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Wolves gone wild.

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Unread 02-02-2012, 11:14 PM
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Re: Wolves gone wild.

copy of an email I recieved today from a friend:

From: Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife [mailto:defenders@mail.defenders.org]
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2012 9:24 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: BREAKING: Aerial Wolf Killing in Idaho

Stop Aerial Wolf Killing
in Idaho

Planned aerial killing to artificially boost game populations will target wolves in Idaho. As many as two thirds of the wolves in the Lolo District of Clearwater National Forest could be killed… unless we can stop them.

Make a tax-deductible donation now to support vital advocacy for Idaho wolves and other wildlife.

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Dear Defender of Wildlife,

Yesterday, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed the state is moving forward as soon as weather permits with plans to have the federal Wildlife Services agency kill as many as two thirds of the wolves in the Lolo District of Clearwater National Forest – possibly leaving only 25 or 30 wolves in the district in a misguided attempt to increase elk numbers for hunter harvest.

Help us stop the killing. Please donate now to support our all-out campaign to stop this ill-conceived and unscientific wolf cull.

The killing could begin within days, when snowfall and a break in the storm in the area will make it easier for federal agents in helicopters to find, target and kill wolves in this wild area of Northeastern Idaho.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game director, if Wildlife Services -- the federal agency charged with the killing -- is allowed to move forward with this plan, the state hopes to expand the use of federal dollars and aerial culling to other national forests in Idaho.

The Obama Administration has not yet indicated how it will respond to Idaho’s request to use federal money and staff to kill these wolves on federal lands, or why it would be justified in doing so since these wolves are on federal lands and not in major conflict with livestock.

That’s why today Defenders is launching a new comprehensive campaign to stop aerial wolf killing in the Lolo District and help ensure an interconnected, sustainable population of these ecologically important animals remain in the region.

Donate now to help stop the killing and save the lives of wolves.

In the next week – with your help –we will launch an outreach plan to make more people aware of this plan, including in media outlets locally and across the country.

We’ll put pressure on federal officials to not participate in Idaho’s unjustified wolf killing plan, including Secretary Tom Vilsack (who oversees the agency that would execute the wolf killing plan in the Lolo District) and President Obama. And we’ll continue to work with ranchers to reduce conflicts with wolves, saving the lives of these amazing and important animals.

This will be a difficult fight, but I believe that our efforts can prevail – with your help. Please donate now to support efforts to save Idaho wolves and other imperiled wildlife.

To support our vital advocacy efforts in the coming days we need to raise at least $50,000 by Monday. Will you help?

The aerial wolf killing plan is not the only new threat to wolves in Idaho.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is reportedly investigating the possibility of no limits on people killing wolves on private land, similar to practices in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, where wolves are far more numerous.

And the chairman of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission even indicated that the state may reclassify wolves as predators under state law – effectively engaging a shoot-on-sight plan similar to Wyoming’s awful plan.

The state reports that pack sizes are down. It also appears that young, less experienced wolves have been the most likely to be killed under Idaho’s wolf plan.

We need to restore science to wolf management in Idaho, and Defenders needs your help to do it. Please donate whatever you can to support our work now.

With Gratitude,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Please make a secure donation online now, so we can put your contribution to immediate use saving wolves and other wildlife. Or, you can donate by phone by calling 1-800-385-9712.

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© Copyright 2012, Defenders of Wildlife

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Defenders of Wildlife can be contacted at:
1130 17th Street, NW
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Unread 02-03-2012, 08:13 AM
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Re: Wolves gone wild.

More BS from a large organization that's main intent is to eliminate ALL hunting across the USA. There are so many wolves in the Lolo Region that they could kill 90% of what's there and still be well within the guidelines of maintaining a sustainable population. Hunting will not bring them under control because stats show that 60% of a wolf population needs to be exterminated each year in order to keep the numbers from increasing. Thus plans to take out more by the aerial method just like they do in Alaska. These are the type of tactics that groups use to implore people to give up their hard-earned money for causes without even exploring the validity of the statements contained therein. Anybody with common sense would know that none of the states are going to be stupid enough to allow the wolf population to drop below agreed upon levels. Doing that would then put them back on the ESA under Federal control that everyone fought so hard against to get individual state control. The next thing you'll probably see is the BGF/SFW coming out with their letter or email to ask for money to fight the antis. That would be great, but those two organizations are about themselves and who runs them and lack transparency as to where the money they take in actually goes.
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Unread 02-03-2012, 10:24 AM
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Re: Wolves gone wild.

