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Poll: Better off using a 300 RUM or 7mm 180 bergers at 3000 fps
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Better off using a 300 RUM or 7mm 180 bergers at 3000 fps


300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

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Unread 11-14-2013, 04:14 PM
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Re: 300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

Originally Posted by redneckclimbing View Post
The muzzle brake argument is fine, I personally don't like them, because they are super loud, and suppressors are pretty expensive, but that's just me.
When I first got interested in LR I was against MB's. I shot a 300 RUM Sendero for a few years without a brake and I was OK with it. I usually had a slip on recoil pad on it which made it very tolerable. After reading a lot of threads and posts in here and actually shooting a braked rifle, I decided a brake would be very useful and make shooting much more enjoyable. The noise wasn't really a factor because I wear hearing protection anyway.

On your other points though, are you pushing a 230 out of the RUM anywhere near 3000 fps? If you are, and you are going to use a brake, hell yeah bigger bullets going faster are better. Just go with a 375 AM and call it a day!
I expect to push the 230's @ about 3150-3200 fps out of a 27" barrel using RL33. This thread was comparing a 7 RM to the 300 RUM. If we were comparing the 300 RUM to the 375 AM, the 375 AM is of course going to be a better LR rifle.

Second, what magazine box are you using and what is your COAL that fits without the any more than the boat-tail being seated below the shoulder / neck junction? Just so that we are all on the same page.
When I first started this build it was throated for another bullet. It was built on a 700 action. The 230 is seated about .100 into the case and it fits into a 3.82 mag box. I am loosing a grain or so capacity with that configuration. 3.99 mag boxes are available so it is possible to get more efficient and seating max case capacity with 230.
- Mark

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Unread 01-10-2014, 03:01 AM
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Re: 300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

Originally Posted by MontanaRifleman View Post
Most serious LR shooters, especially LR hunitng shooters, use muzzle brakes. I have a muzzle brake on my 6-284. Reason being, it helps tremendously in spotting my own shots. It is also much more pleasant. I have put a lot of rounds through a 7RM and after about 20 rounds on the bench I was flinching. IMO, the recoil argument is a non-factor in LR shooting. Bigger cartridges shooting larger higher BC bullets faster are more advantageous for LR work, especially hunting for obvious reasons. If a person chooses not to use a brake that's their choice and that's fine but as far as I'm concerned it's a self imposed handicap.

Seating depth is not a problem in the 300 RUM in an appropriate action and an appropriately throated chamber with an appropriate mag box. I seat the 230 Hybrids to the lands and they fit the mag box.
X2. I rebuilt my rifle with a brake and think it's the best thing since sliced bread. I also have a thread protector that I use for hunting purposes so the brake comes off. My 240 SMK loads also fit the box at around 3.647" for lands contact.

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Unread 01-16-2014, 06:22 PM
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Re: 300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

I have hunted with the 300 rummy for years. Large game animals from 108 yds to 970 with berger 185 vld. Pumping little over 3400. Meat damage has yet to be an issue. One large muley lost his heart and lugs out the hole at negative 35 temperature. That is right, no organs in the upper cavity, go figure!

Seating has been an issue as I shot a 700 action in single shot form. Living in eastern mt. I broke down and built the rifle that would fit the game I hunt, where I hunt, and how I hunt. I also have a passion and hunt with the 338 lapua. However, with bullet selection, in my mind the 300 rummy is the hands down winner.

My new ride is a 700 action with a Lilja stainless 30 inch fluted bbl in a 6 taper with a Holland radical brake. Its a 1 in 10, 3 screw and my first. Chambered for a berger 210 vld's seated at 3.649. No more single shot. Surrounded by a HS pro series Sendero stock. Topped with a Night force 8x32 and 1 minute illuminated redicle it will serve me for all my needs. I have no worries about any meat damage with this rifle and bullet.

