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400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

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Old 05-29-2004, 09:04 PM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

Well, if you think a .375 H&H is enough, then go stand out there in front of a charging Rhino or Elephant and test your theory for the rest of us. The same principles that worked a hundred years ago will still work (or won't work) now. Baker wrote about hunters who were killed because they underestimated the animals they hunted and paid the price for their folly.

Those ol' 10bore guns tossed a 3oz conical bullet at good velocity and had enough power to penetrate thick, hard hide & very heavy bone to reach the vitals of enormous animals.

GOOD LUCK! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Old 05-30-2004, 04:54 AM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

Personally I like the 416 rigby. You can load it up if you need to. Recoil not bad and 400gr. barnes is deadly. CZ makes a reasonable priced rifle in this caliber.
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Old 05-30-2004, 07:30 PM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?


Excelent old cartridge, I've wanted one for years. The problem is the .590 bolt face! how is the CZ Magnum action? worth building off of? Are they strong? how do they clean up?
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Old 05-31-2004, 05:56 AM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

looked at the cz american 550 in 375 H&H at my local shop...very nice gun. This type of gun I wouldn't customize much. I wouldn't put a scope on it either. I think my dealer can get them for 675.
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Old 06-05-2004, 01:51 PM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

I think what Gowge says has merit. I grew up around Elmer Keith and Bob Hagle, both interesting guys....neither of whom tended to make assumptions about the really big game they hunted. Both had some close calls and both had a great deal of respect for the big critters. The first bear I shot (when I was a kid) taught me a good lesson. I knew to break down a shoulder as sure as I write this but what did I do? took a heart shot. Standing there at 35 yards watching that bear tear up everything in site for a good 20+ seconds taught me a lesson...I knew with absolute certainty, that if that bear had wanted me, at that distance and armed with a .308 Winchester, that the odds were in it's favor.
The mark of a smart person is one that learns from others mistakes...so why would anyone pick a rifle with anything but a control feed and why would anyone not practice until they were sick of it preparing for a bear hunt....who knows.

I Guess thats what makes life intersting.

If a person goes into the field making
assumptions about how the outcome will be with a grizz, then at least I hope they have the good sense to make sure they have good paid up life insurance and the guts to tell their wife "it's just something I have to do" and greatfully accept the stupid sticker their wife should dutifully place on their forhead before they leave...wills made out etc. Thats the kind and reasonable thing to do for the family anyway.
Seriously though, in my OPINION...when you tangle with the likes of bear...you may go a lifetime and be the winner...and you may not. The best you can prepare may or may not be enough to get you through, so if you cannot accept that possibility, chose to go hunt something like Antelope the the likes...certainly your wife will appreciate it !

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Old 06-06-2004, 12:02 AM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

So my question is when is enough, enough? I mean do you need to take a 600 Nitro to hunt a Brown Bear? I mean come on I think a 375 H&H has proven it self in the last hundred years that it will kill anything that walks on land and it does it well. The Alaskan G&F recommend a 30/06 or larger and nothing over a 375 H&H now why would they send a bunch of hunters out there under gunned to make more work for themsleves? I think bullet selection and shot placement matter more than anything. Look at a bow how many people have shot Elephant, Rhinos,and Brown Bears with one? You shoot it in the lungs and heart it is going down plain and simple and I dont care what animal it is if you shoot it in the head with a 30cal or bigger it is not going to keep comming like nothing happend when 3000lbs of energy hits something in the head it is going to feel it you dont have to hit the brain shock from the bullets energy is going to cause damage even if the first shot doesnt put the animal down you have time to put another one into it. Now as for the controlled feed what difference does that make a jam is a jam I have a Ruger 220 Swift and I have had to grab the shell with my fingers to get the jam free can someone explain why people think a controlled feed is better?
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Old 06-06-2004, 07:42 AM
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Re: 400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

Never shot one but I'm thinking a well placed 06 round would do the trick BUT what if its a 30 yard shot say 5 seconds away and the big sucker goes 30 seconds before dropping???? I think the 06-375H&H has a lot to do with what average hunter can hanle. Next time your at a local range look around at what you see and think what would happen if each person was fireing a .416 As for hunting African DG with a bow I'll stick to watching it on TV. Don't get me wrong I love my 375H&H But when dangerous game charges in Africa there must be a reason the PH hits them with both barrels!!!
Do you trust who your with in the event of a close encounter? (and what they are carrying)
Decisions and consequences.
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