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25-06 vs. 257 Wby

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Unread 11-17-2008, 11:39 AM
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Re: 25-06 vs. 257 Wby

Somebody has to be a 257Wby fan. I am one. I have a 24" 25-06AI and it doesn't hold a candle to what my 26" 257Wby will do. I use it for varmints to with 75 grain V-Max's at 3950 and hunt deer with it using 100 grain Partitions at 3650 or 110 Accubonds at 3450. To 600 yards it is devistating on deer. I use the same modified Lee Collet die to neck size both the 257Wby and the 25-06AI. The 257 is way easier to load for and my original 100 brass are still going strong after 10 years. My front row of test mule brass are up to 20 firings and the primer pockets are getting noticably looser than when they were new. The belt is a non-issue. In my experience the 257Wby will put 200fps on anything the 25-06AI will do. Winchester brass has the greatest case capacity in 25-06 from what I have found.
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Unread 11-17-2008, 06:11 PM
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Re: 25-06 vs. 257 Wby

Originally Posted by Darryl Cassel View Post

Rebarrel with a longer barrel??

You can have the Sendaro 25/06 barrel (26") rechambered to the 25 Gibbs to see if you liked it unless your 25/06 barrel is shot out?

I would go to a 30" barrel if I were you.

The capacity of the 25 Gibbs is 7 to 9 grs More of powder over the 25/06 depending on the brass you use.
For velocity comparison, check the Sierra loading book for the 257 Weatherby and that is the velocity you will be able to get with the Gibbs. Actually when I ran them hot with good actions, I could soundly beat the 257 Weatherby by 100 FPS (or more) in most cases and in my 30 to 34" barrels.

I don't advise going that hot though. Excessive Speed kills accuracy and wears barrels very fast.

Wow!!! That’s amazing, but I think if you put that Weatherby in a 34” barrel it would pass up or Gibbs like it was standing still….Dude get a grip.
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Unread 11-18-2008, 02:04 PM
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Re: 25-06 vs. 257 Wby

Originally Posted by nugentfan View Post
Hey I have a Gibbs and am having bad luck with brass and fireforming. My dad built it about 15 years ago and we started with 30-06 put in a .270 die then in the .25 Gibbs die. We had problems with the neck splitting so I bought a box of 25-06 and loaded out to the lands. The primer strike seats the bullet deeper and leaves only a light dent on the primer. Should I try the Unique and filler or different bullets? Anneal the necks? How about the lee crimp die? Am using this gun on a desert sheep hunt but running low on brass and time. Do have 30 rounds loaded for the hunt, 10 practice rounds and 6 more to load. Wish I could get the extra 100 ready though. Very accurate and nice shooting round. Dad killed his 2 biggest mule deer with it. Load is 59.0 H4831 with a Sierra 117 BT. Want to get a load for TSX's , Ballistictips, ACCU-BONDS or Swifts shooting for this gun. Seems like fireforming/wildcat help is hard to come by.Thanks for any help. Gene
I am not familiar with the gibbs. If it is an "improved" it should headspace properly when formig brass. With what you are discribing, it sounds like a true "wildcat" and will need to have specal attention to take care of the headspace issue.

You can...

(1) Put a small amount of "very fast" powder and top it off with cream-O-wheat and cotton, point the gun up, and fire form. I have never tried it, and my advice is talk to a gibbs shooter who has used this method before you try it. Use 25-06 brass

(2) Just seat the bullet long with lots of neck tension and just shoot. This sounds like what you have tried, and it didn't work. Use more neck tension and be sure to "jam" the bullets. Some of the guys out there don't believe in this method. Use 25-06 brass

(3) Buy an expander die and expand the neck up to .264, and then size them back down to .257 just far enough so that the case will just fit. Buy a true expander die with the propper expander button. I have wrecked more brass just using a regular expander button that is one size bigger. (ie..using a 264 die to expand your 25 cal.) Use GOOD LUBE. I like to feel a good amount of resistance on the bolt when closing it on the brass. Now you have created a "false" sholder in which to headspace off of. I would still jam the bullet for extra resistance. I would use max loads for the 25-06 to do the fire forming. You should get nice sharp sholders. Some of the guys out there actualy compete while FF brass. AND THEY WIN!!ge(

You might be able to use 270 brass and skip the expander step. You just size enough of the brass so that it fits snugly into the gun. You just need to form a faulse sholder in which to headspace off of. If you have a bushing die (and you should) you could buy a bushing around .260 and take it down it two steps.

Good luck

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Unread 11-18-2008, 03:30 PM
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Re: 25-06 vs. 257 Wby

i have been around .2506 and 257wthby both and im going to have to rule in favor of the 06.not familiar with the gibbs but im guessing since ur wanting to stay cheap you are going to be alot so barrel life will come into sendero in 2506 will shoot anything u put down the barrel very well.the lighter recoil of the 2506 doesnt give much advantage but is nice.the best advice i could give get BOTH!!!good luck and happy .
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Unread 11-19-2008, 08:52 AM
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Re: 25-06 vs. 257 Wby

Well, all I can say, is that I have a .257 Wby. and I love mine!

It is the perfect deer caliber!

I don't know alot about varmint hunting long range with a .25-06.....I've always used my .22-250.

That might want to be a caliber to look into???

Either way, I'd use a .257 Wby, or a .25-06 for deer or antelope......and I'd use a .22-250 for varmints.

I've shot prairie dogs, coyotes, 500-600 with my .22-250 with standard Hornady V-Max 55gr. ammo! And it did a number on them!

Regardless, good luck with your decision.

But I'd get you a .22-250 for varmints and a .257 Weatherby for deer.
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