JMDEN---Here is Rep. Weiers of AZ response to sportsperson about the tag grab I mentioned last night. Read the third paragraph closely as it's really condescending and like all of us peons are dumber than a stump and only he knows what is good for us,as well as his closing paragraph, LOL! Then go ask all the guys in Utah how the SFW tag grab there is working to help game management---NOT!!!


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (January 17, 2012) – In a well intentioned effort to preserve the future of big game sport hunting in the state of Arizona, I worked with my colleagues and constituents and Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife by sponsoring HB 2072. I did so not only out of a sense of duty to promote the natural health of our state’s wildlife but also to guarantee the future of big game hunting for generations of hunters to come whom, like myself, want nothing more than to responsibly join in this rich and deeply rooted tradition.

The conservationists and hunting/angling sportsmen and sportswomen whom were supporting this bill met with me last week. After meeting with them I decided that this legislation would not be received favorably by the hunting sportsmen and sportswomen of our state. And for this reason I ultimately decided that the bill in its present form will not move forward.

It is most unfortunate that Arizona’s sportsmen, including members of some of Arizona’s foremost wildlife conservation groups, have no concept as to how HB 2072 would benefit the state of Arizona, the Arizona Game and Fish Department, wildlife and wildlife habitat, Arizona’s youth, landowners and sportsmen.

The State would benefit by increasing tourism and providing a $25.4 Million annual boost in economic activity for the state - $4 Million of which would benefit our rural counties; raise an additional $2.2 Million in new tax collections for state and local governments; and $10.2 million additional income for Arizona households.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department would benefit by increasing hunting and fishing license revenues to the state by approximately $900,000 and providing additional sources of revenue to augment three critical problem areas identified in the Department’s Five-Year Strategic Plan. From 1996 to 2006 (according to a U. S. Fish and Wildlife Report) the number of hunting and fishing licenses sold by the Department decreased by 98,000 combined despite the fact that Arizona’s population grew substantially.

Arizona’s wildlife would benefit by providing approximately $1 Million for wildlife habitat enhancement and increasing big game wildlife populations. The Department has insufficient revenues to fund the many habitat enhancement projects currently on the list and Arizona’s big game wildlife herds, except for elk, are either decreasing in size or are staying relatively flat despite the annual infusion of $90 to $100 Million annually in Department spending. For example total deer permits issued have dropped from a high of 92,545 permits in 1984 to a low of 36,665 permits in 2004. In 2010 43,993 total deer permits were issued. Mule deer herd sizes have suffered the most as demonstrated in the Department’s harvest report which shows that harvested mule deer numbers decreased from a high of 19,454 in 1986 to a low of 3,753 in 2003. A total of 4,818 mule deer were harvested in 2010.

Arizona’s youth would benefit by providing approximately $750,000 to introduce the youth to replace hunters and anglers leaving the sport. As of the most recent U. S. Fish and Wildlife published in 2006 68% of the hunters and anglers are 35 years of age and older while 32% are 35 years of age and under.

Arizona Landowners and Sportsmen would benefit by providing approximately $750,000 to $1 Million in new revenue to augment the Department’s landowner access program. Landowners are closing access, in large part because of the cost incurred to accommodate public access and damage done to private lands by irresponsible sportsmen, access across private land to public lands is continuing to diminish, thus leaving hundreds of thousands of acres unavailable to the sportsmen to hunt and fish.

The situation that helped me decide to not move forward with the legislation is one in which I found myself determined to avoid the breakdown of a currently unified front of hunting constituents and enthusiasts though holding the bill may not accomplish that objective. I know that we cannot afford to divide this extremely important union of conservationists that have been, for the most part, our most staunch allies in the face of threats against the rights of Arizona’s hunters and anglers starting with the initiative that ended the ability to trap on public lands.

I feel we, the sportsmen and women of Arizona, have a mutual admiration for the wildlife of our state and the rights of Arizona’s hunters and anglers to join in its bounty. I can only hope that conservation organizations and the average sportsmen will try to understand the bigger picture and the benefits of HB 2072, support this or a similar concept and not allow those who would oppose us to divide and conquer and further destroy our right to hunt and fish.
I will continue to work in earnest to make sure that the sport of big game hunting and angling will be available for many generations to come. I encourage those of you who were concerned only about getting a tag to rethink your position. HB 2072 offered a unique and innovative way to help offset the current trend of problems that, if allowed to continue, will only continue to deplete our big game herds and limit fishing opportunities, thus reducing our hunting and fishing opportunities in the future.
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