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7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

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Unread 10-18-2006, 07:20 AM
Silver Member
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

6mm: well, we dont go taking pictures of them. They are tracked down with dogs, and shoot.Are you trying to say that a animal with their mouth/nose/tounge shot of, die at the spot? Well, hurray.

I cant belive some of the moderators has not stopped this thread, or said this is not something they want to have on their webpage. This is encouraging others to do the same! I did not think this is the practice they advocate!
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Unread 10-18-2006, 07:26 AM
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Join Date: Apr 2005
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

sniper2: you just make me laugh!!

Well, say a sniper in Iraq has the ability to hit a head at 600 yards.. do you think he will take the harder shot, just to feel good? Or, take a safer shot, and hit him in the torso, killing him.. what if he misses the head.. the terrorist could easely manage to get away, or perhaps kill another soldier.

If you kill a animal just to feel good about yourself, and your equipment, you are not hunting. You are target practicing!
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Unread 10-18-2006, 07:45 AM
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: El Reno, OK
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

Bud before you start preaching about what should and shouldnt be taken off this thread maybe you think about how ethics are not up for discussion here.

YOur own personnal limits and beliefs are yours and yours alone so dont dump them on us. Cooper rifles and hornady bullets willing I am gonna be posting pics of a doe whitetail with a good chunk of her cantelope missin' here in about a month and I could care less what you think about it all.

There aint nothing wrong with a head shot if you can make it. No meat damage, no tracking, sounds good to me.

Steve Elmenhorst
Third Generation Shooting Supply
"Products for shooters, by shooters"
monday-friday 8:30-5:30 CST
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Unread 10-18-2006, 08:59 AM
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Location: Hermiston, Oregon
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

Well guys, I hate to be the other odd man out here, but from what I saw this past deer season about a week ago, I will not be taking any head shots past 100 yards. I had to help someone in my camp track a nice 3x3 that was shot in the head at about 150 yards when it was bedded. The rifle load was a 25-06 117g SBT at 3175fps. My dad aimed right in the middle of his head and shot. HE dropped but was still flopping around. We were walking towards him when he jumped up about 30 yards away and started taking off into the wheatfields. My dad was so startled and not ready for the quick shots. We chased that buck for 4-5 hours across many wheat fields. You could see the jaw bone on it was blown off and that was about it. Needless to say, we stoped chasing it for awhile and watched it go over a ridge and I told my dad I was done. I said we should come back right before dark and give him time. We did exactly that and we ended up plugging him with the .222 rem. My dad hit that buck right in the jaw and that it, his bullet impacted at least a couple inches from where where he wanted to place it, and this was only 150 yards!!! He dropped from the initial shock and that was it. It was definately no kiling shot. The range again was only about 150 yards. I never claimed my dad to be the best shot in the world, but I wont be taking any head shots unless its about 100 yards or less and I'm absolutely positive that I can anchor it, on top of being ready for that quick follow up shot if and when it jumps up and starts running. I have no problem with people taking headshots, if they do thats there own problem, not mine. I'm just glad we finally were able to get that buck, it sure is a nice 3x3.
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Unread 10-18-2006, 09:37 AM
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Location: centre,alabama
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

I am pleased that I could provide a little humor for you.While you are entitled to your opinion I am also entitled to mine.Terrorist will not present full body shots everytime.If a terrorist is laying in wait to kill your comrads on a street and you see him sizing up his targets and all you see is his head there is no option.Skill level should dictate distance of your shot,you certainly don't have a clue to the high level of training, skill and ability of snipers...
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Unread 10-18-2006, 01:20 PM
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Location: Blighty
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!


'Combat' allegories have no place in this.
The imperatives are entirely different; hunting is not combat.


Personally, over the last few years, I have consciously avoided these occasional 'ethical' posting spats and kept my opinions to myself, but I feel I must log my surprise that members here are now applauding, and thereby encouraging, 600yd+ head shots in a hunting situation [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img].

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Unread 10-18-2006, 02:28 PM
Silver Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
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Re: 7mm RUM 168gr berger 605 yrd head shot goat!

I used to stay out of the ethical discussions also, now I have realized it is hard to have a board like this without them. I am pretty disgusted with this though. A head shot at 150 yards is one thing, even 300, but 600 is another. I am sure there are a select few who could confidently make this shot, but I find it hard to believe that there many that can honestly say that they can hit a .5 MOA target at 600 yards 98% of the time. We're talking about a 3" circle, this doesn't mean a .5 minute rifle will do the job. The rifle would need to hold .25 MOA, 100% of the time and the shooter should be able to make wind calls accurate to .25 MOA. A 5 inch circle would be totally different, many can do that. With a target this small, miss the call 1" any direction and you've got a deer with its nose, ears, or jaw blown off that will die a slow and painful death over the next week. I just don't think this should be posted. As said earlier, this just gives the anti's more fuel for their fire. As for me I have more respect for these animals.

Also, dont give me that BS about "you don't like long range hunting, then leave this forum." I love long range hunting, but this is where I draw the line between being a responsible long range hunter and an irresponsible long range hunter.
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