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416 barett

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Unread 09-04-2010, 08:18 PM
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416 barett

does anyone here own a m99 in 416 barrett ? Not i likly caliber for me within the next year though .i am looking forward to getting a A-bolt in 375 h&h 26" barrel but i had thought about the 338 win mag 338 but 375 synthetic with boss only had 24" barrel in 375 but i seen the medallion A-bolt has a 26" barrel .but i really like the looks of the m99 415 barrett.the 50 bmg version has a shorter barrel so natually me i want the longer barrel 416 model. i know ammo is picey but i can get a pack of 10 for 53$ heres the scope i want for the 375 h&h and 416 barrett

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anyone have pictures of their 416 barrett if they have one ? how long do you have to wait for the barrel to cool down in between shots ? does anyone make a aftermarket liquid cool tank for barrels . remeber like the guns from ww1 had ? wouldnt be bad for stationary shooting . hows it on game ?

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Unread 09-05-2010, 03:54 PM
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Re: 416 barett

Sounds like you haven't chosen your big bore yet. Not real sure why you want a 2.5x night sight on a LR rig either? So here's what I'm thinking. You obviously have the money to dump on something extreme. Both calibers require lathe turned bullets to develop the BC that is necessary for the calibers in question. In my search only the 300grn TTSX Barnes had a decent BC of .555. The Sierra 350SMK in .375 was only a limited run and virtually unavailable.

As you should know lathe turned bullets do NOT expand. Therefore hunting with these bullets are out of the question. So my suggestion is to pick one and kill a ton of stone walls and rocks (unless using the Barnes bullet). The 416 Barrett is a proven system that is killing bad guys all over the globe. As far as the 375 H&H, its a good caliber used to kill countless game in Africa for almost a century. You can only do better using the bigger calibers such as the 375 Ruger, 375 RUM, and Weatherby 378. The top of the pecking order would be the 375 Allen Magnum that will give you all the velocity you need to do what ever it is you are going to do with it.

The most practical caliber that you mentioned especially if you are going to use a Gen I 2.5x night sight is the 338 Win Mag. A nice load using a 225 SST or a 250grn Berger, Sierra, or Hornady BTHP at 2650fps will kill all you want at the distance you are going to be able to shoot with a 2.5x scope.

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Unread 09-05-2010, 05:59 PM
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Re: 416 barett

Not really have that much to dump into a gun more of a one time thing .the reason i dont want a 375 rum or 378 weatherby is because the abolt which i have held few different models of. Feels good in my hands and shoulders nice also . Reason i picked that scope was for killing big animals at night . not somthing im dead set . Just an idea .Also i like rifles without a cheek peice and the A-bolts dont have one so that is a + for me .i like the nostalgia that comes with a 375 h&h not so with this particular rifle though . I can buy 375 h&h ammunition locally .the 338 win mag doesnt have the wow factor to me . I just got a h&r 10 ga that i shoot not somthing i brag about but somthing i shoot serously . so recoil with the 375 doesnt seem like a problem . I use to have a 6 lb 12 ga 3.5 that made 87 ft lbs of recoil at 26 fps . the 375 should me around 57-69 ft lbs load depending .also i need to go look at browning custom shop for the idea rifle i want . they now make a synthetic stock but in acu camo .
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Unread 09-05-2010, 11:33 PM
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Re: 416 barett

Just another piece on the 416 B.

We have just received the first shipment from mcmillan Bros of their new TAC 416.

It is going to be used with the New 416 cal 420 grn rocky mt bullet. This bullet has the long AL tip and is a big game controlled expansion pill. Looks similar to the big 750 grn Amax 50 cal.

I expect to test this round in the next month or so on Sambar stags and really am looking forward to seeing what the big 420 grn pill does. I think it will be really cool.

So in short the 416 does have some excellent big game pills available, although expensive to feed.

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