The 300 rummy shines with long bullets at extended ranges with a disciplined shooter.
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Unread 03-05-2014, 10:50 PM
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Re: 300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

I have loaded the 7mm rem mag with vey hot loads and special barrels with coated bullets in a 28 in tube up to 3175 fps. Barrel has to be nitride, Bullets need to be hex coated. The barrel is a 28 in Broughton 5c. These barrels are known to be faster than others. Retumbo is the go to powder with a Win Mag primer. Load in to the mid 70 grain area. Work up very cautiously. I really want to see what Vitavori n570 will do. I think it will do even more! Can any one run the quickload program on this? I might add the coal is 3.52. This too makes a big difference, on usable case capacity and pressures, hence the velocity. No doubt the Berger has revolutionized the 30 cal bullet for great B.C. I am a fan of the 7mm cartridge as people can tell. I have even bantered with the guys from Montana. But the real truth the frontal diameter of the 30 cal is more effective and over comes the sectional density of the 7mm combined with the new B.C. designs. WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT TELL BROZ I SAID THIS.. I really like to argue with him. But I would buy him a beer anytime. He is a very knowledgeable guy. At the end of the day not much compares to the 338 cal.

Last edited by idaho elk hunter; 03-05-2014 at 10:53 PM. Reason: wron velcity
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Unread 03-28-2014, 11:17 AM
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Re: 300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

I've got a 7mm rem mag with a custom 28" 1-8"twist barrel shooting 180hybrid and 69.5gr retumbo I get about 3080 FPS average with .75moa groups. This bullet is amazing and performs quite well. My intent was like yours with building the gun to shoot long range. Last year was my first season to hunt with the rifle/ load combination and I ended up shooting a muley off hand at 100yds instead of prone at 1000. This was my fear from the beginning that with the target bullet at close range I would destroy too much meat. Well berger's advertising was correct the bullet punched a dime size entry hole through the shoulder and exploded in the chest cavity. When I field dressed the deer the organs were like Campbells chunky soup. There was a bunch of bruising in the shoulder but most of the meat was still good. Based upon that experience and the knowledge that bergers expand reliably above 1800fps I'd go with the 180gr 7mm because it will save you a lot of money in components. You already have brass dies and experience reloading the 7mm and rum brass is stinking expensive. Also you will be using 20 grains less powder per round. I'd strongly recommend you go 28" on the barrel no matter which round you choose you will never regret paying those $20 extra bucks for that extra velocity. That's my $.02
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Unread 04-15-2014, 01:01 AM
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Re: 300 RUM or 7mm with 180 bergers at 3000 fps

Originally Posted by pyroducksx3 View Post
So here is the conundrum I'm having. I am almost completely sold on building a 300 RUM but Im having some resevations. My hunting situations are this... Mostly deer hunting at ranges from 100 yards out to 800+ maybe further, the terrian allows for farther but who knows how long it will take me to be proficient out this far. I am starting to elk hunt now and will be hunting the same terrian as there are both deer and elk in the areas I hunt so distances the same. Throw black bear in there as well as I saw some of those this year as well. My rifle build will have a sendero or slightly lighter contour. Im feeling strongly about having a 26" barrel + muzzlebreak (painkiller or DE not sure yet) so whatever that finishes at. My main concern is that hopefully most of my shots will be inside 300-600 yards and I was concerned about the 300 RUM using 210 or 230 bergers would cause massive meat loss. Is this a valid concern or will there not be much difference between these 30 cal 210/230 vs the 180 7mm? Im expecting to get 2850 fps with the 230 and around 3000 fps using the 210 out of the 300 RUM, hopefully that sounds right. I got my first longrange kill (well to me) in this area this year at 352 yards and Im hooked on getting out further if the situation calls for it. So the main question I need input on is will this 300 RUM cause measurably more meat loss compared to an equal shot with the 7mm 180? and really concerend when those shots are in the 100-400 yard range. Thank you
I was in your same shoes. Was pretty set on a RUM. But ended up going with the 300 WM. I got a sendero.
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