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300 WM, 300 WBY Mag or 300 RUM?

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Unread 10-30-2003, 03:33 PM
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Re: 300 WM, 300 WBY Mag or 300 RUM?


1200 yards????

That's a walk in the park.
I believe I sent you pics of my shooting building where we have 3000 yards of shooting if we want it.

You really can't run the velocity up much further with the WSM and shoot it accuratly.

A carry gun can be made on the 300 RUM as well since I believe a muzzle brake is going to be used on any of them anyway?

I believe from the original posts and calibers that Sampson asked about, he would be much better off over powered then under powered and that leaves the 300 RUM.

If he were to Get that 210 JLK and 240 gr MK working in the 300 RUM, he wouldn't carry anything else for 1000 to 1500 yards (or further) if he wants to go there .
That includes the 338 also unless your shooting the 300 gr bullet and have a real large case.

If your 338 is shooting the 300 gr MK then I have to agree with your thoughts.
As per accuracy, the 210 gr Berger or 240 in the 300 RUM is very accurate also and not behind any 338.

I have two 338/416 Rigby IMPs that will blow the doors off a 338 RUM and have been trying to work with some 250 gr bullets. Problem is, they just don't stand up to the 300 gr at all.
Accuracy wise, the 210 Berger, 210 JLK and 240 gr MK is extremely accuracte in the 300 RUM. Much more so then the 250 gr 338 seems to be.
That leaves just "one good" bullet for the big 338 calibers to use for long and extreme longrange hunting.
I drive the 300 gr 338 @ 3050 FPS in the 32" barrel (so far) and 3310FPS in the 37" barrel.
The bullets at the faster speeds perform on game at extreme longrange so much better that anything any slower seems to perform with less athority then one might want.

I think for Sampsons choice, he would be much better off with the ability to use a selection of many bullets, load for the occasion, and have to ability to reach even further then he stated as his max.

Have a good one. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
As an add on---If 338s were so accurate, they would be winning all the 1000 yard matches. They have been tried but, everyone seemed to go back to their 30 cals, 6.5/284s and 6 BRs.
Accuracy wise, the 338 300 gr is very good and hits way out there with athority but, it's not as accurate as the 30 cals overall at the 1000 yard mark.

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Darryl Cassel
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