The people trying to say the 2nd Amendment is outdated are probably the same folks that would say the same thing about the Bible.
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Unread 11-27-2011, 11:16 PM
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

John, I'm not knocking you or your rifles at all. From what I have heard you build some fine rifles. The only real negative I have heard is they tend to be barrel burners, but oh well, that is the the price we pay for speed.

I will disagree that it is the biggest baddest 338 out there. A 338/378 or 338 Khan will match your stated velocity with a 185 grain bullet. A 338 Allen Mag will hit 3500 with a 300 grain pill. I rather suspect it might run close to 4000 with that little 185.
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Unread 11-27-2011, 11:38 PM
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Location: Tucson AZ
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Re: 8.59 Titan Lazzeroni

Maybe ,,,, but I have checked ,,,,

anyone can overload the 338/378 WBY to make it faster than the Titan & anyone can find a bigger hunk of brass, and neck it down to 338 to make it fast ,,,,

what I talk about are factory loaded cartridges firing at a sammi spec, maximum-average-lot-mean pressure of 66,900 PSI ,,,,,,

take the 338/378 WBY Mag, and put it against the Lazzeroni Titan with identical barrel lengths and bullet weights ,,,, you will see what I mean ,,,,

and the Titan does not have the useless big belt either which can cause mag-box or feeding issues in certain rifles ,,,,

I use A/I's big mag box, for the Titan when I build our tactical model ,,,,,
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