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300 rum vs 300wby mag

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Unread 11-14-2008, 11:25 AM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

Nice thing about living and hunting in this country is everybody is free to choose.

I am not a BR shooter, just a hunter, but I gravitate toward the Weatherby cartridges BECAUSE of the double radius shoulder among other things. They are definitely unique and have stood the test of time. They provide excellent, power, and excellent "hunting" accuracy in an exceptional rifle.

The RUMs are certainly potent performers and one of Remington's few successful marketing campaigns. If the 300 RUM works for you and you are happy with it that is all that matters right? Do you feel so insecure in the abilities of your RUM that you need to disparage the Weatherby?

The 300 Weatherby is a very effective big .30 that has been around since just after the end of WWII and has proven itself over th long haul...I see nothing silly or wrong with that.
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Unread 11-14-2008, 01:27 PM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

Originally Posted by jwp475 View Post
Nobody here said that a Wea. can't or wont shoot. Why the 1K BR disscusion on a Long Rnge hunting site is always puzzling.
I still think that the double radius shoulder is "silly" and the belt is useless IMHO amd now we have a choice to use a case without a belt and that's the way I choose to go
You are right, and I guess it's my bad for bringing UP 1000 yard BR in the first place. I just was trying to prove my point on accuracy. You can't prove or demonstrate or compare different cartridges or a rifles true accuracy potential by hunting with it. It must be shot on target. WHAT BETTER RELM THAN 1000 YD COMPETITION!! Quite often, on the BRCentral website, LR hunting gets brought up on the 1K fourm....and gets hammerd for talking hunting on a BR fourm. They are right. But, and this is only MY opinion, 1000 yd benchrest has WAY more in common with LR hunting than visa versa.

Again....MY BAD!!

And, also, you are right, you do have a right to shoot what you want. But what's puzzling to me is the fact that the 300/340/7mm/270/257/.......ect... WBY cartriges have for the last millon years, and will continue to, for another million years, HAMMER Bambi and all of it's buddys at long range, and you still call them "silly" because of the belt and sholder.

But, its your opinion. You are entitled. And a hick like me will never change your mind. That, my friend, is a GOOD thing. You hold to your convictions.

I am the same way!!
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Unread 11-14-2008, 04:15 PM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

I wouldn't buy a Weatherby if Norma brass were the only brass available. I think others are available for the 300 Wthby now.

When I used to own a 338-378 Weatherby, the Norma made brass was so soft in the case head that I never felt like the cartridge lived up to its potential velocity without ruining those expensive 378 Wthby cases in just a couple of firings.

I got higher velocity when I switched to the 338 Imperial (now obsolete but very similar to the 338 Edge) and began using RWS 404 Jeffery brass. RWS is the toughest brass I've ever used, which explained why I could get the velocity improvement (higher pressures) without having to toss brass after two shots.

Kirby recently converted my 338 Imperial to 338 Edge and I'm looking forward to the continued use of my RWS brass in this slightly modified chambering.

I hear the Norma brass is still soft in the case head area and that in itself keeps me away from any Weatherby cartridges for hunting if Norma is the only supplier of the brass.
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Unread 11-14-2008, 04:50 PM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

Originally Posted by 4xforfun View Post
First lets kill one myth right now...brass prices. 300 wby brass is CHEAPER than RUM brass. Sinclair sells Rem brass in both. Cost: 300 wby...74.55/100. 300 RUM.....92.45/100. Now if you plan on beating the crap out of your brass, then use the remmy brass in either and throw them away after a couple of firings. I've been there and done that. Max velocity is ALWAYS fun. If you want to keep things at realistic velocitys, buy GOOD brass. 300 WBY Norma 134.85/100. WAY better brass than remmy brass. 300 RUM, You may be stuck for a while....I know Nostler is making them, but, availabillity is poor as of now. I have no experiance with that brand of brass. I have herd that is not as good as the norma/lapua brass. As far as cost. It looks like the other calibers that Nostler is making is comparible in price to Norma.

Accuracy.....Belt.....Sholder design. ALL HOGWASH. Check the 1K results. Hardly anyone out there using a 300 RUM. There are quite a few 300 wby's, and a bunch more 300 improved (AI, BAER, Spencer,.ect...). And they win!!! My point is that the belt has nothing to do with anything once your brass has been fired, assuming you know what you are doing at the reloading bench. Even at that, I have won matches using new brass. And, that being said, and the inexperienced loader over sizes his RUM brass and pushes the sholder back to far, you have headspace problems. Push the sholder back too far on a belted case still have the belt to headspace off of, keeping things safe. I will admit that one of the reasons the 300 RUM isn't prominant in 1 K benchrest is the lack of QUALITY brass. I think it can be just as accurate as the wby/AI/ sized cases. BUT....Compeditors are now leaning to the 300 WSM. They are finding that they just don't need that much case capacity for thier use....but we are talking LR HUNTING here, so lots of boiler room is good. But as for the 300 RUM....mayby to much of a good thing.

Now, based on capacity alone...all else being equal, the 300 RUM will be a touch faster. As far as free bore, I know that WBY factory rifles have some, but I admit I don't know about the other gun manufacturers out there. I shoot all custom stuff in 300 WBY, and don't use ANY free bore. A little less speed....a whole lot more accurate. But, watch for high will come SOONER w/o freebore.

Good luck, and know this.....If your biggest wory in life is haveing to choose between these two choices, then life IS GOOD!!! No bad choice.


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Unread 11-14-2008, 05:00 PM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

Originally Posted by Eaglet View Post

Again...Nice try.....Midway USA sells REMINGTON 300 wby brass for 17.99 per 20.

You are comparing Remington/RUM brass with Norma/WBY brass!!

Apples to apples!!!

Why would you try something like that and try and pass it off as a ligit deal???


Last edited by 4xforfun; 11-14-2008 at 05:12 PM.
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Unread 11-14-2008, 05:42 PM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

Originally Posted by rem300ultra View Post
If you place a call to Remington I belive that you will find that your dealer is wrong. I am certain that Remington is still building large caliber rifles.
I wouldnt be tooo sure on that, Cerebus Capital that owns Remington is in deep financial doo doo and is at the US Govt's free money $700B handout window right behind GM, Ford, and Chrysler with their hand out. So I wouldnt be surprised at ANY production cuts in any firearms industry.

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Unread 11-14-2008, 05:51 PM
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Re: 300 rum vs 300wby mag

Alright I'll jump into this. I have a custom 300 weatherby and I'll make a couple points then I'm out of this debate.

One the price issue. Weatherby brass just got hit with a price increase. As recently as 2 months ago I was able to get weatherby brass for $27/20 and about $22/20 when on sale. I don't know if Remington brass has experienced the same price increase or not.

When it comes to brass. Just about any brass can be made to shoot well but I still find my weatherby brass to be a bit more consistent then the Winchester I use in my 7mm. However the Winchester brass last longer. And when comparing brass I'll say this, yes the Weatherby brand brass is produced by Norma however from what I have been the Weatherby brass is produced on different specs then the Norma label (something along the lines the the Weatherby label brass has thicker case walls).

When to comes to "that silly belt and double radius neck" I does not hurt accuracy and has been proven to work well for the the weatherby round. The only down side to belted magnums is that they require a bit more work when reloading due to issues with the case bulging. Thus it is of no issue and not worth debating.

When it comes to direct comparison of the RUM vs WBY. The RUM has more case capicity thus it will always be able to push that bullet a bit faster. But you know what you game will not know the difference between the two thus the debate over 50 fps is not worth the effort.
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