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408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

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Old 04-24-2012, 09:23 PM
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408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

This subforum may be the perfect place to ask this question. I've been thinking about my next build and trying to decide whether to go with to the traditional 50 cal or try out the newer 408 CheyTac caliber.

What I do know is the 50's are pretty common, especially here in the Calgary area. The 408 I'm told is a proprietary cartridge that the guys over at cheytac.com make a stink about if you didn't get it from them. Also not sure where to get ammo supplies for the 408 (other than cheytac)

Obviously the 50 is too big for hunting, don't know about the 408.

Thoughts, corrections, etc. all welcome!


338 Edge
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Old 04-24-2012, 10:22 PM
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Re: 408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

As a hunter and a economist I would highly consider the 338 AM.Can get all info from APS RIFLES.This round is built off the 408 Chey tact.In 32'' barrels it shoots 265 gr. up to 3500.350 gr at 3200,has held moa out to 3000.He also has a 375 AM.300 GR.AT 3400,350 GR AT 3300.
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Old 04-24-2012, 10:38 PM
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Re: 408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

great section! i like this already! I had a custom .408 cheytac build by Dave Viers and have not put any glass on it yet. I won't got cheap on a $4500.00 gun!

ammo isn't to scarce being there are several places that supply factory ammo,brass and projectiles. I will reload for this caliber and stock up on projectiles and brass when funds replenish.

factory ammo for these is almost identical being apples to apples. If you buy surplus .50bmg then your shooting cheaper. And remember the factory ball ammo projectiles depending on brand don't have a great BC. If you reload,go cheytac because you don't have to buy a dedicated huge press and stock pile double the powder.
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Old 04-25-2012, 02:54 PM
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Re: 408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

There's always Allen Precision's .510 using the big A-max
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Old 05-02-2012, 05:33 PM
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Re: 408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

I know that the 50 is to big for MOST hunting....BUT. You read all this BS about the 408 and the 416 Barett and how they are far supiorior to the 50 at long range. Yes...maybe...with the 50 shooting military ball ammo (2600 FPS and a brick like BC) and the 40's shooting turned high BC solids!! I say, compare the 50 with the High BC A-max and some of the other specalty bullets at 2750 - 2800 and retest.

Now, to be honest, I don't have any of the three...but have spent a fair amount of time comparing the three on the computer. I know it's not the same as the real deal, but the milatery builds , designs and "tests" tanks/plains/ships and wigits and trinkets and things on the computer well before it ever actually "builds" them.

I think that the 50 is a whole nother animal with the AMAX ot a turned "bore runner" solid.

Just my .02.
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Old 05-02-2012, 10:08 PM
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Location: Colorado Springs ,Co
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Re: 408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

Like before...sorta APPLES TO ORANGES comparasion.

using factory .408 v.s. militaty ball ammo. its easy for the 408/416 family to surpas at 1500+yrds.

Im glad i have a .408 Cheytac and its all i'd ever need. infact a nice .338 is all I need and actually to large for black bear here. I guess for some its a fantasy build like what i did. Im happy with it,just not practical for a while. $1200 minimum scope is in order and plenty of reloading supplies later for me....

i actually won't be able to enjoy my cheytac for another year. Wine drinker on beer budget.
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Old 05-22-2012, 07:47 AM
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Re: 408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

i have been shooting a 50 over 20 years. if long range is where you are shooting and i mean LONG range-like 7 miles, you cannot beat the 50 with those little pipsqueak cartridges. they dont have the powder. all the publicity on the 416 and the shows on tv doesnt take into account of an 50 specialty bullets that can outshine any that you make in the 416. have you ever shot a 50 tracer? ever see how little it drops past 1700 yards? the range on a tracer is 7 miles. that is when it burns out. what the 416 and others dont offer is versatility. my 50 is threaded for a Heavy barrel BMG threads. if i burn out my barrel, i can get the "cheaper" 50 off a ma deuce. i can shoot ANY military ammo including slap, raufus, tracer, and armour piercing incenderary. plus, i can put my own lathe produced bronze ultra high BC bullets into neck turned, competition grade brass for ultra precision if i want, they are out there, just harder to find. basicly, the 50 can do whatever you do with a 416 or whatever and it can be cheaper and a whole lot more options available. my 50 kicks less than a 338 lapua with one of those artillery brakes on it. it shoves 6 inches-no matter who or how it is held, but you can shoot it with one hand and it only weighs 18 pounds, with the scope. hard to find my muzzle brake tho. freshhour made the first sniper rifles in 50 for the agency back in the 80's before most people even knew that there was such a caliber. his break is still the best on the market, if he is still making them. dont get a clamshell or artillery brake. if you want more info, got tons. they dont shoot 416's out of aircraft. nor 50's too much anymore. 30 mm is the way to go for EXTREME long range. lets face it. more powder the bigger the hole and heavier the bullet at the same velocities the farther you can shoot it. simple physics. if the BC is the same (and you can find bullets like that in the 50 that will surpass the 416) guess which one will shoot farther? do you want a 308 minigun or a 30 mm vulcan for extreme long range. i can tell you what the military is sold on. if you want to quibble on 1000 -2000 yards then my 300 win can almost do as good and it is a heck of lot cheaper to shoot.
good luck and good shooting.

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