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300 RUM vs. 308 BAER

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Unread 03-19-2012, 07:51 AM
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Re: 300 RUM vs. 308 BAER

I agree the 308 Baer is not giving anything up to the RUM but given that it has less case capacity it's not worth arguing the point with the RUM fans.

This was my first belted mag and first fireformed round. It was still the EASIEST rifle I have ever loaded for. I just sized them, loaded them, shot them. Fireform rounds shot just as well as finished rounds. Couldn't be happier

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Unread 03-19-2012, 08:33 AM
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Re: 300 RUM vs. 308 BAER

The inception of the .308 Baer came from the 8 mag case. It is now based off the .300 or .340 Wby case. the .340 is the preferred case as it gives a longer neck over the .300 Wby. The STW case can also be used in a pinch if need be.

Aside from the fact that the .308 Baer cartridge has held the world record group size at 1K, it is significantly more efficient than the .300 RUM. I have many custom rifles chambered in both .300 RUM, and .308 Baer, so my experience is hands on.

The .308 Baer gives up nothing to the .300 RUM. It will propell the same weight bullet, at the same velocity, and do so with roughly 8 grains less powder. That's a testament to the efficiency of the case. ES will be on your side every time with the more efficient case.

The brass offerings for the .308 Baer, Norma and Wby, was better than the RUM until the advent of some of the custom RUM brass. So I would call that a wash between the two. If this is a hunting rifle, then I would suggest a standard no turn neck, as you can find the .300 Wby cartridges worldwide, should your friendly airlines be kind enough to lose your hand rolled cigars...

Forget the argument about the belt....they both headspace off the shoulder.

So in summary, if you want a off the shelf cartridge that has proven itself in the field, then stick with the RUM.

If you want the more efficient case design that has proven itself in both the field and in the competitive shooting world, then go with the .308 Baer.

"Character is who you are when nobody is watching"
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Unread 03-19-2012, 10:33 AM
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Re: 300 RUM vs. 308 BAER

My .02..... Lets say that you may pick up 100 FPS with a RUM over a 300 WBY/AI/Baer...(they are all the same, prety much). Seems like you are burning a whole lot more powder for that 100 fps. But.... 100 FPS is A 100 FPS, isn't it? Of course, the deer/moose/elk/bear won't care about the 50 - 75 fps impact speed. I don't care if you need to dial up an extra moa or two to get there...neither will the critters. BUT...what I DON'T see....is any 300 RUMs on the 1000 yard line anymore. I used to see one, but he went to a 300 wsm.

I just can't help but say that the 300 Baer/AI/Wby is more accurate than the RUM. I personoly cant prove it, because I don't have a RUM tube, YET. Been thinking about re-chambering one of my tubes to the RUM...just to see.

I thougt you could get 300 RUM brass from Norma (not sure though), so brass quality is the same, unless you step up and get some 300 wby RWS brass....then it's a no brainer...this stuff is awsome.

I'd go with the Baer or std. wby, for the accuracy, but, that is just me. The critters won't care that your 1000 yard groups with the RUM are two inches bigger than the 300 W/A/B.

Done properly, you won't be dissapointed with either one.

I wish I could be more difinitive....sorry.
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