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7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

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Unread 10-19-2006, 10:15 AM
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

To all.
The other day a friend and I was talking about when he went to the local gun range as a range officer. He told me that there was about 35 hunters there trying to get their hunting rifles to shoot on paper. They even had a hard time figuring out which is left and right. We laughed about them and I told him it is funny that people talk bad about other people who shot long range. They say its not right. Those people shoudn't be alloyed to shot at anything. Well maybe Norhman and Art maybe you need to tell those gun handicap people to not shot over 100 yards. A one shot kill! There should be no agrument, go tell those hunter that can't shot past 100 yards. When you do, you might wear armor piecing underwear. By the way what state you reside in? Roy and his brother that was a great shot and I would like to hear more of your technics. Your dilignece and knowlege of your equipment and talents led to your success. There should be know argument keep posting, I enjoy it as well as many others. IP
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Unread 10-19-2006, 11:15 AM
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

Roy -- Out of curiosity, what kind of groups does your brother usually shoot with this rifle at 600yds?

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Unread 10-19-2006, 11:25 AM
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

Ok, well I guess, I will slip off with my opinion on this one and let it go. I reside in Alabama, by the way.
One thing though, I do understand that things happen and shots don't always go where they should, resulting in wounded deer. I'm not saying it hasn't happened to me, I just don't see the reason in increasing the odds of something like this happening, when there is a target three times as large to aim at. Alright end of story, I'm done with this. We have our different opinions.
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Unread 10-19-2006, 06:00 PM
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

For those who are congratulating, I understand that there are alot of talented people on this site, and they practic, and shoot in all conditions, using the newest and bestest equipment, etc etc.. but Are you telling me, because you have all these gadgets, and practice all year round, you have the luxury of taking a more difficult shot, just because?

So, the sport (Im sorry Hunting) has become so boring, that you take a more difficult shot just to feel good about yourself? How about when you find a animal, you just back of 300 yards, now you are at 900 yards, and try to hit it in the heart/lungs..

I thoug the invention of this, shooting at longer ranges, where because you could not get closer to the animals.. valleys etc, now it sounds more like trying to take a more difficult shot.
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Unread 10-19-2006, 07:41 PM
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

roygeterdone & bro,

You drilled'em & bled'em out with one shot!! AWESOME SHOT MAN! Thanks for sharing......

Ian M (Administrator) had some pretty good info:;vc=1&nt=2
I hunt South Texas
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Unread 10-22-2006, 04:10 PM
bsb bsb is offline
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

Me and my brother went back to wyo the past 4 days, my brother had 1 more
antelope Doe tag and a muley buck tag and I had a Doe deer tag. So 1st things 1st, thanks again to all those who made comments(on both sides)This post was not intended to go where it went, it just goes to show that we all take hunting very seriosly and none of us wants an animal to suffer.
Jb, his gun groups around 31/2" at 670 yrds (5 shot groups)
my 300 ultru has did many 31/2--33/4" groups. (5 shot also)
I shot 3 shots with his gun before we left they were 31/2"
(center to center)
With that said let me fill you in on our hunt over the the last 4 days.
we started off looking for a nice mule deer buck for my brother (he would like to have a nice wall hanger) well after two days of seeing no wall hangers we were on the way back to camp when I spotted some antelope, I said this may be a good time for your goat, He agreed so once again he set up on the 5 leg stix (just about as good as a bench) I ranged them with the swaro RF and they were 250 yrds, some laying some standing, well they spotted us and all of them started getting jittery, some trotted/walked another another 110 yrds, now they was at 360 yrds (the lead doe was the one he wanted)the wind was not much of a factor at that range with a slight slight breeze, so after thinking about this post and the comments that were made I ask him if he was going to shoot her in the heart area,(as they were nearing the top of the hill) well by this time there was antelope all around 3 sides of the lead doe including a buck, they all were pretty much stopped (the lead doe was stopped)
about that time the 7 ultra cracked and she dropped, I said wow! where were you holding he said in the back of the head
(she was looking sraight away from us)I said your kidding me, he said that was the only safe shot to make (without hitting another one) lets go check on the sausage I said, well I would post a picture on here but lets just say that the 1st picture on here looks like a little flesh wound to the head.
So on with the hunt for the mulie buck,
We were up in the higher mountains for that area where there
is mixed pine and sage brush,when we spotted a group of 6 does and a little 2pt buck that just jumped out of the ravine. well it was foggy and spitting snow,The swaro RF would not range the doe that I wanted (neither would his)
they both said around 48yrds, have you guys had that problem too? I made a judgment call that they were a little more than 200 yrds,so I set up the stix,dialed the turrent, the angle she was at I did not want a bunch of blood shot meat on the opposite shoulder So I held it between her eyes (She was staring right at me)
and I unleashed the 30 cal 168gr berger. we both heard a crack like you hit a milk jug I said what happend as all I
could see was running deer disappearing into the fog.
Brother pointed to the ground and that ment she dropped in her tracks well after cleaning her up,the fog and snow had lifted and we ranged back from where I shot from it was 240 yrds. well I hit her on the snout below the eyes and about 1" to the right (bad shot I know)It took the left side of her head off.
Back to the buck,now it was nearing evening and we put up my
doe at camp then we went out for the Buck My brother jumped 2 bucks out of this ravine
both were 4 points one was smaller and one was bigger
by the time he ranged them they were over the hill,so he ran down the hill he was on, and up the hill they just ran over and just caught them nearing the top of the next hill he ranged the bigger one at 250yrds he set up on the stix
turned the turrent,and breathing like a marathon runner left one fly out of the 7 rum right behind the shoulder
the buck never flinched and he took off running,
my brothers eyes looked like golf balls he thought he had missed, he bolted another round in the chamber and was getting focussed to let another one fly when the buck just hit the top of the hill he stumbled and started down the hill towards my brother and fell over.
we hated to see him suffer what little he did,but the saddest thing to this that touched both of us is,after the buck was down and we went to pick up some gear that was left behind, when we got back to the deer about 15 minutes
later the other buck had laid down beside of his buddy.
Aurther, last year I was muzzeloading elk hunting when I seen this cow about 70 yrds in the trees (heavy timber)
well when she walked thru a narrow opening I seen her head then her shoulder then I left the 54 cal round loose,
The gun hesitated 1/2 sec i'm guessing and it hit far back in the guts, blood was split pretty good for about 70- 80 yrds, me and my boy looked for hours and we never did find her, the equipmnet failed to fire immediately, which i blame on myself for not having it up to 100%
point is, I think we all have things we are not proud of.
My daughter is wanting the computor so i must go,
The best things in life cannot be seen or touched!
They must be felt with the heart.
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Unread 10-24-2006, 12:52 PM
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

i have been guiding for 9 years down here in texas and saw all kinds of bad shoots but 9 out 10 time it is a guy that has no idea what the hell he is doing. i have had guys that buy there guns when they get in town and get to the ranch and can't even sight them in. i have had a lot of military guys that coudn't hit a wall if they where in a barn. bad shots happen to every one all you can do is your best. if you have not had a bad shoot you don't hunt much. when i back some one up are have to track a guys animal i shoot for the head. you put one in there head it's all over with.

i had a guy make bad shot on a axis doe with a 7 rum at 100 yards i got the guy up on the deer two more times he missed both times with in 50 yrd so i put a 223 in the back of her head before she got in the cedars at about 100yrds tracking job was over.

roygeterdone can you put up a pic of the 5 legged shooting rest you use i would love to see it
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