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7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

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Old 01-27-2013, 05:24 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

I was in one of my local joints yesterday and they had both 210's and 215's for $30 a case; I got the two case max. I had picked up a case of rem mags the other day for $35, but I'd rather have the fed primers as they are cleaner. SP and SR primers seem to be out, but I've got that one covered decently.

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Old 01-27-2013, 05:54 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

Things are getting scarce in oregon too.almost all local shops in our town are bare shelved.Thank the government for the rhetoric and fear.Hopefully the producers and mail order suppliers can keep up.
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Old 01-27-2013, 06:09 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

Originally Posted by gamehawker View Post
I read your post and got curious and looked at my usual vendors for powder and primers.

There is none to be found!!!

It REALLY SUCKS that people are SO FRANTIC and buying out everything these days!
Gamehawker, it really is scary. And yes, it REALLY DOES SUCK! And all for what is truly not the answer to the problem. And when I was watching that CSPAN recap of Thursday's press meeting, I guess I got the answer! They truly believe that a " assault weapons ban" is the way to heal the wounds, and that will make everything all better! Well, will someone pass me THAT crack pipe?
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Old 01-27-2013, 07:13 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

In the countries with gun bans the crime rates with danegerous weapons have gone up,according to the press reports.I guess the politicians cant read.Can we get recall petitions and recall the ones that are pushing this gun ban craze?
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Old 01-27-2013, 07:24 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

I think the manufacturers are cutting production until they get a feel for what Obama says and if changes are inevitable. They are not inevitable if we make a stink and educate people on the need to buy arms and learn to shoot. That is really the answer, ar-15's are needed by all people in my opinion. Intruders can't always be stopped with 1 bullet, especially gangs of thugs. If a ban materializes there will be an out break of crime moving into the suburbs. The amount of violence and drugs use is increasing nationwide with this recession. Hopefully a few liberals will be caught unable to defend themselves and reverse their thinking. Prices will rise to new levels on all firearms and ammunition. Re loading will be essential from here on in. Even presses are getting harder to get. In a year or 2 if things settle down, eventually some rifles will come on the market as people move around and grow bored of what they bought.
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Old 01-28-2013, 04:48 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

so a couple of times i was in local gun stores i witnessed who looked to be college kids buying ars and semiauto rifles. looked like they nver shot a gun before but wanted one because there cool. probably half the ppl i see buying these dont look like ppl that shoot hunting rifles much. y not instead of banning semis and over 10 rd clips just make them harder to get. like silencers its a six month wait at minimum to get approved. not that any one wants to wait for a gun but having and being able to get is better than not.. anyone with a cnc and know how can make ar's after there banned. how big of a black market do they want on firarms. are they gonna knock on everyones door that bought one and force them to give them up. if they dont i want to exercise my right to bear arms and i want to be able to buy what he has. i would bet half or more of the shootings are NOT ppl that hunt and were not in a shooting class hunters ed or any program. y punish sportsmen when were not the reason. semi's are guns they load and shoot so do all my repeaters. its not the guns its the ppl. sorry seemed like a good time to vent i could go on and on.
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Old 01-28-2013, 06:45 PM
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Re: 7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

I see this everyday in the shop, about 3-5 people on average come in and ask about AR's that's never owned a gun before..."Well I wanted to get one just because I might not be able to get one later". Most of these people have no business with an AR, or any weapon for that matter until they get some training and understand the responsibility of gun ownership. Just like when I teach people defensive shooting, the majority of the the training is the mental side, not just dealing with the aftermath of having to use a weapon, but the responsability they have to others if and when they choose/need to use it.
Back to the STW thing, I should have bought some brass a few weeks ago because everyone is out of STW brass now. It's going to be a long while before anyone makes any more too, all the manufacturers are pumping out the common stuff for try and meet the demand for this panic.
I don't understand people's panic for ammo at all. No where, in any of these "proposed" bans, that are not going to go anywhere IMO nation wide (state to state might happen) have they mentioned anything about ammunition. It'll be like last time, 6-12 months from now, ammo will be back and everyone will have spent wayyyy to much money on ammo. My brother went to Gunshow in Georgia this past weekend, 223 was selling for $100 per 50 rds and even 22LR was 10 for $5 yes, $0.50 each for rimfire 22. And people are paying it. And yes, reloading is getting bigger than ever, again in my opinion, lots of people that don't understand fully on what they are doing, are going to hurt themselves and others with bad loads trying to make ammo for their buddies.
It's a long thin line as a gunshop, turning people away from a sale because they're not the right person to own and handle that particular weapon in their current state (safety issue for others, I wouldn't want to be at the range with that guy shooting that weapon next to me or be his neighbor and have a round come through my house cause he was playing around) but we are a business and sales are part of staying in business. I love my job, I do, but its a non-stop headache on the morals of providing us (fellow responsible shooters and sportsman) with weapons and supplies we need/want/use and keeping the public safe. There's really no cut and dry answer to this "problem".

Just my opinions.
Ben - Gunsmith
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