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338NM action??

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Unread 12-21-2013, 01:33 PM
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Re: 338NM action??


Most folks are semi-familiar with nitriding barrels to:

Improve projectile velocity
Improve cold-bore accuracy
Reduce wear, time to clean, corrosion, and fingerprinting.

In this case (yours and others considering a BAT), you get all the "reduce..." benefits noted for barrels AND an even smoother operation (than for which BAT is famous).

If you were interested - though I suspect you are not - in a very high gloss finish (velvet-lined, English-style, presentation-case class finish), I've seen nitrided barreled actions that are truly magnificent. I, personally, go with matte black.

The downside for barrels is that you are pretty much locked into the length and current chambering - the surface is so hard that few gunsmiths will even consider TRYING to machine it. In the case of a BAT action, I'd be real hard pressed to think of a reason you'd ever want or need to cut on it.
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Unread 12-29-2013, 04:32 PM
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Re: 338NM action??

Originally Posted by ishootkittens View Post
Heres another stupid question..why would u want to nitride an action?
I've had one action done with the Salt Bath Nitriding (Mat finish on the action exterior and mirror finish on the bolt and bolt/action race way (inside the action). This was possible by the type of media used in the prep) and another with the D.L.C. Diamond Like (Black) Coating.

Of the two:
  • The Nitrided finish is still in pristine cosmetic condition. The DLC action has had the finish worn off in high wear areas.
  • The Nitrided finish was smother right from the start and continues to shine, even after the DLC finished action has been broken in. The DLC was underwhelming in the beginning but has smoothed out considerably.
  • Accuracy? Both are absolute hammers so neither get's an edge either way.
  • The real question which will I be voting with my dollars in the future? Easy Salt Bath Nitriding by a mile!
Hope my small sample of 2 helps.

- Dave
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