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.270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

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Unread 10-13-2012, 05:27 PM
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.270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

G'Day all,

After getting amongst a lot of pigs in the last few months it's time for a new rifle, my M70 .243 has been doing a great job and i drop 90% of pigs on the spot with my first shot.

My problem is that i normally hunt mobs of pigs and i can generally get 4-5 shots away before they get in to cover. This is when the range (250m-500m) and my poor shot placement means that i hit a lot of pigs but don't kill them.

I need a rifle that will punch a round through a 100Kg pig at 400 meters or atleast shatter large bones. I would never shoot at a running Deer at 400 meters because my shot placement is 50/50 on actually hitting them let alone getting in the vitals, pigs are feral animals and if i have a chance of hitting em i will shoot.

I figure a .270 or .308 will smash a shoulder or hip of a large pig at range. Most of my shots are around 200 meters but i hunt open country and often spot game as far as 3km, i'm hoping my new rifle will be capable out to 500 meters.

So my question is .308 or .270? and which rifle in the <$1200 range?

I'm leaning towards the .308 for the less recoil, barrel life, shorter action (follow up shots) and ammo price/selection. Then again i really like that bit of extra punch and legs from the .270 and love the BC of 7mm projectiles, i don't reload.

I had a feel of a vanguard, Howa 1500 and A-bolt and honestly didn't like the feel of any of them. I quite like the feel of R700's M70 and sakos but are mostly out of my price range. FYI it must be a timber stock and blued barrel prefered.

This will probably be the last rifle i buy in 10 years so all comments appreciated. I'm open to scope suggestions too. Was thinking of a $600-$800 4-12 X 40 with some kind of mildot/range markings recticule? I hunt exclusively early mornings though and light transmission is VERY important, do i need to go to a big bulky ugly 50mm objective?

Thanks in advance

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Unread 10-20-2012, 06:34 PM
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Re: .270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

If you'll be running several hundred rounds a year and need it to last ten years, the 308 will have a big advantage in barrel life.

I would consider the 260 /6.5x55, and the 7mm-08/7x57 (depending on availability). All four cartridges offer modest recoil, flat trajectories, and good barrel life. For breaking down pigs, bullet selection will be a big factor.

For a stock rilfe, anything with a quality stock and good trigger. The 700, Tikka, and CZ come to mind. Not sure what's available where you are.

A 50mm objective definitely helps gather light. Glass quality is more important.
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Unread 10-20-2012, 07:01 PM
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Re: .270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

Given the choice between 270 or 308 I would recommend the 308 for some of the reason you enumerate. Since you want/need fast follow-ups, the short action has an advantage and it's lighter. The 308 will also provide you with better barrel life than the 270.

From your post it sounds as though you might have the 270win and a 280rem mixed up. The 270 is .277" or 6.8mm and the 280 is .284" or 7mm. Both are based on the 30-06 case, just necked down.

You're right, 7mm bullets offer excellent BCs and a 280Rem would be a great choice (I have one). My 280 - Updated!

As for shooting pigs and punching threw bones, that's less dependent on the cartridge and much more dependent on bullet construction. To do damage on less than perfectly placed shots on pigs, you want a tough bullet. So think Accubond, Barnes X, Sierra Match King etc.

As for rifle choice, here in the US a Rem700 SPS Varmint can be had fairly inexpensively ($450US). The barrel and action comes in flat black. The stock is plastic but replacement stocks for Rem700 are abundant and relatively inexpensive. My longrange/tactical rig started out as a Rem700SPS Varmint: My 308 1k Rifle - The Evolution Continues! Be sure to read the thread all the way to the end and you will see the rifle transform into a full-custom.

As for optics, given your varied shooting from up-close to longrange, consider something with a magnification range of 4-14 or 5-20. As the magnification goes up, you need the 50mm front objective. Remember that exit pupil on a scope = diameter of objective divided by magnification. Optimum exit pupil size is 5mm.

As for specific optics, look at Bushnell, Nikon, Sightron, Leupold and if you've got the wallet for it, NightForce.
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Unread 10-20-2012, 07:10 PM
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Re: .270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

If it were me 270 all the way. Flat trajectory,you can zero in a few inches high at 100 and be good out to about 300. One less thing to do when shooting at running pigs. As far as glass I am outfitting almost everything lately with Nikon monarchs. Hope this helps.
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Unread 10-20-2012, 08:37 PM
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Re: .270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

I have both calibers and wouldn't hesitate to use either. Pros and Cons to both. The best advice I can offer though is get yourself the KING: a 30.06 and thank me later, or even a 280 Remington. That way you get your 7mm bullets.

All 4 will accomplish the exact same outcome on the pigs in my opinion and experience (while hoggin in TX).

Rifle: save yourself some $ and buy a Savage. Very accurate out of the box, and the barrels are button rifled last I heard. Get a Nikon 4x12x40 AO. That was the first scope I ever had on my first rifle which was a 270 (my favorite of all).

The bigger the objective, the more light transmitted. You have to decide on what you want. You shouldn't have a problem with a 40 during morning light.

As far as a 308 and less recoil to the 270, think again. You shoot some 308s with a 180 bullet and you'll hit your shoulder just as hard if not harder than a 270 with a 150. In fact I have a stout load with 150 Btips for my 308 and for whatever reason it kicks the snot out of my shoulder.

Lastly, if its the last rifle for another decade, you might want to spend more $ if you can and think of the Tikka, Sako, Rem 700, or Win 70.
Derek M.
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Unread 10-21-2012, 08:06 AM
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Re: .270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

First choice 30-06. Second choice 270, third choice 308.
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Unread 10-21-2012, 08:16 AM
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Re: .270 or .308 for pratical hunting?

.308 win would be my choice given your specifics. Longer barrel life, abundant factory ammo, great choice of ammo & bullets.
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