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.25-06 VS .243

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Unread 03-29-2007, 11:48 AM
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Re: .25-06 VS .243

The .243AI can do everything the 6mm Rem can... The 25-06 is way out of its league.
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Unread 03-29-2007, 01:37 PM
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Re: .25-06 VS .243

You can launch a 115 grain pill out of a 243 AI at about 3100 fps. That's pretty much identical to the 25-06. There is a new 6mm 117 grain bullet coming out that looks to have a high bc and should be good for hunting with.

PRODUCT Launch--New 117gr 6mm DTAC Bullet: David Tubb called us this week to reveal that his company, Superior Shooting Systems (SSS), is coming out with a NEW high-BC, 6mm bullet. It will be similar to the current DTAC 115, but it will have a polymer tip (for improved aerodynamics), and weigh 117 grains. With a longer bearing surface than the 115, you'll want about .040" more freebore for the 117 than you'd use with the 115 DTAC. David says the new bullet's BC is "right around .600" based on field testing by Henry Childs using multiple chronographs set downrange. David explained that, with the new bullet tip, the shot to shot BC variance of the bullets is reduced substantially. With conventional bullets, true BC can vary from bullet to bullet because the meplats aren't consistent. David tells us: "with the new bullet tip, you no longer have to uniform the meplats to get consistent BC, shot to shot. As a bonus, the BC is higher overall. What we've seen, in field testing, is a spread of just 2% in actual bullet BC. This has reduced the shot to shot velocity spread, as actually measured at long range."
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Unread 03-29-2007, 07:58 PM
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Re: .25-06 VS .243

I would highly recommend the Ruger 77VT in 25-06. It is one of the most accurate factory rifles I've ever seen right out of the box. I'm shooting mine to 1,000 yd with a 115 gr VLD with outstanding accuracy.
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Unread 03-31-2007, 09:20 PM
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Re: .25-06 VS .243

I own a 25-06 in a Ruger MkII Varmit, it shoots the 85 Nosler BT's at up to 3700 fps, but is not very accurate bast 3400 fps.
I use the Berger 115 VLD's at 3200 fps, and can get avg less than an unch at 200 yards if I let the bbl cool 3-4 minutes between shots, about 1 moa if I don't let it cool

Berger VLD's are this jecket bullets, perfect for coyote sized targets.

Now the 243 vs 25-06 is a good debate, for varmits, I'd opt for a 6mm or 243 for maximum knockdown power at range...

Lets compare REAL life here
243 and 25-06 with a 26 inch bbl

243 gets 3100-3150 fps with a 105 Berger BC 565
25-06 gets 3150-3200 fps with a 115 Gerger bc 522
Add another 50-75 fps for the 6mm rem

You can see that the 24 bore will launch a better BC bullet at close to or more velocity, wich means more bullet expansion at longer ranges,

the 6mm (.243) also has a Berger 115 VLD at .597 bc, but you need a 1:7 twist in a 243 or 6mm rem, 8 twist in a 6-284

also, the best fast bullet for the 25 bore is the 85 grain Nosler BT with a BC of .331, the 75 grain V-max has only a .290 bc, the .243 cal 87 Grain V-max has an outstanding .400 BC, the 6mm or 243 bore has way more bullets selections

For large deer, the bigger cal is better of course, but for varmits, fast flat shooting light jacket bullets are it,
the 25-06 still is good, but not a lot of bullets to chose from.
I think the 24-25 bores are better for varmits that the bigger and smaller bores.
a 22-250 with a 55 bt would probably stop a coyote more often that a 30-06 with any bullet, sometimes smaller and faster is stronger.
but 22's do not have very good bc bullets, for example
a 25-06 with 115 at 3200 ffps muzzle, is moving 2000 fps at 600 yards with the light jacket Berger, it is a much better choice that a 220 swift with a 40 at 4000 that is half as fast by 600 yards.
Either will do you good.

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Unread 04-02-2007, 03:12 AM
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Re: .25-06 VS .243

The 25-06 and the 243 are EXCELLENT cartridges but since you already have a 270, IMO the 25-06 will be very similar to what you already have.

The 243 will be a fairly big change and as such widen your possibilities.

I vote for the 243 and agree that a VLS is a good choice if you like laminated stocks. If you'd prefer an HS Precision stock then sell the laminated one (they usually sell pretty well) and pick up a good used HS Precision VS stock which will bolt right up.

I did exactly that and it's a real sweetheart of a shooter.

OH... Note that the new VS SF II stocks are quite a bit different than the older VS SF stocks and the older ones are probably going to be a better choice.

If it's long it can't be wrong... LDHunter (Long Distance Hunter) from the Piney Woods of NW Florida. I hunt clearcuts for scrawny whitetails... ;)
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